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Schools seek state-denied inflation pay

‘Constitutional crisis’ hinges on court mediation

School districts battling to force the Legislature to provide illegally withheld inflation funding have agreed to closed-door mediation sessions in front of a panel of appeals court judges.

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The annual Rim Country Middle School ski trip

The day had bright sunshine and bright snow that glittered like diamonds, but the brightest things were the smiles from the Rim Country Middle School students.

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Common Core battle rejoined

Budget woes, standards debate threaten schools

The battle against the adoption of federal standards and the tests linked to the standards has resumed now that the dust of the election has settled.

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College on quest for independence

Gila Community College board member Gerald McCreary made a second report on the college’s years-long journey to seek accreditation and independence at its board meeting on Feb. 5.

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Two casts, twice the fun for 'Harvey'

Complex set proves perfect setting for classic comedy

In a bold move, and because he had 24 strong thespian students, Thomas Walling of the Payson High School Theatre program, cast two completely different sets of students in the 12 roles of “Harvey.”

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Permission to question, proves key to learning

An interesting thing happened when Payson High School physics teacher Andrew Fiala showed his students evidence that fellow classmates had more gaps in their math knowledge than anyone knew — they asked questions.

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Schools in ‘dire straits’ for lack of state facilities money

Payson superintendent warns board district has no money for repairs

Seems the Arizona Legislature believes school facilities can be kept up simply by magic — or on a wing and a prayer.

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GCC seeks support for equitable workforce funds

Gila Community College Senior Dean Stephen Cullen is fed up.

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Superintendent blasts logic of proposed cuts

With the state about to force big cuts in “non-classroom” spending, Payson Unified School District Superintendent Greg Wyman would like the community to better understand the annual Auditor General’s Report, which details “classroom” and “non-classroom” spending.

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Gila Community College quest hits setback

Gila Community College hit its first roadblock to crawling out from under its provisional college status and onto the freedom of independence — enrollment.

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She kept the Pine Strawberry School running

Licavoli retires after more than a quarter century

The woman who for more than 25 years kept Pine Strawberry School purring along like a fine-tuned V-8 will be stepping down in June.

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Schools locked down during search for armed robber

Parents gave Payson Unified School District decidedly mixed reviews on how it handled communication regarding a lockdown at three of the five district schools on Jan. 20 as police searched the neighborhood for an armed robbery suspect.

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Mind your civics

State adds graduation test

Proving that it can pass legislation quickly after all, the Arizona Legislature rushed a new high school graduation requirement through in the first few days of the legislative session — the American Civics Bill.

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District can’t find Spanish teacher

Payson Unified School District board members expressed amazement that the district can’t find a qualified Spanish teacher.

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First-ever, student-run JRE awards assembly

More than 20 students were chosen to greet parents and guests at the first-ever Julia Randall Elementary (JRE) awards assembly in December.