Another hate-filled letter

Once again a hate-filled letter denigrating the poorer element of our society has appeared in the Roundup.

Wretched bungling of election

Mercifully, Gila County elections officials ran a smooth, clean, responsible election. Moreover, Gila County residents demonstrated their civic responsibility with the third highest turnout in the state.

SB1516 will make dark money a whole lot darker

SB1516 is nothing short of a pure deregulation of political committees in Arizona. Under the false pretenses of streamlining our system, this proposal abdicates nearly all responsibility for regulating political committees. If you think dark money rules our current system now, buckle up because it’s about to get a whole lot darker.

Important issues not being covered by the Roundup

Is there a reason why the Roundup has failed to report on the issue of less than affluent communities in Southern Gila County applying to be picked as Promise Zones (Similar to GWB’s Enterprise Zones) by HUD of the federal government?

Blind allegiance dangerous

After reading a letter to the editor, I discovered one more person on the planet that believes Hillary doesn’t lie. I think that brings the total to four.

Fire season now looming

Firefighters throughout Rim Country are already bracing for a dangerous fire season — with the El Niño conditions delivering a merely normal amount of snow and rain this winter.

Classroom spending

Gov. Doug Ducey and others insist schools have enough money — they’re just spending it in the wrong places.

‘Military budgets are welfare for rich’

Like a recent letter writer I too agree that the world has become an increasingly dangerous place and we need a strong military to keep terrorists away. What I don’t agree with is how we pay for the military.

Why did they let injured player keep pitching?

I begin this letter by first admitting I only know what I read in the paper.

Re: Unpopular subdivisions

Your front page article about two “unpopular subdivisions” being approved by Payson Town Council tells me you don’t have a lot of local news to report.

Don’t educate illegal alien children

When people talk about getting tax dollars for education, they always leave out one important part.

Thanks for all the help

The Animal Welfare Thrift Shop would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers and supporters who helped make our Third Annual Frugal Formal a great success.

Nine ways to bring the spirit of heaven home

Springtime renewal is on everyone’s minds with the first day of spring taking place March 20 and Easter fast approaching.

Threat of wildfire in Arizona a top environmental challenge

El Niño or not, the summer of 2016 may prove to be as dry and hazardous as any other.

Payson still not a Firewise community

I would like to thank you for your efforts to keep us informed on the progress of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative locally and of the state of health of our local forests.