Gosar represents the people

Editor: It’s now the political scary season! We were out of town for a week, and I am looking at six large, full-color cards lying about Paul Gosar’s record that were in my mailbox when I got home!

Ideas for Main Street

Editor: Developing the full length of Main Street would require buying a multitude of small business and lots and then finding owners to develop new businesses.

Vicious campaign

Editor: In response to the letter of Marilyn Decker — I, too, am wondering how this election campaign and current events are affecting our children.

Broadband Issue

Editor: Sen. Allen recently posted one of her regular Lightning Bolt Updates entitled “Broadband GAP Becoming Serious Economic and Safety Concern for White Mountains and Rim Country” on Aug. 8, 2016.

Printing by George

Editor: Recently I was in your wonderful town because of a death in my family. My brother, Tony Kreider, has moved to Payson and his wife died.

Disappointed in paper's rodeo weekend edition

Editor: August Rodeo is one of the best weekends for Payson to make a great impression  and bring more business to the local community.

Connect Main Street

Editor: Some time back, there was an article that mentioned, putting a roundabout at the casino and event center intersection.

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St. Patrick's in Rim Country

Back When

St. Patrick’s Feast Day is on March 17, marking the death of Ireland’s patron saint in A.D. 461.

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Be prepared for surprises when you travel to foreign countries – Part 3

Your Turn

A few months ago I mentioned that if you go abroad you should plan on a few small surprises — and maybe a few not-so-small ones. We talked about some of the screwy things that happened to me during my 12 years overseas, but we had to leave out most of them, so here are a couple more.

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Looking forward to end of primary season and robo calls

The Village

Are you as fed up as I am about the rash of robo calls from the politicians?

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Food bank needs help to fill shelves before fall

Rattlin' the Rim

Just two years ago, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) officials huddled with Pine Strawberry Arts and Crafts Guild president Olga Sehnert and Community Educational and Cultural Association (CERCA) president Mel Palmer to review ADOT’s controversial decision to ban parking on both sides of Beeline during summer festivals.

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Memories of one of the Rim’s worst tragedies

Another Week in the Creek

Christopher Creek had a small but significant role in a tragedy, which played out on Sept. 5 and 6 back some 46 years ago. Other Rim Country creeks, Tonto, Horton and Dick Williams with Christopher swept away 15 souls on a trip to eternity that fateful and tragic weekend

Pine water district awash in problems

The storm clouds have gathered. The water’s on the rise all around. And the Pine Water board needs to find something that floats.

ACC should seek impartial cost-benefit analysis of solar

For the past three years, the rooftop solar debate in Arizona has been a “he said/she said” between utilities and rooftop solar companies regarding the value and benefits net-metered rooftop solar provides to ratepayers.

Dark money insanity

This is getting crazy. We’ve got to do something about dark money.