EPA questionable

Do we really need the EPA?

Crandell commended

This is in response to Pete Aleshire’s March 12 article “Senator fights wolf reintroduction.” (http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2014/mar/13/senator-fights-wolf-reintroduction/). First, it is the local government’s responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. This includes protecting local citizens from the adverse societal and economic impacts of federal actions.

Couple really steps up to help fire department

The Houston Mesa Fire Department has been struggling the last few years budget-wise, as have all the fire departments in the region.

Crandell out of touch

Republican Senator Chester Crandell recently declared that the findings of 97 percent of all scientists and a host of professional scientific organizations to be invalid.

North Rim not part of 4FRI

After trying unsuccessfully several times to establish an account and provide a Web comment on the “Forest thinning tangles in dispute over tree size” article, I decided to send it via mail service.

Judge won’t run

Wise decision. He tries to bring justice to the criminal system and “Plea Deal” County Attorney Beauchamp and his prosecutors want to work out plea deals that amount to minimum sentences.

Do not block wildfire reforms

Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain are principled conservatives — with distinguished records when it comes to the uphill battle to bring order and discipline to federal budgeting.

Welcome to the circus

Welcome to the battle, Mr. Zilisch. Or maybe it’s the circus. Either way, you’ve come in the nick of time.

One of the finest is no longer with us

Bobby Mollere, a resident of Mead’s Ranch and member of the Hellsgate Fire Department has answered his final call.

History re-written

Almost 230 years ago, a handful of brave men and women — merchants, soldiers, educators, farmers, clerics, physicians and lawyers — all met in Philadelphia, Pa.

Publicity was great

We, the Rim Country Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society, are extending a humongous thank you for the Friday front page article about our archaeology gathering Saturday.

A gentle hand earns lasting trust

Chandra Cushman of the Humane Society of Central Arizona debunks a number of myths about cats and rightfully so.

Help with benefit appreciated

Zane Grey Friends of NRA hosted their 19th Annual Dinner and Auction Feb. 22. It was a great success thanks to our donors, sponsors and attendees. Tonto Apache Tribe underwrote the NRA Gun of the Year, which was this year’s highlight of the live auction.

Our protectors

We cannot help but feel inspired and heartened when you gather in one place so many of the people willing to run great risks to protect Rim Country from the catastrophe that stalks us all.

We just need more guns

Schools are faltering, for lack of funding.