Police safety not more important than citizen rights

I was very disappointed to learn our esteemed editor of the Payson Roundup is what may politely be called “of the Authoritarian Persuasion.” I refer to his editorial “A mutant cockroach of a citizen’s right” Roundup, Aug. 26.

If one right goes, so do the rest

As you in the past have practiced censorship by virtue of not printing most of my letters repudiating the liberal side of any situation, I feel that this will not even merit an answer from you, let alone be published.

Protecting our watersheds

They get it. We’re almost sure.

Congratulations Arizona voters and thank you

The voters of Arizona deserve a hearty congratulations and a big thank you for the selections they made on primary Tuesday.

Alternatives suggested to keep kids fed

I thank Pete Aleshire (in Friday’s Aug. 15 editorial) for picturing me as a caring, civic-minded person.

Not all poverty is drug and alcohol related

I could not believe what I read regarding the article “Just absentee brain-wise” — Payson School Board member Shirley Dye blasting parents.

Failed promises

Over 20 years ago, then-mayor Craig Swartwood, speaking on KMOG, said a top priority of the city was to fix one of the worst streets in Payson — Manzanita Drive to Highway 260.

Thanks for rodeo support

The August rodeo was a great success this year. It takes an army of people to pull off and event with as many moving parts as this.

Moving on in Pine

The Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District board last week did a little more spadework to bury a painful past.

A mutant giant cockroach of a citizen’s right

Sometimes, we feel trapped in a Kaffkaesque world — where one seemingly reasonable idea leads to another ever so slightly off kilter until the whole world seems crazy.

Rodeo Parade was great

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Rodeo Parade.

Campaign contribution reform needed

I have said for years the only way to have true and effective campaign finance reform is not to limit the contributions, but to limit the spending.

Why all the questions?

Why do we have to answer questions to continue reading the online paper?

Changing campus site wrong on many levels

According to the “Moment of truth” article in Friday’s paper, the citizens of the town of Payson are suddenly at the mercy of the Rim Country Educational Alliance (SLE) and ASU for the location of a potential campus in Payson.

We need ASU

In regards to the Rim Country Educational Alliance and ASU being so close to selecting a site and actually starting to build a satellite ASU campus in Payson — hooray to Steve Drury and the Alliance. They have worked long and hard to to keep this project going.