Why Sue The Police?



I was reading  with great interest the article reporting the lawsuit filed against the Town of Payson blaming the police department for the death of a young man during a “pursuit.”

After completing the article, I thought to myself, no reasonable person would blame the police department for trying to do its job. I then thought to myself, I would only sue the police if they did not try to do their job.

An example being: An officer sees a reckless driver, speeding, running stop signs, and driving on the sidewalk. But he does nothing and goes the other way. Why? Because he doesn’t want to be accused of speeding, and chasing the person to his death because he was looking at the road conditions and not his speedometer.

The reckless driver continues driving, runs a stop sign, and kills my daughter. No one even tried to stop him, because they feared the consequences of doing their job. Now I’m going to file a lawsuit.

D. Robertson


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