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Payson DECA attends leadership conference in Anaheim

The local Payson High School (PHS) DECA chapter sent 23 students to the Western Region Leadership Conference where students from 13 western states met to learn about leadership and business.

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State support plunges, so tuition soars

Report underscores value of Payson’s low-cost university plan

Arizona cut public support for universities and so drove up tuition at one of the highest rates in the country between 2007 and 2012, according to a just-released analysis by the College Board Advocacy and Policy Center.

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Payson School Board members sworn in

At a special celebration Monday, Dec. 8, Judge Dorothy Little swore in new Payson Unified School District Governing Board members Angie Prock and Sheila DeSchaaf.

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Gila Community College offering music classes

Gila Community College music instructor Lisa Tan next semester brings a decade of experience teaching music classes at the university level.

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Cute Concert

Such cuteness!

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Can seizing federal lands save state schools?

With the state budget looking grim, talk of wresting land out of federal control to turn it over to the Arizona state land trust has gained traction in the Payson Unified School District (PUSD) boardroom.

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University plan bombshell hits

Contract OK’d as Alliance chair resigns

One bombshell and one move forward.

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Tonto Basin needs school board members

In the Rim Country, Tonto Basin was the only school district with three board members.

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School funds ‘impossible’

The Legislature and school advocates remain far apart when it comes to complying with a court order to adjust school budgets for inflation, according to recent testimony in the state’s appeal of the court order.

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GCC campuses to close for holidays

The campuses of Gila Community College will be closed for the holidays beginning Dec. 19 and will reopen Jan. 5.

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School superintendent isn’t counting on state payments

Payson district relies on override to avert more cuts

Arizona courts have repeatedly ruled that the state must make inflation adjustment payments to schools in accordance with the 2001 passage of Proposition 301, but Payson Unified School District (PUSD) Superintendent Greg Wyman has little hope of seeing that money.

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Alliance board meets again to consider development contract

The Rim Country Educational Alliance board will meet next Thursday to consider a contract with DCK Global to buy a $4.1 million Forest Service parcel and draw up plans to build a 6,000-student university in Payson, according to Chairman Steve Drury.

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College finally seeking independence

Stephenson retires, leaves legacy

At his last meeting as a board member of Gila Community College (GCC) on Nov. 20, Larry Stephenson received support from the board to launch the school’s bid for independence.

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Crucial help

Donations keep schools afloat

What would a football game be without cheerleaders, the band blaring, banners, uniforms, and posters? A play without costumes? A band without instruments? A school without a sports program?

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GCC students’ outburst of creativity

In clay, cloth, canvas, pixels and stone, the artists of Gila Community College (GCC) presented their 8th Annual Student Art Show and Sale.