Forest Service gives us hope

The solid progress on thinning the watershed draining into the C.C. Cragin Reservoir gives us cause for hope.

Memorial Day 2015

A heartfelt and sincere thank you to all who attended one or more of our four Memorial Day events this past Memorial Day weekend.

Local mental health service vital

Thank you for the article on May 26 about mental health, addiction and the wonderful efforts of Southwest Behavioral in working with this population.

We need to pay attention

The Arizona Clean Elections Act gives some protection to the citizens from elections being controlled by those who can afford to exert more financial influence on the outcomes and beyond. It seeks to level the playing field so that anyone who wishes to serve has a chance to run in these highly money-dominated elections.

Thank you jazz fans

Our 2014-15 jazz series at the Community Presbyterian Church concluded with a terrific performance by the ZAZU gypsy jazz band.

Gardeners say thanks

On behalf of the Rim Area Gardeners, I would like to thank Rim Country for the great participation in our annual Garden Walk and for making it a success again this year.

Think again about fireworks show

“Firewise, Firewise, Firewise” is the phrase we continue to read and hear in our community.

Terrible lesson of Voden tragedy

The death of Randy Burnett represents an unmitigated tragedy.

Children have it rough

Some kids have it rough.

Congratulations to Arizona high school graduates

Last Thursday night I watched my granddaughter, Karlee Sylviann Brown, graduate from Mesa High with honors.

Abolish corporation commission

With respect to the Arizona Corporation Commission the age old question of whether it should be an appointed body or elected is once again in the news.

Support for grieving family

This is an open letter to the community of Payson.

Totally senseless sentence

The “inherited firearm” story of a felon trying to get rid of a gun inherited by him is a pitiful reflection on our justice system whereby Judge Cahill was forced by law to sentence an individual regardless of mitigating circumstances.

He learned nothing: But did Payson?

What a foolish, wasted, sodden mess. Payson recently approved a terrible, $50,000 settlement with a 27-year-old man whose reckless, drunken, irresponsible behavior should have made such an outcome unthinkable.

Progress at last

All right, maybe asking the long-suffering, inevitably skeptical public to “design the sign” for a university campus is a bit of a gimmick to rekindle public support.