Article an eye-opener

“Pending bills could undo local officials’ budget plans” — This article by Mr. Aleshire was an eye-opener ...

Crandell’s SB 1227

It seems to me that Chester Crandell has forgotten who he represents and works for.

Lioness Club says thanks

The Enchanted April afternoon tea and fashion show was fabulous! The community was great in attendance and support.

Angels abound

We have angels among us — no doubt about it. And it’s a good thing too — given the plight of our children.

Pine leads the way

The residents of Pine and Strawberry continue to lead the way when it comes to protecting their community from wildfires.

Contraception pills cause cancer

Once again we are subjected to total inanity in a Roundup guest comment.

Customer always right

“The customer is always right.” Obviously the Arizona Corporation Commission has never heard of this concept and could care less about it.

Speak up at water meeting

This is an open letter to Payson Water Company (formerly Brooke Utilities) customers.

Hitler and Alinsky

There were two very good letters in a recent Payson Roundup.

Making your home safe from wildfire

Despite an infusion from moisture in this week’s little storm, all of northern Arizona remains more vulnerable than normal to wildfire this year. There have already been two small forest fires near Flagstaff. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a brief threat of a fire near Whispering Pines.

Calling on citizen generosity again

The generosity of Rim Country residents is more and more amazing each year.

Barton not a true voice for Rim Country majority

There are two types of so-called “representatives” in our Legislature and Congress. One attempts to work hard to address local issues by helping to resolve problems or initiate beneficial policies or programs. The other type is only interested in using their office to promote or advance personal philosophical agendas.

Response to Summerfelt

City of Flagstaff Wildland Fire Management Officer Paul Summerfelt’s letter (March 25) gets the facts wrong. In its Feb. 27 report, “Forest thinning tangles in dispute over tree size,” the Roundup clearly distinguished old-growth logging in the Jacob Ryan project on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with concerns about large tree logging in the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI).

Taste of Rim sets record

The final figures from our recent A Taste of Rim Country fundraiser are in, and, as we hoped, we set a record of nearly $13,000 in proceeds.

No excuse

The terrible complexity of domestic violence created a wrenching scene this week in a Gila County Superior courtroom.