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Breast cancer awareness is topic at Lunch and Learn

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the Banner High Country Seniors hosted Dr. Cynthia Booth, M.D., at its Oct. 12 Lunch & Learn program to discuss breast cancer.

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To Bee or Not to Bee — what to do about the decimation of our pollinators

Here’s why I hate bees. Well, hated bees. I’m better now. But it started out with bees, bras and humiliation. I was 22. I had kind of a study date in the library. Cute guy — and an angry pollinator (the bee, not the guy).

Don't teach dating

Editor; Your article on Payson High School inviting a speaker to talk about dating began with the words “well intentioned.” There was nothing “well” about what this speaker said. Is this whom we are selecting to speak to our children? Who is responsible for this? For starters, where does this school get off trying to teach about dating? That responsibility belongs to the parents and God’s word. All this speaker did was invite more trouble.

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Domestic violence survivors tell their stories

Shot in the face and left to die on the side of the road. A loveless marriage filled with years of emotional and verbal abuse and threats to take away the children.

Some thoughts on our future

Editor: It’s a fact that if Mrs. Clinton is elected the country’s chance to have a Supreme Court that values the Constitution and genuine liberty and self government for which millions have died is gone. Not for four years or eight, but forever.

Wonderful place

Editor: I had a very positive experience with the professionals that are responsible for running and managing the activities and projects that make Payson what it is for both visitors and residents. My husband and I have been residents of Happy Jack and Pine for five years.

Lopsided arguments on marijuana

Editor: Today I received the 2016 General Election Publicity Pamphlet. In this “unbiased” document, printed by tax dollars, there are eight arguments for legalization of marijuana and forty arguments against the proposed bill, Prop. 205. The usual Attorney’s General, Law Enforcement suits, and “former” school officials have come out as opposed. What is interesting, and new, is the list of 17 detrimental side effects  presented by two self-proclaimed “scientific and medical experts” from Sedona.

Fighting hunger

Editor: The Community Presbyterian Church would like to thank the people from the community garden for their generosity. They have shared their harvest with the food bank operated by the church.

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Homecoming heroes: Horns roll 48-19

Rout Winslow to keep playoff hopes alive

The Class 3A state football playoffs don’t start for most teams for another three weeks. They started on Friday for Payson.

Pot leads to other drugs

Editor: Recreational pot will bring more problems than it can solve. People who need it to erase pain, should have it free, if they can’t afford it. But for the general public, it’s a disaster waiting to happen, it’s an introductory drug and that is the truth.

The Bible as a textbook

Editor: The proposal to introduce the Bible into the curriculum of public schools seems archaic and impracticable for several reasons. First, which translation is to be used? There are several; of varying degrees of fidelity to the original Hebrew and Greek documents, which are not entirely uniform among themselves.

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One voter shows up for pot debate

Backers of a ballot measure that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state battled it out with critics at a forum set up by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office in Payson.

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AZ Senate debate turns on Trump

Sen. McCain defends delay in decision to reverse endorsement of Trump

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has done her best to lash Senator John McCain to Donald Trump’s floundering fortunes, without great success.

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Two men drown at Fossil Creek

One man tries to rescue other, both pulled under falls

Two men from California drowned at the popular Fossil Creek waterfall Saturday after one man went in to save the other from drowning and the current pulled both under.

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Longhorn kicker a testament in courage

Kenny Ayres trembled as he put the ball on the tee. But the Payson High senior did a good job of hiding the nerves that overtook him as he prepared to attempt a crucial onside kick his Longhorns desperately needed to recover to have any hope of pulling off a miracle comeback.

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Gila County Supervisor District 2

Incumbent Michael Pastor vs Reputlican tim Humphrey

Incumbent District 2 Supervisor Michael A. Pastor wants a third, four-year term. “I feel I am still young enough to do four more years,” said Pastor, a Democrat.

Is knowledge elitism?

Editor: Instead of  spewing  vitriolic irrationality and name-calling I will submit the words of columnist Michael Gerson from The Arizona Republic, Sept. 30.

Mosquito breeding ground next door

Editor: I live on Oak Street, the property behind me — 817 W. Cherry St. — is overgrown (with) weeds 3 feet tall, (and has a) 1958 trailer condemned by (the) city. No one has lived there (for the) last eight-plus months.

A big thank you

Editor: The 10th annual Pioneer Dinner and Dance held Saturday, Sept. 24 was a great success. Approximately 700 people were in attendance. The auction was great and a big hit again due to the homemade pies, cakes and bread. There were many hugs, lots of laughter and of course great stories.

Community Almanac Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tea Party hears about ‘Enemies Within’ Trevor Loudon, New Zealand political activist, will preview and discuss his new documentary “Enemies Within” via DVD at the Payson Tea Party from 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 18 at Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 E. Hwy. 260. Hear about community unrest, attacks on police, border issues, what Europeans see, and why Arizona states rights are so important in the face of these realities. Call 928-951-6774 for more information.