Websites that are useful

When we give to charities we want to know what the money is going for. Not for high executives’ salaries but for the purpose of the charity.

EPA is a rogue agency

The Environmental Protection Agency is the nation’s leading job killer, implementing and enforcing laws that impose impossible regulation burdens on American businesses.

Access to contraception is good for public health

Before the Supreme Court hears oral arguments based on two lawsuits challenging the Affordable Care Act provision requiring employers to provide contraceptive coverage as part of their health-care plans, it might be worthwhile to take a look back before moving forward.

New wind blowing?

When you’re becalmed in your dingy, far from shore, running out of water — even a breath of wind can inspire a surge of hope.

Neglecting our schools

The Payson School Board continues to struggle with the consequences of the state legislature’s abandonment of the public school system.

Unrestrained dogs in vehicles is hazardous

We read constantly about the dangers of distracted driving, such as driving while texting or talking on the cell phone. Some states have passed laws prohibiting such practices.

The truth about stop signs

I sure would like to know if Payson got all these stop signs in town free or at the very least, cheap or, to borrow a phrase from them, an offer they couldn’t refuse!

Support in protest of water rates vital

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who worked to make our water rate-payers meeting in Gisela this past week so successful.

Thanks for getting Blattner Pit reopened

On behalf of the Kohl’s Tonto Creek Subdivision Homeowners Association (KRHOA), thank you so much to District 1 Gila County Supervisor Tommie Cline Martin for all your efforts to reopen the Blattner Pit in Preacher Canyon.

Support of Frugal Formal event appreciated

The Animal Welfare Thrift Shop and the local animal rescue groups we support would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers and everyone who came and helped make our first Frugal Formal a success!

Thank you doctors

March 30 is National Doctor Recognition Day.

There is proof that guns are a deterrent to violence in schools

Arizona State Representative Andrew Sherwood, D-Tempe, says teachers should not be armed in defense of the children in their care because “there is no proof guns in schools make it safer” (Payson Roundup, March 4).

Politics done right

Now, we know “politician” is one of those 10-letter words that have a four-letter feel. But then again, watching a skilled politician operate with an eye to the public good can also prove very close to inspiring.

A foolish hope

Here’s what we wish — although we know it’s foolish.

Why no jail time?

I can’t understand why Michelle Tina Petitte was not kept in jail or sent to prison ...