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It pays to live a life that fits who and what you are

Your Turn

Several weeks ago I read an article that spoke of a Australian nurse who collects the things people most often say as they reach the end of their lives. No. 1 on the list was, “I wish I had lived a life true to myself, not the life others expected.” I agree with that. It’s the secret to happiness. 

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Snowbirds have returned

DJ's Music Trivia

Snowbirds from Maine to Minne-snow-ta to Alberta have begun showing up at our local chamber of commerce on their journey south to balmy weather in their favorite Arizona winter residences.

Speaking up honestly in the military can at times be costly – Part 2

Your Turn

Last week we were talking about making a choice between earning brownie points in the military by staying quiet, or speaking up and taking your lumps.

Identity theft – the never ending war

The sun rises into another clear day, I gaze out at a tranquil view of geese and ducks on the reflective lake. My last day of tranquility.

Meandering Mogollon Monster

Cowboy, livestock get spooked by Bigfoot sighting

RJ (not his real name) is a cowboy, and has been his whole adult life. It’s not a very glamorous career, and he’s never made much money at it, but he likes working outside and the lifestyle suits him.

Speaking up honestly in the military can at times be costly

Your Turn

If 21 years in the Air Force taught me anything it was that there are times when you have to stand up and be counted. There were times when I found myself faced with a choice: Either ignore the oath I swore and play the brownie-points game, or do what was right and take my lumps. 

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Give yourself the gift of health

DJ’s Music Trivia

It’s time to put out our cigarettes, set down our vodka and wine glasses, turn our backs to the jelly rolls and do something a whole lot healthier this weekend.

And then there was the time I almost killed my brother-in-law

Your Turn

Three years spent in Pakistan, combined with four in the UK, have firmly convinced me that there is no such thing as “English.” There’s Britspeak and there’s American, and Bob’s your uncle!

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Options for new health care law

Health insurance broker breaks down Affordable Care Act choices for Gila County residents

Though off to a rocky start, the Affordable Care Act’s Web site will likely be operational within the next few weeks.

Blue Ridge makes home finale a challenge


The most successful high school football program in state history is coming to town tonight.

Before you get too excited about something, it pays to go look at it – Part 2


Last week, my outfit shipped out to Iceland, where in 1952 many people were card-carrying Communists. In those days the Communist world was a mess as countries like Russia and North Korea ran like clocks with broken mainsprings, but wide-eyed dreamers outside the Iron Curtain world didn’t know that; they believed that everything inside was peachy keen. The result? Friction between Ameri­can troops and those who fell for Communist lies.

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The bewitching hour is near


Next Thursday, skeletons, monsters of the Black Lagoon and alien creatures in every shape and size will take to the streets in search of Halloween treats.

Before you get too excited about something, it pays to go look at it


People sometimes ask me why I am so dead set against Communism. The answer? In 1952 and 1953 I had a couple of run-ins with wannabe Commies who thought that Communism was great. The run-ins didn’t amount to much, but they taught me what “misinformed fanatic” means.

Spotlight on Payson tonight, not Show Low


Every fall for the last six years, I have looked forward to covering the Blue Ridge-Show Low football game.

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Wildlife drinkers improved in Unit 23


There are a number of wildlife drinkers that have been built over the years to catch water when it rains and used later in the drier times which are frequent in Arizona.