Answer the call

Women and children who fled violent homes with nothing need someone to pick up food from the community food bank.

Arizona politicians want hunters to rid Grand Canyon of bison

The Grand Canyon has a buffalo problem. By some estimates, nearly 600 unwanted bison have migrated inside Grand Canyon National Park from their range on the Kaibab National Forest.

Future of education

Welcome to the State of Arizona, home of the most unintelligent children in the United States.

Why good teachers leave

In the March 17 issue of the Payson Roundup there was a list (though not complete) of school personnel who recently left Payson Unified School District.

Payson library failing public

Today I made time to drive to the library to gather the tax forms needed to file.

Restore payments

We’re delighted to learn that Rep. Paul Gosar has taken the lead in Congress in a bipartisan attempt to restore urgently needed federal payments to rural counties hobbled by the impact of the federal governments vast holdings in the west.

Another crazy federal rule

It’s gotten past crazy.

Real budget casualties – nearly 1 million public school students

The state budget is approved, and many think the battle for public education is over for the year.

The logic of Congress

People say that Congress should face the facts about climate change. But why “must” Congress acknowledge climate change is real?

Picking up the tab

On behalf of my class at Rim Country Middle School, I would like to thank the person(s) who so generously paid for our lunch at Denny’s on Feb. 20.

Excellence costs money

When and why did tax increase become the two most desired words in the English language to our state politicians?

Blessed to have you

Had meant to compliment photographer DJ Craig sooner on the magnificent spread of pictures and article that appeared in our paper recently.

Split up Gila County

If the inequity in Gila County policies and spending between north and south continues, maybe it’s time to seriously consider a split from Globe and Southern Gila County.

Bringing back a native

We’re delighted to welcome back a native.

Kill this reckless bill

The Arizona Legislature continues to flail and froth when it comes to educational reform.