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Fire department launches Red Tag/Green Tag Program

The Red Tag/Green Tag Program was created with the intention of creating awareness to the property owner of items that they could easily accomplish that would greatly increase the survivability of their property due to the devastating effects of wildland fire.

Congratulations to Arizona high school graduates

Last Thursday night I watched my granddaughter, Karlee Sylviann Brown, graduate from Mesa High with honors.

Congress rewards corporations while punishing the American people

Congress keeps feeding big corporations huge tax cuts they don’t deserve, even as it starves average Americans of the services and investments they need.

Epidemic in the forest — trash

I’ve been a Forest Service volunteer for over three years and much of my job focuses on removing trash from illegal dumping sites found in the Tonto National Forest. Forest Service personnel and volunteers take hundreds and sometime thousands of pounds of illegally dumped trash from Tonto on a weekly basis.

Gila County officials issue progress report for 2014

Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin submitted this update on important accomplishments this year affecting Gila County.

McCain targets America’s Most Wasted

Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) has released America’s Most Wasted, the first in a series of oversight reports that expose wasteful, duplicative and inefficient government spending.

Thanks to everyone who donates the life-saving gift of blood

There are things that we take for granted in life, but the one that deeply touched me recently is that people donate blood so that others can live.

Flake speaks about nuclear agreement with Iran

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) recently took to the Senate floor to speak in support of legislation requiring the president to submit any final nuclear deal with Iran to Congress before being able to waive or suspend congressional sanctions. Below is the complete transcript of Flake’s remarks:

An epidemic of illegal dumping sites in Tonto National Forest

I’ve been a Forest Service volunteer for more than three years, focusing on removing trash from illegal dumping sites found in the Tonto National Forest.

Empowering youth and restoring our nation’s beauty

As proud Americans, will we honor our Armed Forces, veterans and communities by participating in the “America the Beautiful and BagReadyJobs” effort?

Arizona politicians want hunters to rid Grand Canyon of bison

The Grand Canyon has a buffalo problem. By some estimates, nearly 600 unwanted bison have migrated inside Grand Canyon National Park from their range on the Kaibab National Forest.

Real budget casualties – nearly 1 million public school students

The state budget is approved, and many think the battle for public education is over for the year.

Impact of proposed budget cut on Arizona State University

While we all appreciate the difficulties faced by the governor in setting priorities for state investment, we continue to believe that investment in higher education is one of the most important ways of helping advance our families, our businesses, and our state economy.

Lawsuit deals with violating Arizona Constitution

One would think that the good folks in Payson would tire of Raymond Spatti and the complete lack of honesty in his letters to the editor, either that or his complete ignorance.

New approaches needed for financing preventive forest management

In June 2010, the Schultz Fire burned a total of 15,051 acres of Coconino National Forest bordering the City of Flagstaff.