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When the wilds call some of us have to answer – Part 2

Your Turn

Last week I broke off at the point where I had reached Iceland, where the sight of the midnight blue Arctic Ocean lying in one direction and a range of snow-clad mountains in the other had told me I was in for some great hiking, but then I learned that the only way we were allowed off base was in a blue Class-A uniform armed with a pass to a town or city! 

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Signs of changing seasons making a subtle show

Another Week in the Creek

Christopher Creek woke up to a thunderstorm last Monday morning foreshadowing perhaps the end of a strange monsoon. Early next week may be the last of it.

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Elk bugle in Rim Country this time of year

Outdoors Under the Rim

When the bull elk begin to sound off in the Rim Country, one knows that fall is in the air. Not only is autumn approaching, but also the elk herd has begun the mating season as bulls begin to become vocal, declaring an interest in gathering a mate.

Base battles on the facts

Here’s one frail hope for the political season. Could we please focus on fact-based disagreements?

Alarming test results

The latest AzMERIT test results for Payson students offer a confusing mixture of hope and dismay.

Biggest joke in Payson

Question: What is the biggest joke in Payson?

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage

Editor: In response to Ms. Jeannette Sindik’s letter in the opinion section regarding the article “Nine Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans” submitted by Rim Country Health in the Payson Roundup dated Aug. 30, I would like to clarify a few comments.

Celebrate the Constitution September 17-23

Editor: The Daughters of the American Revolution, Mogollon Chapter, invite Rim residents to join them in commemorating United States Constitution Week, an annual event that runs from Sept. 17 through Sept. 23.

Arizona Public Service's 8 percent rate hike flunks the smell test

Editor: I have to worry whether the dark money spent in the Arizona Corporation Commission elections is now coming home to roost in support of a very large 8 percent increase in electricity costs, when neither inflation nor the cost of fuel could explain such a large jump in rates.

We added to her anguish

Vera Eccles came by the office this week, very upset. She’d suffered a terrible trauma — and we made it worse.

Tell candidates you support public schools

A heartening three-quarters of Arizona voters say our public schools need more support. We hope every candidate for the Legislature pays close attention to the results of the poll, conducted by The Arizona Republic and the Morrison Institute at Arizona State University.

Voting: A right and a duty

In the Aug 30, 2016 primary election in Gila County there were 28,310 registered voters, only 11,920 voted — less than half. This does not include eligible voters who are not registered. Why did so many people choose not to vote?

Thank you

Editor: Thank you to all the wonderful people of Payson who supported me in my campaign for town council.

Loves outdoors, not hunters

Editor: As a hiker and a shed hunter, I agree with the article’s title that it’s “a great time to be outdoors.”

Money shouldn't be the focus

Editor: I know today our world is changing so fast and Arizona being so transient has caused this to some degree.