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At the end of the day, all they wanted to do was play ball

While hard to believe, there was a time when you could not play major or minor league baseball in America if you were black. For me, this revelation came to light after reading former Boston Celtic great Bill Russell’s autobiography “Go Up for Glory.”

Solutions needed for child abuse in military

We share your deep concern for the health and safety of military children. So we write today to pledge our commitment to stand with you to successfully address the issue of rising incidents of child abuse and neglect within the military.

Memories of Labor Day weekend 1970 come flooding back

Over Labor Day in 1970, we went to the cabin with friends Garry and Marey Beth McKracken. It started raining as soon as we arrived and didn’t let up for the whole three-day holiday.

Putting the P/S water rate increase in perspective

When I was about 8 years old, I unknowingly learned about inflation.

Resigning from GCC board due to lack of facts in decision-making

My education and employment background has enabled me to acquire the necessary skills and understanding necessary to achieve progressive goals that require an organized financial philosophy based in facts. It is with these skills and philosophy that I entered the world of the community college governing board.

The American people are now public enemy No. 1

Osama bin Laden. Saddam Hussein. John Dillinger. Bonnie and Clyde. These terrorists, mass murderers, bank robbers and professional criminals at one point in our nation’s history were Public Enemy No. 1.

Only timber industry can save Arizona forests

In a recent editorial, “Thin the forests or lose them,” The Arizona Republic described the reality that faces Arizona.

S. 1300: A better tool for fighting wildfires

More so than usual, wildland fire has been on the minds of Arizonans in recent days.

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I remember JFK the day he died was killed assassinated all while algebra filled my brain high school how long ago was that

Planning ahead imperative in case of evacuation

In regard to the current fire danger in Rim Country I want to offer some perspective that may be of use here.

Pine/Strawberry water problems must be addressed

This is in regards to the letter by Sue Green stating the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board should be recalled.

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Dude Fire remembered: 23 years after the blaze

Congressional record reveals little-known tribute to Payson

A few years ago Payson was faced with a serious challenge by the tremendous forces of nature.

Forest Service and loggers can restore forest health

Reference editor Pete Aleshire’s feature on the Four Forest Restoration Initiative, I believe we the public should have done more to maintain the health of the forests, the other plant communities, soil and water quality, and our atmosphere. These renewable resources have been compromised by uncontrolled wildfires, forest and ecosystem neglect and general mismanagement of the national forests.

Arizona’s outdoors provides many benefits

Skim the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s weekly fishing report and you can see — spring is here and fishing is back.

Bill Rappaport expounds on resignation

To the people of Star Valley: I love this town. That is why it pained me so deeply to step down. For the record, I am not going anywhere. Star Valley is my home, and I plan to stay here and serve this community in every way I can.