Why Don't They Stop It?



I’m saddened and frustrated by the seeming indifference by voters to the corruption of the political system created by the rush of corporate and special interest money into the political system. The more than $7 million spent on the Arizona Corporation Commission race offers a good example. I’m glad the Roundup has written about this issue.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the solar industry or Arizona Public Service trying to buy votes on the commission. The effect is the same. The commission will return the favor of the support by APS by eliminating incentives for rooftop solar installations and granting a rate increase. The company will get its money’s worth from the politicians it bought — and we’ll all pay the price.

At first, I couldn’t understand why the state Legislature would allow the dark money corporate interests to corrupt the whole system. Not only did lawmakers fail to require the special interest groups to disclose what they’re spending and where they get their money -— they actually voted to water down the few restrictions that existed.

That made no sense to me until I thought about it. Mostly, those dark money groups spend their money to re-elect incumbents — who can dish up the political favors they crave. They collect the reward — we pay the price.

Brian Jenner


Ronald Hamric 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Yes Mr.Jenner, you are spot on. But this whole "pay to play" scheme has been in effect from many local levels all the way up to the federal level for literally decades. There are occasionally a few individuals within the "system" who are opposed to such things as lobbyists, special interest groups , and of course the ever nefarious "dark money" contributors, and would bring an end to those things if they could. Unfortunately for "We the People", that very system literally eats alive anyone who tries to bring fundamental changes to that system oft referred to as the "Swamp". The current president elect ran as supposedly someone from outside the "swamp" and has implied that he is going to drain it. Truly, that is really the only real solution to that problem. As to whether or not he can, or even will, follow through on his campaign promises remains to be seen. After so many years I am a true cynic when it comes to anything having to do with the political realm. Eventually, if we the American people do not find some way to fix our very broken political "system" then it will ultimately bring about our demise as the "Great American Experiment". It really does fall to us as you pointed out.


Richard Christensen 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Well the first order of business for the Republicans now that they have total control in Washington was to gut the Independent Ethics committee. One can only guess why they needed to get rid of that committee before they did any thing.

Trump stopped that with one tweet. I have to give him credit for that one. Trump – 1, GOP – 0.


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