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Domestic violence survivors tell their stories

Shot in the face and left to die on the side of the road. A loveless marriage filled with years of emotional and verbal abuse and threats to take away the children.

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Longhorn kicker a testament in courage

Kenny Ayres trembled as he put the ball on the tee. But the Payson High senior did a good job of hiding the nerves that overtook him as he prepared to attempt a crucial onside kick his Longhorns desperately needed to recover to have any hope of pulling off a miracle comeback.

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Fall is like life, like love

I stood on a tapestry of maple leaves, saturated, chromatically content. I murmured a little prayer to chlorophyll, sunlight, supernovae and anthocyanin. I’d found my maple grove — and impressed my bride. I had feared I would not find this spot — but now heaved a sign of relief watching her shuffle through the red leaves.

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Trout are coming

Life on the Fly

Trout are scheduled to be stocked into Green Valley Lakes during the week of Oct. 17 if projected cool water temperatures and pH levels allow. That is great news for all of us waiting for the trout to return to the lakes.

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Rim Country holidays – Columbus Day

Back When

The day marking the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas has been observed in the United States since Colonial times. The celebrations have ranged from large parades to no public observance at all, and it was not an official federal holiday until 1937. In 1970 the holiday was fixed by Congress as the second Monday in October.

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‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ will satisfy all viewers

At the Movies

Best known for his innovative animation films, this time director Tim Burton brings us a live action PG-13 yarn about kids with super powers. Or he brings us a yarn — at the least — about  kids with peculiar powers.

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Students who aced AZMerit test

Payson Unified School District this week honored scores of high school students who aced the AZMerit test, the state’s new, rigorous standards test.

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Street Fair to benefit Dupke family Saturday at Moose Lodge

This past week has been a whirlwind of news of the political persuasion, of which I am getting pretty tired. Then we are dealing with a delay in the installation of our kitchen cabinets until this week; that destructive hurricane battering the heck out of the East Coast where most of my relatives now live.

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Winter’s supply of firewood becomes a family affair

Rattlin' the Rim

Almost as disturbing and vexing as the vile references Donald Trump made about women on the recently leaked video is his later assertion that it was “locker room talk.” His absurd reference that “boys will be boys” is a slap in the face to every man, coach and athlete in the country.

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More inventions I’ll bet people would pay a lot for

Your Turn

Way back at the beginning of August we spent some time laughing about inventions we would all like to see, like a Chinese can opener that actually opens cans, or a small device that fits in a pocket or purse and when clicked erases all memory in others of anything really dumb you just said.

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Veterinary techs appreciated year round

Adoption Options

October 16-22 is Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week. All of us at HSCAZ are very lucky to have an extremely intelligent and hard-working medical team. They work with the dogs and cats that come into the shelter every single day.

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Longhorns rout Winslow in homecoming game

Payson’s football team celebrated homecoming by putting a month of frustration behind it with a 48-19 thrashing of No. 6 Winslow on Friday night.

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Paramedics use new Cragin pipeline helipad to save a life

It’s only a concrete pad, but a newly installed helicopter landing pad may have helped save a man’s life Monday.

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Forest Service will set thousands of acres on fire

Two new fires will generate smoke, but also forest benefits

Controlled burns from more than 3,000 acres of new fires will generate smoke throughout Rim Country throughout the week of Oct. 17-20, according to Tonto National Forest fire specialists.

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Payson's Time Out Shelter volunteers led annual march to stop the violence

Women’s advocates led by volunteers for Payson’s Time Out Shelter made their annual march up the Beeline Highway to remember the victims of domestic violence.