Dark money corrupts

The billows of dark money have shrouded the political battlefield, rolling over friend and foe, Republican and Democrat, like clouds of toxic mustard gas.

Supply Line kept the faith

Sometimes these days, the front line seems impossibly far from the home front.

Humans need the arts

Every fall, voters think they have to make a tough decision — vote for a tax increase and/or pass an override to keep music and other arts programs in the school curriculum.

Letter writer mistaken about Democrats

This is directed at a recent letter claiming Democrats are a growing class of parasites? I thought we had gotten beyond the name calling a while back, but obviously not.

Elect those with reasonable approach

Americans pretty much agree on the importance of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Americans also agree (70 percent at the last survey) there must be a reasonable approach which will support that right while providing common sense protection.

Getting gouged at the pump

Payson drivers are getting screwed every time they fill up their gas tank in Payson. This is a follow-up to a recent letter to the editor complaining about the high price of gasoline in town.

Intelligent, experienced leadership needed

When HB 2587 concerning cruelty to animals was brought up in the Arizona Legislature by Brenda Barton, it was strenuously opposed by ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and even by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Fed up with ASU’s changing demands

Every time I read another article about the ASU campus, I think of the Peanuts cartoons with Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football.

FireSafe crusade starts

Payson’s FireSafe Committee made its public debut this weekend, with an absolutely vital educational event intended to wake up their fellow citizens — and maybe the town council.

Payson students making us proud

It’s all coming together.

School district should live within its means

Undoubtedly, most of us have noticed how much harder it is to make ends meet lately. In the past few years, the true cost of living has increased significantly as wages and retirement benefits have remained stagnant. If you are one of the many Rim Country residents who are retired or on a fixed income, it has become even more difficult.

Vote for DuVal if you care about public education

I had no idea that Doug Ducey chaired the drive to kill Proposition 204, a proposition aimed at establishing a permanent sales tax to fund public education in Arizona. I also did not know that Ducey’s organization accepted $925,000 from a Koch brothers’ front group to defeat this proposition.

Support mothers that care

The school board provides an extremely important function in our community by acting in the best interest of our kids and our community. That is why I am strongly supporting Sheila DeSchaaf and Angie Prock for school board.

Vote DeSchaaf and Prock

Sheila DeSchaaf and Angie Prock deserve our votes for the Payson School Board.

A little on Little

Recently, Doug Little, a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission told a Payson audience of his opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency plan to reduce carbon emissions.