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P-S Fire District needs budget override to maintain services

Rattlin' the Rim

Pine-Strawberry voters have by now received in the mail their early voting ballots for the Nov. 8 election. The vote-by-mail ballots were sent out Oct. 12.

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Are you, like I am, one of those ‘Think Ahead!’ types? 

Your Turn

I have always been someone who takes life calmly, accepting the things we can’t change, but focusing strongly on the ones we can. The result is that I may possibly be the biggest “Think Ahead!” nut on the planet. 

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Who will be in the dog house?

Adoption Options

On Friday, Nov. 4, the Humane Society of Central Arizona will be “impounding” members of our community for a fundraiser.

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Better do your deer hunting homework

Outdoors Under the Rim

The rifle deer season has begun with many youth hunts just finishing the weeklong pursuit of any antlered deer.

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‘The Accountant’: Intricate, interesting thriller

Double Oscar winner Ben Affleck plays a guy suffering from what seems to the audience to be a form of autism. He has a great difficulty communing with other people, but he has a strong affinity for numbers.

The terrorists among us

We have terrorists in our midst. But you won’t hear a word about it in the presidential campaign. You won’t hear a word about it in the town council campaign.

Save Pine Fire

The Pine Strawberry Fire Department is pleading with voters to approve a 25 cent per $100 increase in the property tax to prevent a crippling decline in services.

Mindless sensationalism

Editor: I swear this newspaper gets dumber every day. This poor guy Henning goes around trying to actually do something about the sex abuse of girls and he is vilified for not doing or saying enough.

To my Furry Friends family

Editor: Thank you to Terry, Liz, Dani, Susan and Angie. Thank you to all the wonderful customers and furry guests of Furry Friends.

Attacking Trump signs

Editor: To paraphrase a letter in Oct. 18 letters, “Do you wonder why there are more Trump signs in Payson than Hillary Clinton signs (other than perhaps there are more Trump supporters: my comment)? Well, for several weeks now the (Trump) signs have been disappearing.

Mayor endorses McCain

Editor: I have always chosen to support candidates, not parties. This year, choosing a candidate to send to represent Arizona in the United States Senate is easy.

What is the cost of being wrong?

Editor: I read the letter to the editor from Bob Hugeri entitled “Editor should be ashamed” and the editor’s reply, and thought about something I learned taking a course on operations research years ago as part of my Ph.D. studies.

Cracking down on hunters

Editor: The comments by Mr. Mel Melvis regarding unprepared hunters elicited a memory. Lately returned from WWII, I was relaxing on a cliff top in the Wasatch Range in Utah enjoying a sandwich and watching a mother doe and two fawns cropping in a meadow about 60 yards below.

Vote against Prop. 205

Editor: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, asserts that one of the roles of government is to “promote the general welfare.”

A kind gesture

Editor: This past Saturday, my wife and I were in the Home Depot parking lot attempting to load a couple of large, heavy items into our vehicle.