Unexpected kindnesses

It has been said many times before in this spot — the Rim Country is blessed with more generous individuals and organizations — as well as businesses and governmental entities — than can be counted.

Out of touch

What did we ever do without cell phones and Internet?

An answer to state’s legal dilemma re: education

Yesterday at a meeting of our local chapter of Saving Arizona Revenue, Children And State Money — members Pat, Brenda and Shirley (not their real names ... they prefer to work anonymously) came up with a great solution ...

Savor a Payson Christmas

Small town Christmas — special small town Christmas, I think. Here in the mountains high above the big city, warmth has a meaning far beyond temperature.

Argument against thinning

I have visited ponderosa pine forests throughout the West, including in the Coconino National Forest.

Angie bravely battled dragons

We’re all really going to miss Angie Elam.

God bless us, every one

Gotta love Christmas — especially in Rim Country.

Sen. McCain speaks out against U.S. use of torture

I rise in support of the release — the long-delayed release — of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s summarized, unclassified review of the so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ that were employed by the previous administration to extract information from captured terrorists.

Julia Randall Library honors librarian

In September we lost our dear librarian, Joanne Clawson, and wished to have some reminder of her in our library.

PCK gift appreciated

I would like to thank Dan Dillon, manager of Safeway, for his generous $1,000 contribution to the Payson Community Kids program.

Just another political excuse

No doubt, putting more federal land on the tax rolls would benefit the economy — especially in rural communities like Rim Country.

Stabilize water rates for low/fixed income residents

Recently, the Town of Payson laid out a plan to increase our water rates, in order for the town to show an ability to pay for bonds that would finance the completion of the Blue Ridge water project.

President needs a dictionary

The Oval Office dictionary has apparently been misplaced.

Family friendly?

I’m writing this in response to the article that was in the Payson Roundup on the mini-golf business.

Poor business practices

Attention Dish Network customers. If you, like myself, received a card in the mail relating to your older receiver that needs to be updated, beware.