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Blue Ridge Reservoir nearly empty

Normal winter will refill it as SRP seeks water contracts

The Salt River Project continues to seek water rights agreements with communities along the East Verde River for a share of water from the still nearly empty Blue Ridge Reservoir.

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Pony Express riders coming Wednesday

The 57th Annual Hashknife Pony Express commemorative ride will gallop into the Rim Country next week.

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Native Grill & Wings fills a need in Payson

Wide variety of food on menu, but wings are a big draw

After a decade of casual visits, Robert and Jacquie Marshall noticed Payson lacked a true sports bar. So they decided to do something about it.

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She kept the Pine Strawberry School running

Licavoli retires after more than a quarter century

The woman who for more than 25 years kept Pine Strawberry School purring along like a fine-tuned V-8 will be stepping down in June.

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Deputy shoots neighborhood dog as children watch

Officer kills dog after finding dead chickens

It was a grisly death and one that 19 people witnessed, including several children in Young last year.

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Pine water district hears gush of good news

But problems with leaks, maintenance costs remain an ongoing challenge

You got your good news — and your bad news: Which do you want to hear first?

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Police chase down armed robbery suspect

Dog sniffs out suspect

After a 24-hour manhunt, police Tuesday arrested an armed robbery suspect just blocks from where it all started.

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Schools locked down during search for armed robber

Parents gave Payson Unified School District decidedly mixed reviews on how it handled communication regarding a lockdown at three of the five district schools on Jan. 20 as police searched the neighborhood for an armed robbery suspect.

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Star Valley earmarks grants for water projects

Well projects could provide 100-year supply of water

The Star Valley Town Council seems set to focus its next round of grant money on securing more water.

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Fun facts about cats and dogs

Here are some random fun facts about cats and dogs.

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Music brightened dark days of the Depression

DJ's Music Trivia

We continue our 10-part series chronicling the evolution of American popular music in the 20th century, 1900-1999, which looks at the music that was popular during each decade and what influenced that popularity.

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Things have been pretty quiet in the Village since the holidays

The Village

What a delightful weekend we had visiting with our grandson Brian and his lovely wife Sarah. Brian and Sarah are both attending Arizona State University and each holds down a part-time job.

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PS students ready for science fair

Rattlin' the Rim

Science fairs are among the most iconic and eagerly anticipated highlights of most every public school, especially those with elementary and middle school grades.

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The writer’s world is a world of ideas

Your Turn

I can’t tell you the exact date in 1939 that my life and my world expanded from a few streets in New York to the entire universe. It was the day of my entry into a world of ideas, but all I remember about it is almost freezing to death in a cold wet rain.

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One especially memorable party with a guest from the other side

Another Week in the Creek

Christopher Creek has had an early fall tradition for nearly 40 years. On the second Tuesday of September there was a gathering.