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Concerns over governor’s Medicaid expansion proposal

Recently I have been asked by many for my thoughts on the governor’s Medicaid expansion proposal. This is a complex issue and there isn’t a simplistic or short form answer.

Turbidity and the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District

Pine-Strawberry has had some discussions about occasional turbidity in their water.

Legislature robbing students who are most in need

Creating a successful school is not like building a table. If a person wants to build a table, he or she first buys top-quality wood.

State sovereignty bill would strengthen ‘checks and balances’ system

There has been plenty of misinformation about a resolution I’ve sponsored that is moving through the Legislature, and I am trying to clear it up.

Deficits, debt are compromising U.S. military capability

Over the course of my career as a Marine Corps officer, the U.S. military was the most powerful and respected force on the planet because we invested in recruiting the best personnel and providing them with the best training, equipment and leadership. We put that power to good use in defending freedom around the world.

Mr. Worms takes a look at Rim Country water

The United States Bureau of Reclamation completed a 161-page study in April 2008 called the Mogollon Rim Water Resources — the acronym for the study was MRWRMS (pronounced Mr. Worms).

McCain on bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform

The introduction of these principles is the first step in what will be a very difficult, but achievable, reform to our immigration system.

Transition Town comes to Payson

Last spring a small group of people in Payson learned about “Transition Town” — a movement that began in Totnes, England, to respond to the challenges of climate change, escalating prices, resource depletion, and economic instability.

Shaping a better Arizona for the future

Arizona’s potential for future prosperity is enormous if our leaders are bold, focused, courageous and collaborative.

From one tight-knit community to another

The tragic events in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 14 rocked the nation. It was nearly, if not totally impossible, to comprehend.

Voluntary agreements are crucial

The issue is, of course, not whether animals should die from lead poisoning, but rather, what the best approach is to address the problem of lead poisoning.

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Save condors by restricting lead ammunition

The Arizona Game and Fish Department sent out a bizarre press release attacking conservation groups while trying to defend the agency’s abysmal record in protecting the Grand Canyon’s endangered condors from lead poisoning.

Sanitary district needs a clear plan

I grew up in the restaurant business. We provided good service and fine food to grow our volume.

Teens abusing over-the counter drugs

It is hard to imagine that items you may already have in your medicine cabinet can be used by teens to get high.

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Journalist never spoke to me directly

It is amazing that a journalist of your stature would make such outlandish remarks (Fussy flap about stats in supervisor race, Oct. 30) about my candidacy for such an important office without ever speaking to me directly.