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New water in Roosevelt contributes to healthy fishery

Rim Country Fishing Report

Congratulations to two of our local professional Bassmaster Elite anglers. Both Clifford Pirch and Brett Hite finished in the top 12 on the Potomac River event recently.

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Meteor shower watch party draws crowd

Another Week in the Creek

Christopher Creek celebrated the Perseid meteor shower with a watch party. It was an impromptu gathering following a single invitation on social media.

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Monsoon storms have started teasing us again

The Village

Mother Nature is sure faking all of us out! One minute the clouds turn dark, and you expect that it will be pouring rain any minute. But it doesn’t! Where does it go?

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Celebrating Lincoln’s birthday

Back When

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1924 the young Payson schoolteacher, Julia Randall secretly brought her portrait of Abraham Lincoln to her classroom and placed it on an easel in front of the class.

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You really can’t go home again

Your Turn

When my family moved from New York City to New London, Conn., I found myself in a town that suited me perfectly, small enough to know well, but large enough to be worth knowing.

Train the principals

Editor: I hate to use sports analogies, but I think they work for this situation.

He has insurance, votes against mine

Editor: For my friends in Congressman Paul Gosar’s district: More than half of the people in Gila County are on some kind of government-assisted insurance.

Brewer endorses McCain

Editor: Senator John McCain has been and will continue to be the strongest advocate for Arizona.

Cool Mountain Drug Town?

Editor: I thought when the drug shop went in, it was to be theft proof and someone would be there at all times.

Unhappy with changes

Editor: My name is Joelle Vancel and I have been a customer for many years and lately I have been disappointed with it.

We love 'em to death

Editor: Today’s 10 highest grossing box office releases are about animals, including: “Finding Dory,” “The Jungle Book,” “Zootopia,” “The Secret Life of Pets,” and “Kung Fu Panda.”

Leash your dogs, people

Editor: A reply to (a letter) by Ted Paulk: You should go to the west side of the big lake at Green Valley Park.

Helping Students

Editor: The Friends of Rim Country Gila Community College, Payson Campus are pleased to announce the receipt of an anonymous donation in the amount of $5,000 which will enhance our mission to fund scholarships to deserving students pursuing their associate arts degree, transferring to a four-year institution or gaining certification for career employment skills.

Maybe it’s time to dump ASU

We’ve kind of lost track of the glittering dream of an Arizona State University Campus in Payson that has sustained our hopes for the last four or five years.

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Gear up for fun run, Fire on the Rim and more

Rattlin' the Rim

It’s not too early to begin planning for the Justice McNeeley Foundation Poker Run, which has morphed since its 2004 inception into one of the most celebratory gatherings held in the two mountain hamlets of Pine and Strawberry.