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Credit where credit is due

I would like to correct an oversight published in the Jan. 29 issue.

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Native Grill supports Ag program

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, the Payson FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America) officers celebrated at Native Grill for a couple of reasons.

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Gym said safe

Frustrated Pine parents decry exposure of kids to mercury

Trace amounts of mercury rising from the Pine-Strawberry School gym floor pose absolutely no risk to children, state representatives and experts assured worried parents this week.

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University by 2018

But unknowns still abound

Definitely. The fall of 2018. For sure.

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College ponders tuition boost

The Gila Community College board has a critical decision to make — whether to raise tuition.

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Schools face onslaught of new laws

Superintendent briefs board on status of bills

The Arizona Legislature is back in session — which means Payson Unified School District Superintendent Greg Wyman is gearing up for more onslaughts on district schools — if the bills he’s tracking make it through the committee process.

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Arizona’s school funding still dead last

State spending on education 31 percent below national average

Arizona ranks dead last in state support for K-12 schools, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Arizona university cutbacks continue

Ducey budget would change 5-year trend

Arizona remains one of only two states in the nation still cutting state funding for higher education several years into the economic recovery, according to a state-by-state survey by the Center for the Study of Education Policy.

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Scoops owner a ‘Hero of Education’

Chris Higgins, owner of Scoops Ice Cream and Coffee shop and KRIM radio, received a plaque and kudos from the Payson Unified School District at its board meeting on Jan. 25.

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Legislative revolt

Lawmakers push for vocational funds

A legislative revolt is brewing against a proposed $30 million cut in vocational training for K-12 schools.

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Special ed’s alarming gap

Alarmed by the wide and persistent gap between special education students and the general student population, the Arizona Department of Education’s Exceptional Student (Special Education) Office has directed districts to close the gap.

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Campy parody a comic delight

In homage to Shakespeare, the Payson High School Theatre Troupe performed “Commedia Delight,” a play of mistaken identity and redemption with an Italian lilt instead of the thees and thous of Shakespeare.

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Charter schools: Boon or Bane?

Charter School Report: Tough Choice

With just months to go before the American Leadership Academy charter school opens its doors in Payson, the stage is set for competition in education in Rim Country.

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Brand new buildings, cheerful children

Roundup reporter tours American Leadership Academy’s brand new school in Queen Creek

Amidst fields of cotton and sorghum interspersed with a smattering of housing developments, the American Leadership Academy Ironwood sprouts from empty farmland.

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Students struggle with excess stress

Lots of students say they can have sleep, friends or good grades — but not all three.