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New surgeon talks about services

Dr. Elliot Maness, D.O., recently joined Payson Surgery Associates and was the guest speaker at the Feb. 18 Lunch & Learn program at the Senior Circle.

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PRMC names new marketing director

Mindy Strickling is the new marketing director for Payson Regional Medical Center, taking over the position from Jan Parsons, who has served as interim for quite some time.

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Eye exams can reveal more than just vision trouble

More evidence points to the importance of routine eye exams, not only to pinpoint potential conditions of the eye, but also to serve as windows to diseases that affect the entire body.

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Annual Women’s Wellness Forum offers tips to deal with stress

Stress is a fact of life. How an individual handles it is a major factor in their health and well-being.

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Study says stress may affect women’s ability to recover from heart attacks

February is Heart Month. A big factor in heart health is stress. When you’ve got an unexpected bill, a dead car battery or family trouble on your hands, are you like a cartoon character with steam shooting out of your ears or do you take appropriate steps to manage your stress?

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Weekly Calendar of Events: Feb. 24

The Senior Circle, at 215 N. Beeline Hwy., is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. to noon, Friday.

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Gila County residents struggle with chronic diseases

Diabetes, obesity, smoking, mental health, cost of care pose health crisis

Gila County residents die sooner and suffer more health problems due to obesity, diabetes, teen pregnancy and smoking than residents in the rest of the state or nation, according to a survey of the health status of the county’s 53,000 residents.

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Gilbert doctor’s push for vaccinations personal and professional

Gilbert pediatrician Tim Jacks went to Washington to testify on the importance of vaccination, but he told senators that he was there not as a doctor but as a father.

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Did Valentine chocolates hurt or help?

The Healthy Foodie

My family has this odd but endearing ritual when it comes to boxes of chocolates we have done since I was a child — we cut each piece of candy into three or four bits to distribute to those gathered when we open a box.

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‘Right to Try’ advocates in Arizona welcome new FDA rule on drug access

The Food and Drug Administration has announced plans to make it easier for Americans with terminal illnesses to access experimental drugs, shortening an application form from 100 hours to as little as 45 minutes.

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Senior Circle Weekly Calendar of Events

Senior Circle weekly calendar of events:

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Comedienne, motivational speaker highlights annual Women’s Wellness Forum

Diana Jordan will be the highlight of this year’s Women’s Wellness Forum — A Healthy Woman event in March.

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50 years of losing nutrients

Nostalgia. Everything used to be better — music, the pace of life, you name it. But how about veggies?

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Vaccination is the key to preventing the spread of measles

Measles, a highly contagious virus, is making a comeback.

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Joint replacement surgery increasing

Every 7.5 seconds a baby boomer turns 50.