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Rim holidays – Christmas, Part One

Back When

Christmas was a special time for Rim Country settlers to get together and find companionship with others in the hard task of wresting ranches from the wilds. Memories of families left behind brought many a tear for those who had forged a new life in this place.

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Truth can really be stranger than fiction

As I said last week, if I took some of the unlikely events that have happened during my life and used them as plots in a novel or short story I’d be laughed at, but there’s one major exception: The most wonderful event of my life, one which happened one evening in Karachi, Pakistan.

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Forest busy after Thanksgiving holiday

Traveling to Flagstaff Saturday morning, wife Kay and I were puzzled by the large number of visitors we saw on our trip through the Coconino National Forest.

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Blanket of white stuff gives holiday decorations special look

Christopher Creek is in the snow business following last Sunday night’s blanketing. Initially, there was three to four inches around town with reports from Susan Keown and the Colcord Road area detailing as much as eight inches.

Arizonans agree: No new national monument

During President Obama’s two terms in office, we have undoubtedly witnessed the rise of the greatest threat to our republic: the unprecedented abuse of executive overreach.

Overwhelming support for national monument

A bipartisan nationwide poll released today finds the overwhelming majority of Americans (82 percent) support establishing a Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument.

Stand with our president

Editor: A children’s story about a Little Red Hen who decided to plant some wheat and make some bread from it. All the farm animals refused to help her, plow, plant, harvest.

Blaming Obama

Editor: It’s amazing how you frequently work in little digs about President-elect Trump like you did in today’s editorial entitled “hot times” (climate change).

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Rim holidays – Thanksgiving Part Two

Back When

Arizona was recognized as a territory separate from New Mexico in 1864, and the capital was established with the protection of Fort Whipple in the new town of Prescott.

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Busy week means short column

This week the column will be very short. The week so far has been hectic due to Thanksgiving preparations.

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Creek residents prepare for more holiday fun

Christopher Creek can commence with its Christmas celebrations now that we have Thanksgiving behind us.

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Truth can really be stranger than fiction

Your Turn

If I were to take some of the unlikely coincidences in my life and use them as plots in a short story or novel I’d be laughed out of every editor’s office I took it to. And I wouldn’t blame them either.

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Donate to local humane society on Giving Tuesday

Adoption Options

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, GIVING TUESDAY.  Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving back designed to combat the sometimes excessive greed of the holiday season.

Grateful beyond measure

I rise early on deadline day, shower hastily, scrape the ice from the windshield and rush down the hill on Airport Road, having forgotten to write anything for the editorial page last night before dashing off to teach my writing class.

Compromise could solve Electoral College problem

The framers of the U.S. Constitution created the Electoral College as a result of a compromise for the presidential election process.