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Community Almanac, Sept. 1

The annual Fire on the Rim Mountain Bike Race is Sept. 12 and depends on volunteers for continued success.

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Woman: OMG he’s not dead

Bizarre Fossil Creek rescue

It is a birthday a 23-year-old Valley woman will not soon forget.

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Fire burning near Roosevelt

Grows to 800 acres despite air assault

Lightning sparked a brushfire on August 27 afternoon two miles west of Roosevelt Lake on the slope of Peters Mountain. By Monday afternoon, it had grown to 800 acres.

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Hiking with the elk in Payson, AZ without leaving town

Hiking with my dogs late in the day in Tonto National Forest regularly, we often come across elk. It can be pretty exciting to come upon these magnificent creatures.

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Rim Country has some of the state’s most diverse and productive riparian areas

Rim Country boasts some of the most diverse and healthy riparian areas in the state. That includes miles of gloriously intact cottonwood and willow habitat along the banks of the East Verde River, just outside of Payson.

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Shopping for knickknacks and treasures in Rim Country

From a back room where a painting had captured my friend’s attention, I could hear a group of women coo over finds in the main foyer of the antique shop, once a home.

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Recreation right in the Town of Payson

I’d enjoyed a fairly active summer life in Michigan before moving to Arizona eight years ago, playing slow-pitch softball with my buddies throughout my 20s and 30s.

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Camping in Rim Country - Room with a View

Just as you would probably never get through all of Zane Grey’s western novels, you could not check out Rim Country’s entire library of campsites. And like your favorite book, you’ll probably return to your favorite site repeatedly anyway, finding new details in the character of the land.

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The return of a native to Haigler Creek in Rim Country

If you want to hook a wary, wild German brown trout, head for Haigler Creek, off Colcord Road. But hurry: In another couple of years, the creek may harbor an even rarer treat for anglers — a reintroduced population of endangered, native Gila trout.

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The view from the Mogollon Rim

The Mogollon Rim puts the world back in proper perspective, with the wind rushing past and the view extending for 100 miles. The wind whispers of vanished worlds and sudden death — as well as the stubborn persistence of life.

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Tonto Natural Bridge State Park protects the world’s largest travertine arch and an historic lodge

Rim Country’s best-known tourist attraction has made a striking comeback with visitors in the past two years. During the recession and budget crisis, frequent closures drove visitation at the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park down to about 60,000 annually.

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The East Verde River harbors lots of trout-stocked fishing holes

I tore myself loose late, knowing I’d never make it to Whispering Pines where I’d promised faithfully to meet Jack Kearns, a genial, quietly enthusiastic, endlessly good-humored retired utility company crew chief who now lives to fish.

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School board: Show us the receipt!

Teachers on trips still must submit the itemized details

Teachers taking students on education trips shouldn’t have to pay for hotel rooms out of their own pocket. On the other hand, they better bring back an itemized receipt if they want breakfast.

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Lawmaker’s AHCCCS suit rebuffed

Lawmakers seeking to reverse the expansion of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System suffered another setback in court this week.

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When lightning strikes

Few crews left to respond to fires sparked by monsoon

The National Weather Service reports the monsoon storms will continue throughout the weekend, but dry up next week.

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She’s the Martian’s mom

But she’s still going to keep her famous son down-to-earth

Payson resident Janet Tuer never wears dresses — until now.

Payson schools consider some hard truths

Payson schools are getting a sobering dose of tough love.

Blame where it belongs

I don’t know the superintendent of Payson Unified School District (PUSD) on either a personal or professional basis.

Happy Banner is in Payson

Recently I fell in my yard and was taken by ambulance to Banner Payson Medical Center.