Asking for help

Payson has always come to the help of their neighbors, so I am writing this in hopes to be able to buy a used portable oxygen concentrator.

Help with Clothe-A-Child appreciated

Sy Harrison Lodge #70 would like to express their gratitude to the businesses and citizens of Payson for their generosity during our Clothe-A-Child campaign last year.

America’s longest war

Some people say that America’s longest war has been the war in Afghanistan.

Cutting university funding shortsighted

Our new governor, Doug Ducey, has proposed his budget and he asks for a $75 million cut to our state universities’ budget.

A pox on both of the political extremes

I have nothing but disdain for the progressive/socialist ideology as I think it is anathema to everything this nation was built upon.

State lawmakers can act after all

Wow. So the Arizona Legislature can address important problems quickly after all. It took about two days for lawmakers to impose a new graduation requirement on the K-12 school system they’ve been systematically looting for the past four years.

Reforms a case of political malpractice?

So, let’s say you’ve got a bunion on a leg that’s developed gangrene. The doctor frowns seriously, says you’ve got a problem with your leg, deftly removes the bunion and sends you home with an affable smile.

State must strengthen schools, universities

I listened to Gov. Ducey’s first State of the State address with eager anticipation and commend his call for a “confident, strong and rising” Arizona.

Blog talk: Loss of local doctors

According to someone who works for a local MD. Six primary care physicians have left Payson in 2014! Anybody have any guesses as to why?

Into the breach, again

“Once more into the breach again, dear friends, once more,” cried Henry V in Shakespeare’s prose.

Fire department gets creative

What does a fire department do?

Tease photo

Thanks to all who helped residents of Canal apartments

All the fine folks at Canal Senior Apartments are back in their homes. Canal Apartments and Payson Regional Housing Development, general partner owner, wish to thank all who helped make this monumental task a success.

Big game hunters need to speak up now

In a Jan. 7 recent news release, the Arizona Game and Fish Department asked for public input on future big game management in the state.

Unhappy consequences of ‘graduating’ from Hospice

After my husband, Tom, was “graduated” from Hospice Compassus on Dec. 24, 2014, I was scrambling to replace his loaned bed, wheelchair and other items necessary for his care.

Signs of progress

Freshly minted 2015 has already brought welcome progress in the vital effort to use a revitalized timber industry to thin Arizona’s unhealthy, fire-prone forests.