Not so free speech

We were delighted when Sen. Sylvia Allen’s SB 1172 died quietly without a full vote in the closing days of the frantic legislative session.

An epidemic of illegal dumping sites in Tonto National Forest

I’ve been a Forest Service volunteer for more than three years, focusing on removing trash from illegal dumping sites found in the Tonto National Forest.

Terrible delays at VA

My husband is a Vietnam vet who served in the Navy. He was going to the VA in Los Angeles, Calif., which was the biggest joke ever!

Soroptimists say thanks

Members of Soroptimist International of Zane Grey Country thank all the people in our community who continue to support our See’s Candy fundraiser.

Lawmakers thwart voters

In November of 2000, Arizona citizens passed Prop. 301 which allowed a .6 percent increase in the sales tax to be directed to schools to offset rising costs.

School gag order failed

I was happy to hear that SB 1172 did not pass in spite of support by both Sylvia Allen and Bob Thorpe.

Why we love Rim Country

So, we were reminded in today’s issue of one more reason we love Rim Country so.

Attack on education betrays party

The once-staunch Republican Party has lost its moorings — at least in Arizona.

Empowering youth and restoring our nation’s beauty

As proud Americans, will we honor our Armed Forces, veterans and communities by participating in the “America the Beautiful and BagReadyJobs” effort?

Governor duplicitous

“Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas ran mostly on a platform calling for the repeal of Common Core standards.” (“Common Core survives in Arizona,” Roundup, April 7.)

Wait time

Viewing a clip on News 12 today about the average “wait time” for U.S. veterans in need of urgent care is 30 days.

Free exercise of religion

This is in response to an earlier letter to the editor, rejoicing that the veto of SB 1062 has “spared Arizona from being the national laughing stock.”

Dark money corruption

The system stinks.

County comes through

We’re delighted that the Gila County Supervisors unanimously decided to once again waive the dump disposal fee for perhaps 1,000 tons of brush and wood cleared from fire-menaced lots in Pine and Strawberry.

Barton plays for herself

When a sports team’s featured player only plays for themselves and does nothing for the team, it usually means that player is replaced.