Tell candidates you support public schools

A heartening three-quarters of Arizona voters say our public schools need more support. We hope every candidate for the Legislature pays close attention to the results of the poll, conducted by The Arizona Republic and the Morrison Institute at Arizona State University.

Voting: A right and a duty

In the Aug 30, 2016 primary election in Gila County there were 28,310 registered voters, only 11,920 voted — less than half. This does not include eligible voters who are not registered. Why did so many people choose not to vote?

Thank you

Editor: Thank you to all the wonderful people of Payson who supported me in my campaign for town council.

Loves outdoors, not hunters

Editor: As a hiker and a shed hunter, I agree with the article’s title that it’s “a great time to be outdoors.”

Money shouldn't be the focus

Editor: I know today our world is changing so fast and Arizona being so transient has caused this to some degree.

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Village turned into Tent City over holiday weekend

The Village

The Village was in the holiday spirit for Labor Day weekend. Many of the part-time residents took the risk of going through the mass migration to the high country.

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Rim Country holidays - Easter

Back When

When the Mormons settled up and down Pine Creek in 1877 they were already a congregation, having come to the Rim Country at the behest of their bishop.

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A day trip to Boyer Cabin

Jeepin' in Rim Country

A while back we took you on a trip with the Rim Country 4 Wheelers (RC4W) to an old remote cabin. Today we are going to do it again, and our destination this time is going to be an old ranch place called Boyer Cabin, north and east of Roosevelt Lake.

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Mountain bikers pre-ride Fire on the Rim course

Rattlin' the Rim

Mountain bikers from around the state have been descending on Pine and Strawberry each weekend to pre-ride the challenging Fire on the Rim Mountain Bike Race course which is 15 miles per lap with an elevation gain of 2,421 feet.

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When the wilds call, some of us have to answer

Your Turn

Some people are happy to spend their lives in a town or city surrounded by concrete and asphalt. And that’s fine; we’re each different and we have a natural right to be whatever we feel we are. But that’s not me; I’m happiest when I’m in the great outdoors.

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1970 Labor Day Flood memorial unveiled

Christopher Creek was well represented at the dedication and unveiling of the Flood Disaster Memorial down in Green Valley Park in Payson last Saturday morning.

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Immigration, work force development reform needed

After Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the United States gave citizenship to approximately 3 million undocumented immigrants but did little to address why we had 3 million in the first place.

Medicare covers emergency care

Editor: I am writing in regard to the article from Rim Country Health who wrote about the “Nine Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage.”

What about heroin?

Editor: It appears that Gila County, the state of Arizona, and the Town of Payson have many law enforcement personnel assigned to drug task forces. In addition, our regular police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and the newly labeled “state troopers” are putting in many hours looking for, and arresting citizens for, marijuana use and/or possession.

Thank you Petra Luh

Editor: On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to thank Petra Luh of Granny’s for hosting our recent membership drive meeting on Aug. 10, and for her gracious and much appreciated donation of a “Lioness Meeting Here” sign.