Vote against Prop. 205

Editor: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, asserts that one of the roles of government is to “promote the general welfare.”

A kind gesture

Editor: This past Saturday, my wife and I were in the Home Depot parking lot attempting to load a couple of large, heavy items into our vehicle.

Good care from the VA

Editor: I am writing this in defense of VA hospitals in general. The VA hospital in Phoenix is the exception not the rule based on my experience.

Who protects us from legislators?

Editor: As the election approaches, consider your vote very carefully.

Don’t scrap standards

Editor: I read with interest the article, “School candidate wants students better prepared” on Oct. 4, 2016. Shane Keith believes that raising student expectations will help students succeed outside of PUSD.

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PUSD Students - Congratulations on a job well done

Dear Payson Unified School District High School Students: With social media, the blogs, the current election cycle and the media in general it is easy to succumb to the negativity that seems to surround us on a constant basis.

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Great fall color around Creek area

Another Week in the Creek

Christopher Creek is certainly no exception when it comes to tout their favorite areas to experience fall colors. Their recommendation is always more spectacular than anywhere else.

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On the road with a professional bass angler

Outdoors Under the Rim

As much as I loved teaching and coaching, being retired does have its benefits. There is a liberty that allows me to say yes, rather spontaneously when needs arise within the family or with friends.

Is knowledge elitism?

Editor: Instead of  spewing  vitriolic irrationality and name-calling I will submit the words of columnist Michael Gerson from The Arizona Republic, Sept. 30.

Mosquito breeding ground next door

Editor: I live on Oak Street, the property behind me — 817 W. Cherry St. — is overgrown (with) weeds 3 feet tall, (and has a) 1958 trailer condemned by (the) city. No one has lived there (for the) last eight-plus months.

A big thank you

Editor: The 10th annual Pioneer Dinner and Dance held Saturday, Sept. 24 was a great success. Approximately 700 people were in attendance. The auction was great and a big hit again due to the homemade pies, cakes and bread. There were many hugs, lots of laughter and of course great stories.

Pot leads to other drugs

Editor: Recreational pot will bring more problems than it can solve. People who need it to erase pain, should have it free, if they can’t afford it. But for the general public, it’s a disaster waiting to happen, it’s an introductory drug and that is the truth.

Lopsided arguments on marijuana

Editor: Today I received the 2016 General Election Publicity Pamphlet. In this “unbiased” document, printed by tax dollars, there are eight arguments for legalization of marijuana and forty arguments against the proposed bill, Prop. 205. The usual Attorney’s General, Law Enforcement suits, and “former” school officials have come out as opposed. What is interesting, and new, is the list of 17 detrimental side effects  presented by two self-proclaimed “scientific and medical experts” from Sedona.

Wonderful place

Editor: I had a very positive experience with the professionals that are responsible for running and managing the activities and projects that make Payson what it is for both visitors and residents. My husband and I have been residents of Happy Jack and Pine for five years.

Fighting hunger

Editor: The Community Presbyterian Church would like to thank the people from the community garden for their generosity. They have shared their harvest with the food bank operated by the church.