Colleges are failing to prepare students for work; here’s the solution

Job prospects for today’s college seniors are looking up. The hiring of bachelor’s degree holders is expected to jump by 19 percent this year. But few are actually prepared for employment. Even though nine in 10 recent college grads believe they’re ready for the workforce, only half the nation’s employers agree.

Worthwhile endeavor

Editor: Well, another beautiful and successful Christmas season has passed. We want to thank Alexis Bechman for her fine story to help promote our annual request for donations to benefit the Pine-Strawberry Food Bank. As usual, the community responded generously while enjoying the Christmas lights.

Why sue the police?

Editor: I was reading  with great interest the article reporting the lawsuit filed against the Town of Payson blaming the police department for the death of a young man during a “pursuit.”

Going to the dogs

Editor: Can I ask a question? How can a town have two definitions of “kennel” in town code and use only one against you?

New snake pits for mentally ill

The terrible tale of Vera Eccles’ desperate effort to save her mentally ill son reveals a terrible shame — a scandal in plain sight.

This winter a time of change and hope

by Chris Bertone Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce

Can you feel the wind blowing? The cold blustery wind that swoops into Rim Country this time of year and brings with it our version of “winter weather.” This time in Rim Country it brings with it much more. This time it brings with it change and hope.

A generous town

Editor: Yet again, the generosity of Payson is astounding! This year, the Angel Tree here at my Edward Jones office had upwards of 80 tags between seniors and children at the Time Out Shelter. The tags were cleared in about a week.

Student protests

Editor: (This letter is in regards to) Mr. Donald Cline’s recent two letters commenting on the recent protests by Payson High School students, apparently on the election of Donald Trump.

Better bags

Editor: Publisher Brian Kramer wants to make the Roundup even better. One item that needs improvement is the plastic bag the paper comes in when it looks like rain.

Why don't they stop it?

Editor: I’m saddened and frustrated by the seeming indifference by voters to the corruption of the political system created by the rush of corporate and special interest money into the political system. The more than $7 million spent on the Arizona Corporation Commission race offers a good example. I’m glad the Roundup has written about this issue.

Tease photo

Rain and snow a welcome sight

Outdoors Under the Rim

The late fall and early winter precipitation is much needed in the Rim Country and we have received just that.

Paying off their political overlords

It didn’t take the Arizona Corporation Commissioners long to start paying off their corporate overlords.

How many will die?

So, now we’ll see. Republicans fought desperately against the Affordable Care Act from the start, in the knowledge that the longer it lasted the more surely it would create a political constituency in the form of 20 million Americans with healthcare.

Bends your mind

Editor: I checked out the photos on your website. Your work is amazing! The first time I saw the moon through a telescope it changed my life. I couldn’t believe how vivid the craters were. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to look at a galaxy through a telescope. Knowing that you are looking back in time because of the finite speed of light. It really bends your mind to think about. Keep up the good work! Andrew Staszak

Merchants say thanks

Editor: The Swiss Village Merchants would like to recognize the fabulous businesses, organizations and families who lovingly decorated Charity Christmas trees, which were a part of the 37th annual Lighting of the Swiss Village.