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Flip the flop: College eyes renewed increase in tuition

After lowering tuition less than a year ago, Gila Community College (GCC) will now consider raising it — except for seniors, who can still attend for free.

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RCMS hosts the FBI at its ‘Lunch with a Professional’ program

On Thursdays, Rim Country Middle School students get a peek into the world of adults and their work with the Lunch with a Professional program.

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Longhorn Troupe tackles Shakespeare

Young and old produced gales of laughter as they watched fairies work magic and lovers stammer in confusion as Shakespeare returned to the Payson stage after a long absence.

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Test scores: Still dazed & confused

Payson schools have now officially plunged into the world of new testing methods with the first round of assessment scores — with results officials say aren’t as bad as they look.

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ASU helps run world’s best planet finder

Professor and students part of Gemini Planet Imager testing team

After nearly a decade of development, construction, and testing, the world’s most advanced instrument for directly imaging and analyzing planets around other stars is pointing skyward and collecting light from distant worlds.

Scholarship help for families

Interested in attending college? Not sure how to pay for it?

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New search for GCC board member under way

Gila County Superintendent Linda O’Dell hopes to find a new Gila Community College (GCC) board member by Feb. 14.

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PUSD searching for a superintendent – on the cheap

The Payson Unified School District voted unanimously this week to pay $3,000 to the Arizona School Board Association to find a permanent superintendent.

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Governor still links scores, funding

Gov. Jan Brewer’s State of the State speech this week provided only modest hope for parents and teachers waiting for the state will restore school funding.

Regional Science Fair to be held in February

Top students from throughout Gila County will compete on Feb. 26 in the Regional Science Fair at Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum in Miami. Judging will start at 8 a.m., with doors open to the public from noon to 3 p.m.

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High school building trades students cement legacy

In the center of the Payson High School (PHS) campus sits a monument in cement to the students from the building trades class.

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Case to retire, but continue with district as a contract employee

Brenda Case, district student achievement director, will retire this year.

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Split vote

Board names John Ketchem superintendent

A divided Payson Unified School District (PUSD) board hired Johnny Ketchem as the interim superintendent on a 3-2 vote Friday.

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State resists ruling on school funding

Supreme Court says lawmakers broke the law by cutting $1.6 billion in inflation adjustments

A series of court rulings could force the Arizona Legislature to restore as much as $1.6 billion in funding for schools — but key lawmakers are already promising to thwart the latest ruling.

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Brightest students most neglected

Payson doesn’t give its gifted students much extra attention, with a relative handful of advanced placement tests, few breakout programs for students identified as gifted and little attempt to provide extra or accelerated classes. Heck, this year the high school doesn’t even offer calculus.