Veterans need less talk and more action

After so many false promises...

They need help

A host of Rim Country charities have banded together to recruit vital volunteers through a website that lists fresh opportunities every week.

Intelligent political choices

We could have elected either Scott Smith or Fred DuVal as our governor, we could have and should have elected Dr. David Garcia as our superintendent of public instruction, and we could have elected individuals to the Corporation Commission that weren’t beholden to the regulated utility companies, but we the voters selected our current crop of less than average state office holders.

Gosar up to his old tricks

Our representative Republican Paul Gosar is back to his old tricks, searching every nook and cranny to see what he can find to deceptively pin on President Obama.

Honor sacrifice

On June 25, we come to the anniversary of the deaths of six wildlands firefighters battling the Dude Fire in 1990.

It’s the vision thing

It’s the vision thing. Who said that?

Wonderful family event

Recently the Brunson and Walker families celebrated the 80th birthday of longtime Gila County resident Joyce Brunson.

Many thanks

The G.E.S.T. (Gila Employment Special Training) Day Program has been held in one of the classrooms in the Payson First Assembly church for the last few years.

Fireworks cause pollution

I am not able to attend meetings of the city council so must hope members read the Roundup and will consider the following.

Lets break records

Let us attain a new record with contributions to the Blood Drive to be held July 27.

Thorpe punishes Dreamers

In a recent Payson meeting, our representative, Bob Thorpe, informed his audience he had written a letter to ASU president Michael Crow, insisting in-state tuition be denied to so-called Dreamers — students brought to America as children by their undocumented Hispanic parents who were in search of honorable employment.

Time to drop the denial

Here’s the thing: Often as not, before things can get better — they’ve got to get worse.

Magna Carta foundation for U.S. jurisprudence

On June 15, 1215, in the meadow of Runnymede, west of London, King John, more popularly known today as the evil Prince John of Robin Hood lore, affixed his royal seal to Magna Carta.

Thanks for help with celebration

The Payson Pioneer Cemetery board would like to express its deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to those groups and individuals who participated in the Memorial Day Celebration held at the Pioneer Cemetery on May 24, 2015.

Alternative plan

There is still a strong demand for institutions that offer four-year undergraduate degrees, especially if they specialize.