Kids need our help

Payson Community Kids (PCK) is a nonprofit organization formed to help youngsters who need and want assistance with their educational and socialization skills.

Beware global warming deniers

The key position in Mr. Wescott’s letter to the editor (4/24/2015) “Thoughts on climate change” is:

Rim Country on the cusp

This year we celebrate another year of vital progress in restoring Rim Country’s boundless future.

Silly sign ordinance

Heroin has risen like a vampire from the grave.

Flake speaks about nuclear agreement with Iran

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) recently took to the Senate floor to speak in support of legislation requiring the president to submit any final nuclear deal with Iran to Congress before being able to waive or suspend congressional sanctions. Below is the complete transcript of Flake’s remarks:

He deserved what he got

What ever happened to due diligence in reporting?

Making up issues

Ballot fraud in Arizona is practically non-existent, but Senator Sylvia Allen was intent on supporting SB 1340 as if ballot fraud was rampant in our state. Cooler heads prevailed and the bill did not pass.

Forest Service gets it right

Admittedly, the wheels grind exceeding slow — but this time the Forest Service got it right.

Thanks for the support

On behalf of the Northern Gila County Historical Society, Inc., I would like to thank Carol Zebb, Roundup columnist, for her recent article about her visit to the Zane Grey Cabin with her guest.

Lawmakers block recycling

We celebrate Earth Day in April to demonstrate support for maintaining a healthy environment.

Responsible to our children

Come, let us reason together. The old biblical admonishment still stands, but is little recognized or applied today.

Thoughts on climate change

Let’s consider what knowledgeable climate change alarmists and climate change skeptics both believe to be true.

College plan an embarrassment

It has become very clear that the idea of an institution of higher education is now a mess of fragmented notions that will not attract 600 students to Payson much less 6,000.

Giving up on VA

Thank you for publishing my letter “Wait time” (April 14). Most likely due to my frustrations of time, I was misquoted due to my penmanship! I meant ERA not EPA; 1 out of 1600; 200 to 300 veterans; 1968-1971. Sorry I confused the typist.

Fresh blood or just thin skin?

We’ve been scratching our heads, trying to figure out the latest brouhaha about the planning commission. Seems that the terms of Chairman Jeff Loyd, Vice Chairman John Swenson and commissioner Scott Helmer all expired in December.