More proof that voting matters

Want proof voting matters?

Water and politics

The Payson Town Council election has taken a strange and interesting turn.

Representative rebuts letter writer’s claims

Again Raymond Spatti displays his ignorance of the facts, his willful deception of the public, and vitriol towards me for the world to view. After more than a month, perhaps your readers have forgotten what I wrote?

Shop around

Shop around was a hit song for Smokie Robinson in the early ’60s, good advice. Here’s why.

Obama is an enemy of the U.S.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “Nothing ever happens in politics that isn’t planned. If it happens, it was planned.” I’ve been closely studying government manipulations of the people and events for 36 years now, and I have never, ever, seen the above statement fail to be true.

State must cut wildfire risk, save lives

As I campaign to be your next governor, I’ve traversed the state discussing how Arizona is known as a place of opportunity for people who work hard and want a chance to get ahead. In some of our more rural areas, however, I’m concerned about the danger inflicted by forest fires — some of the most destructive in the country — and how their effects can limit our opportunities.

Lawless Legislature

What happens when lawmakers turn lawless?

Payson industrial park promising

The Star Valley Town Council this week gave a courteous and thoughtful hearing to Payson’s request the town de-annex more than 700 acres of Forest Service land to facilitate the possible development of an 80-acre industrial park out at the end of Granite Dells Road.

No cause for worry with court notice on water rights

If you are like most people, you get nervous when a court mails an official notice to you that you were not expecting. However, if you have water rights in the Little Colorado River basin and you recently received a Notice of Proposed Settlement from Judge Mark Brain, you have no reason to worry.

Police department questions

Seems Sgt. Garvin needs a refresher course in police training. And he’s a sergeant retraining a sergeant — not a good sign in police work.

Education by enforcement

Why does ADOT not just enforce the traffic laws that already exist? The speed limit is 55 mph and recommended to slow to 45 mph. The road is clearly marked and we do not need ADOT to change anything. We just need ADOT to enforce the law!

Appreciate effort of leaders

A short time ago, a plan was formulated to extend Forest Park Drive north into Timber Ridge, one of the new developments currently in the planning stage for Payson.

Gosar’s games

Well, well. At least one congressman admits to the reason for the mess in Washington.

School board isn’t helpless

We were pondering the latest evidence that the Payson School Board has made an awful mistake, when we suddenly found ourselves recalling this terrible experiment involving “learned helplessness.”

Bicycle shops and bicycle riding in Payson

I was pleased to see the recent articles in the Roundup about bicycle riding in the Payson area, and the two new bike shops in town. I am not a bicycle rider any more, although this could change.