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Monthly fiddlers jam showcases area talent

Rattlin' the Rim

Want to be entertained by a family-friendly, toe-tapping hootenanny that showcases the talents of some of Pine and Strawberry’s finest musicians?

You never know what the next day may have in store for you

Your Turn

I tell you, Johnny, if someone had asked me 10 years ago how many good murder mystery novels I had ever read  — and enjoyed — I would have had to admit the total came to a nice round figure: zero.

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Christopher Creek draws quite a creative crowd

Another Week in the Creek

Christopher Creek’s Got Talent is not the name of a reality TV show. However, many are the talents of area residents — among them writers, artists and craftspeople.

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Special art project welcomes students back to school

Is there anything more unsightly than a dirt-brown, 20-foot metal storage container sitting in the middle of an elementary school campus?

Tonto Village residents welcome noisy return of monsoon storms

The Village

The monsoon rains have finally arrived, Tonto Village has received at least 2 inches with each recent storm —two since last week. What a wonderful sight — except for the extremely loud thunder, it sounded like it was just outside my front door.

Inventions people’d pay a lot for

A few weeks ago I discovered that confession can be good for the soul — and for a laugh. It happened when I got thinking about something — a bad habit at my age — and came up with a list of 10 items I doubted Mom and Pop’s generation had back in the early 1900s.

Characters Under the Mogollon Rim – John William Wentworth, Part 2

Attorney John Wentworth in Payson was attempting to woo Katherine Houston, the sister of the Houston brothers whose ranch headquarters was in Star Valley. However the brothers were strongly opposed to the match, not only because they didn’t want to lose their housekeeper, but because Wentworth was involved a court case with their family.  

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Arizona big game lottery permits finalized

Outdoors Under the Rim

The big game permits have been drawn by a lottery system for all of the fall hunts in 2016 in the state of Arizona.

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Curiosity spawns happy army of citizen scientists

I have been curious about nature for as long as I can remember. In my case, that usually involved investigating something that I noticed at a stream or lake.

Trout fishing excellent on Rim Country waters

Last week the Forest Service conducted a Four Forest Restoration Initiative public meeting in Payson.

Pine, Strawberry benefit from Tontozona fever

Solid proof exists that the excitement, economic benefits and hype of the Arizona State University football team’s stay at Camp Tontozona spills over into Pine and Strawberry.

Characters Under the Mogollon Rim – John William Wentworth, Part 1

John W. Wentworth would become a “mover and shaker” in Payson’s early days. He was born in Visalia, Calif. on Oct. 3, 1858 to John and Maria Wentworth.

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At long last – Creek receives monsoon rain

Christopher Creek is no longer the red-headed stepchild after receiving our first significant rainfall amount of the monsoon.

Hellsgate Fire District honors its board and firefighters

Somebody must have done a rain dance for Tonto Village. The thunder and lightning started and my hopes rose.

A little more about ‘I thought ...’

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I cringe whenever I hear someone start a sentence with, “Oh, I thought ...” or, “Oh, I didn’t think ...” or one of its many variations.