Congress rewards corporations while punishing the American people

Congress keeps feeding big corporations huge tax cuts they don’t deserve, even as it starves average Americans of the services and investments they need.

Misinformation in article will hurt my reputation

Within the article on the dog that was killed on Tyler Parkway, my name was mentioned, which could lead people (to think) that I may have been involved with that incident.

Parent University

Our Optimist Club had the pleasure of grilling and serving lunch for all who took part in Payson Unified School District’s recent Parent University.

A great bubble of rising hope

If you need a dose of hope, swing by the Payson High School graduation ceremonies tonight.

Epidemic in the forest — trash

I’ve been a Forest Service volunteer for over three years and much of my job focuses on removing trash from illegal dumping sites found in the Tonto National Forest. Forest Service personnel and volunteers take hundreds and sometime thousands of pounds of illegally dumped trash from Tonto on a weekly basis.

Rains give us the gift of time

Rim Country has gained a precious reprieve from the onset of yet another fire season, thanks to the warming of surface waters of the Eastern Pacific.

Paying attention

Ever notice that once you start looking for red cars, you see them everywhere you go?

Law different for legislators

SB 1339, the defunct bill supported by Sen. Sylvia Allen and Rep. Bob Thorpe, would have made it a felony for citizens to deliver more than two ballots of their less able neighbors to election officials.

Times have changed

It’s a changed world now the way people appreciate veterans.

Parents grateful for support

Julia Randall Elementary School PTO would like to thank the bighearted community donors listed below for their donations to our Spring Fling Carnival.

Questions about university plan

I think there is a lot to question about this whole campus plan. The Roundup has been “selling” it pretty strongly but there are a million details unknown to the public.

Legalizing weed another bad sign

My lifestyle will not change if marijuana is legalized.

Prohibition a waste of effort

Few will dispute that alcohol prohibition in the 1920s was a colossal waste of resources, ruined many lives and was an utter failure in accomplishing what it set out to accomplish.

Public should approve plans

At Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. they have a beautiful, expensive shopping center.

Prayer and forest politics

A slew of state lawmakers and other officials spent yesterday on a helicopter tour of the C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir — and its endangered watershed.