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Flake wins contentious contest for U.S. Senate

Republican Rep. Jeff Flake Tuesday won a bruising U.S. Senate fight against former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona.

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Gosar easy victory; Kirkpatrick comeback

North and South Gila County both go their different ways

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar proved the wisdom of his recent address change from Flagstaff to Prescott by cruising to an easy win in a redrawn Congressional District 4.

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GOP sweeps legislative seats in Rim Country

Crandell turns back Democratic effort, Thorpe, Barton clean up in North County

Rim Country voters provided the clump of ballots that secured a narrow but decisive victory for three Republicans seeking seats in the Legislature representing District 6.

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Gila County voters mostly cry out ‘me too’ on propositions

In ballot proposition results, Gila County voters echoed statewide outcomes with a mostly extra-conservative twist.

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Republicans sweep state, congressional legislative seats

Republicans Tuesday appeared to have swept the three state Legislative District 6 seats representing Rim Country with victories for Rep. Chester Crandell in the senate and both Rep. Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe in the state house. Northern Gila County provided the three Republicans with big margins, overcoming Flagstaff-based challenges from Rep. Tom Chabin in the Senate and Angela LeFevre and Doug Ballard in the house. The newly drawn district boundaries provided the Republicans with a registration edge, but the population distribution would seem to have given the Flagstaff-based Democrats a fighting chance.

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Martin wins District 1 supervisor race

As the early ballot results trickled in Tuesday night, Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin waited anxiously in her office off Highway 260 in Payson. “We have got our toes, fingers, ankles and knees crossed,” she said. As the first numbers appeared on the county’s election site, Martin let out a huge grin – she was leading with 73 percent of the votes over Hallie Overman-Jackman.

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Early Gila County election results

Early election results show the county maintaining a strict division between north and south. While Republican candidate Adam Shepherd carried most of the northern precincts for sheriff, Democrat Craig Jones had the south. The men tied on the reservation and Shepherd lead overall in votes and will likely take the position over from outgoing Sheriff John Armer. For assessor, the division between northern and southern voters held.

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At last!

Election day finally here — political ads are nearly done

Election day: Finally! Tomorrow night: No more campaign ads! Praise the Lord.

Prop. 116 supporters say lower taxes on business property would spur hiring

Easing property taxes businesses pay on everything from milling machines to restaurant silverware would help create jobs across Arizona, supporters of Proposition 116 say.

Prop. 117 seeks to limit increases in property valuation for taxes

Placing a 5 percent annual limit on how much the assessed value of properties can rise would shield owners.

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Prop. 114 would bar felons’ lawsuits against victims

Crime victims shouldn’t have to worry that they may be sued by those who commit felonies against them, supporters of Proposition 114 argue.

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Prop. 115 would give governor more power in judicial selections

Proposition 115 asserts that more is better when it comes to selection and retention of state judges as well as appellate and Supreme Court judges.

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Fussy flap about stats in supervisor race

Does Northern Gila County get swindled when it comes to county spending and services?

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Legislative candidates clash on budget, schools, government role

The six candidates vying for three seats in the Legislature representing Rim Country clashed on a range of issues centered on whether government can help create jobs and bolster schools — or should just get out of the way.