Outages finally sound an alarm

Three strikes — you’re out.

Celebrate university project progress

On Saturday at 11, the long-suffering backers of the Payson university campus will celebrate a signal victory.

Gosar does not want taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood

The simple truth is that Planned Parenthood, masquerading as a nonprofit, has strategically developed a business model to profit off the death of innocent unborn babies.

Editor doesn’t get it

In the classic 1957 movie “Bridge Over the River Kwai” the captured WWII British colonel (played by Alec Guinness) is so focused on having his fellow prisoners-of-war men complete a successful bridge on behalf of his Japanese captors that he loses sight of the true outcome of the construction: the railway bridge will become a means for the enemy to move men and supplies and kill Allied soldiers.

Thank you for sharing talents in the past

On September 2014, the Wausau, Wis. Newman High School Class of 1964 had its 50th class reunion.

The secret to being the Best Newspaper

The man who deserved the award didn’t get his name on the plaque.

University benefits

I’ve read a number of letters expressing opposition to a university in Payson. Let’s consider the facts about the likely economic impact to Payson.

Loved story and book

Very much admired Pete Aleshire’s piece on Canyon de Chelly.

Grateful for praise of first responders

On Saturday, Sept. 19, Mount Cross Church, Jerry Carlson, members of the community and many businesses joined together to recognize and show their appreciation to Rim Country first responders.

Need for volunteers

Rim Country’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers willing to do anything from build houses to run its thrift store.

The Forest Service is sitting in a bar ...

Two guys are sitting in a bar near closing time.

Building a university will cause problems

I was heartened to see the number of (comments) in Tuesday’s Roundup opposed to the proposed college.

Payson playing favorites

In response to the question posed by the town council recited in the Payson Roundup, Sept. 22, “if the Payson Town Council waives fees for one business, will it set a bad precedent?”

Gosar provokes ridicule

Adding to the string of foolish, publicity-grabbing buffoonery our local governmental representatives seem to relish, Dr. Paul Gosar, dentist in the Dark Ages, has brought national ridicule on our area once again.

Best one-liner ever

Your editorial on Payson fire codes included the best one-liner ever!