Responsible to our children

Come, let us reason together. The old biblical admonishment still stands, but is little recognized or applied today.

Thoughts on climate change

Let’s consider what knowledgeable climate change alarmists and climate change skeptics both believe to be true.

College plan an embarrassment

It has become very clear that the idea of an institution of higher education is now a mess of fragmented notions that will not attract 600 students to Payson much less 6,000.

Giving up on VA

Thank you for publishing my letter “Wait time” (April 14). Most likely due to my frustrations of time, I was misquoted due to my penmanship! I meant ERA not EPA; 1 out of 1600; 200 to 300 veterans; 1968-1971. Sorry I confused the typist.

Fresh blood or just thin skin?

We’ve been scratching our heads, trying to figure out the latest brouhaha about the planning commission. Seems that the terms of Chairman Jeff Loyd, Vice Chairman John Swenson and commissioner Scott Helmer all expired in December.

He ever sought justice

We were grieved to learn of the planned retirement of Gila County Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill.

Return of the swallows

Spring is here and the swallows are returned to Green Valley Park.

Lawmakers irresponsible

Astute readers who understand the impact of the governor’s onslaught against public education must be quite startled by the incredible cuts imposed against the education of children in our local communities.

Real facts about climate change

Mr. Welge’s letter to the editor (April 7, 2015) “Where has Goofy gone,” with the exception of his view on corn-based ethanol, is mostly name-calling and unsubstantiated opinion.

Enjoyed the Rich Henry story

The article on Mr. Rich Henry was just wonderful.

Communists support free education

Unschooling and home schooling have always been a core tradition of the Republican Party. This is why we have the best progressive freedom-based home-schooling laws in Arizona. Read the enlightening book “Teenager Liberation Handbook” by school teacher Grace Llewellyn.(Amazon.com).

Joyful weekend in Rim Country

We’d be skipping through the irises of spring if we had time. But we’re too busy trying to figure out which delightful thing to do with ourselves this weekend.

Not so free speech

We were delighted when Sen. Sylvia Allen’s SB 1172 died quietly without a full vote in the closing days of the frantic legislative session.

An epidemic of illegal dumping sites in Tonto National Forest

I’ve been a Forest Service volunteer for more than three years, focusing on removing trash from illegal dumping sites found in the Tonto National Forest.

Terrible delays at VA

My husband is a Vietnam vet who served in the Navy. He was going to the VA in Los Angeles, Calif., which was the biggest joke ever!