Crusade against domestic violence

You have a chance tomorrow night to become part of the solution to one of the most important problem facing this community — the ongoing scourge of domestic violence.

Vote pro-education candidates

I have been following the many letters being sent to the Roundup, along with the online comments from Paysonites who are opposed to voting in favor of the budget override.

Letter writer’s bias

Two professional, very active caring women, Shirley Dye and Darlene Younker have been much maligned in letters to the editor.

Younker is best choice for Payson School Board

If Ms. Prock and Ms. DeSchaaf are elected to the school board, they won’t be governing any time soon, if ever.

Vote for O’Halleran, Morrison

Why have legislators Brenda Barton, Bob Thorpe and Sylvia Allen failed to promote issues that affect the lives of people in Payson ...

Help democracy flourish

Thomas Jefferson said the only way we can have a democracy is to have an educated public. To have an educated public we have to support our public school system.

Fed up with attack ads

I wonder how many other people are fed up with political attack ads on TV.

Vote for Younker

Recently, the Roundup featured an article about three candidates for the school board. The responses by some candidates when asked about Common Core they responded that they were in favor of standardized tests.

APS: No one likes bullies

No one likes a bully. So Arizona Public Service ought to give a little more thought to its relationship to the customers who provide all those shareholder profits — and vote in the members of the Arizona Corporation Commission which regulates the power company’s state-granted monopoly.

Payson can show its heart

Payson got a black eye when an overzealous officer got into a middle-of-the-night confrontation with a weary rider raising money to help returning veterans.

Republican lawmakers to sponsor bill seeking additional classroom time for kindergartners

As staunch advocates for a strong public education system and Republican members of the Arizona State Legislature, we read the recent Arizona Republic My Turn piece “It’s time for additional classroom time for all of Arizona’s youngest students” with great excitement.

ACT bill is typical election year posturing to deflect attention from incumbent’s abysmal record on education

As a candidate for Arizona’s House of Repre­sentatives my priority is public education. It is my priority because public education powers Arizona’s economy by developing a high-quality workforce, bringing in investors, and creating entrepreneurs. Quality public education is the surest path to higher paying jobs and is vital to Arizona’s future

No qualified candidates

If we are supposed to believe all the ads on television, it appears that no current candidate is qualified for the office he or she is seeking.

Setting high-end average

Payson wins again.

‘Extended pay’ program more like expanded pay

If you are considering going on an “Extended Pay” plan you might want to consider our experience and judge for yourself.