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Protecting special kids in a disaster

Ray Morris thinks about some interesting stuff, such as, what would he do with his severely mentally disabled son or physically disabled father if there were a major disaster or emergency?

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ALA School confirms delay

In a letter to prospective parents, the American Leadership Academy administration said it has delayed building a campus in Payson for at least a year due to low enrollment and lack of a lease for land on which to build a campus.

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ALA charter school blasts coverage

The American Leadership Academy letter to parents cited alleged inaccuracies and misrepresentations made by critics of the charter school and reported in a series by Roundup reporter Michele Nelson.

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Empowering parents to be teachers

Talking to toddlers said key to success

The 3-year-old and his mother move down the aisle in Walmart in a staccato rattled of imperatives. “Get down!” she snapped. Then, “Shut up! Stop that!” The burst of commands have little effect. The boy pulls items from the shelf, tugs on the feet of his infant sibling, “Quit it!” she orders.

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Weak schools = Weak economy

Expert lauds local effort to boost college attendance

Years of state cutbacks have weakened the educational system on which Arizona’s prosperity depends, according to Evelyn Casuga, with the Center for the Future of Arizona.

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Students value community college

Congressman talks about student debt

Congressman Paul Gosar this week met with the Gila Community College board and a few students to talk about what college had done for them.

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Longhorn concert band makes state finals

Musicians qualify for second time in school history

For the first time since 2013, the Payson High School band will perform at the Arizona state competition and the audience at the spring concert got to hear why.

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Test furor continues

Parents can’t opt out, but districts might

The state Senate this week killed a bill that would have allowed parents to prevent their children from taking standardized tests designed to compare student performance to national standards.

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School Ag program selling compost

Come on out to collect compost for your garden and help the Payson FFA chapter at the same time, March 28 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. and April 2 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Charter balks

Parents told school will delay or cancel Payson plan

The American Leadership Academy (ALA) has reportedly postponed or canceled plans to build an 800-student, K-8 charter school in Payson.

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Parents plead for charter school alternative

Crystal Whitlock decided to support American Leadership Academy coming to Payson because her elementary-aged children, who accelerate at learning, were frustrated and started losing interest in going to school when they were placed in Payson Elementary School classes with slower learners.

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Charter school differences

State rules make budgets, spending hard to compare

Despite murky reporting requirements and bewildering budget formats, several studies suggest charter schools spend twice as much on administration as district public schools.

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Celebrating progress on university

Construction road opens as talks with ASU intensify

Backers of the plan to build a university in Payson on Thursday celebrated the construction of a road needed to start work on the 253-acre site.

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Schools need critical thinking about critical rankings

Here’s a critical thinking skills test:

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School makes tech torch handover

After 17 years with Payson Unified School District, Director of Technology Joni deSzendeffy has retired and passed the reins to Vicky Andrews, a highly qualified education techie herself.