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Paradise Nails buries foes in sand

Paradise Nails dominated in the sand courts in Rumsey Park this year. The team sponsored by that business went 22-2 in the regular season to earn the top seed for the Payson 4 vs. 4 Co-Ed Sand Volleyball Postseason Tournament.

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Payson Town Council race: Polite & cheap

Swartwood donates to Kim Chittick

As the last day to turn in ballots for the primary election looms, many candidates are making a last-minute push to secure votes.

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RCMS Outdoor Adventure Club really rolling

They looked like the Clampetts from “The Beverly Hillbillies,” but they weren’t headed to California.

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Bulls rule Payson Rodeo

No riders able to last eight seconds

The name Milk Man doesn’t do him justice. The prized Salt River Rodeo Co. bull could just as easily be called Demon Beast, Terror Train or Big Bully.

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Memories of one of the Rim’s worst tragedies

Another Week in the Creek

Christopher Creek had a small but significant role in a tragedy, which played out on Sept. 5 and 6 back some 46 years ago. Other Rim Country creeks, Tonto, Horton and Dick Williams with Christopher swept away 15 souls on a trip to eternity that fateful and tragic weekend

Dark money groups spend $500,000

With just one week until Arizona’s primary election, political spending to affect legislative races paid for by outside groups that don’t disclose the source of the money amounts to almost half a million dollars.

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Sticker shock for Pine water customers

Heavy water users face staggering rise in bills

Two customers came to express their outrage, confusion and shock about the water bills they received from the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District at the Aug. 18 board meeting.

Chicken vs. egg

Editor: Recently this paper and our community leaders were discussing what Payson needed first, educated workers or quality jobs. The Payson Area Economic Development Strategic Plan indicated we must attract both. I believe that thinking is a little premature. If we want to attract quality jobs and trained workers, we must first get our Payson house in order.

College will never open

Editor: In the past several weeks, there have been quite a few comments on Facebook, and other social media, about the college coming to town. There will never be a college in Payson — at least not during my lifetime. There are several reasons why I make this statement.

Dark money insanity

This is getting crazy. We’ve got to do something about dark money.

ACC should seek impartial cost-benefit analysis of solar

For the past three years, the rooftop solar debate in Arizona has been a “he said/she said” between utilities and rooftop solar companies regarding the value and benefits net-metered rooftop solar provides to ratepayers.

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PUSD Students hold band camp anyway

This summer, past and current Payson Unified School District students, Molly and Maddie Beier, Josh Shaw, Sabrina Bonn, Colin Nossek, Trace Wallace and Kara VanZile, took it upon themselves to run a band camp before school started.

Pine water district awash in problems

The storm clouds have gathered. The water’s on the rise all around. And the Pine Water board needs to find something that floats.

Hold your nose and vote

Editor: I will have to hold my nose and vote for (Senator John) McCain again this year, even though he was a senator during the entire VA debacle, and wants to give citizenship to the illegals.

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He's a rodeo clown for life

Red of nose, baggy of pants, Donnie Landis struck a pose in the midst of the Saturday performance of the World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo.

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Road work underway for Payson university plan

Backers insist construction will start in December

Work is underway to widen State Route 260 for several turn lanes leading into the site for a proposed university.

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Christopher Creek man dies after chain reaction crash

A Christopher Creek man died Monday after crashing several vehicles in a Payson intersection.

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Payson mayor candidate Michael Hughes's questionnaire answers

The number one reason is that I care about Payson. When I first ran for council in 2008, it was because the current administration at the time was decidedly "anti growth" and I saw the negative impact it was having on the local economy. My wife and I almost moved. But then I decided that this is my home, my children's home, and my grand children's home so I decided to get involved. Right after I was elected the Great Recession hit and we as the council had to make some very hard decisions in the best interests of the town. There were some very tough years financially but with out of the box solutions to issues and the sacrifices the employees made we have been able to weather the storm better than many others. Now we are in recovery mode. Things are getting better but the job is not finished yet.

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Payson council candidate Janell Sterner's questionnaire answers

I’m a part of this community and want to help make it flourish.

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Payson council candidate Hallie Overman-Jackman's questionnaire answers

I am running for Town Council because I feel I can make a very positive impact on the way our Town operates. I know that I would bring a great deal of experience to the Town Council, through the different Boards, Organization and Commissions that I have held. I bring a great deal of expertise in finance, community development and handling personnel issues to the table.