Get back to school

Editor: The high school kids leaving school and demonstrating against the election results should get it through their heads they have not earned the right to have anything to say about it.

Rim residents raise funds for Leader Dogs

Editor: On Oct. 22, 2016, Payson Lioness Club and PAWS sponsored “A Dog’s Day Out” event. The Pet Club hosted the event. On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to thank all who sponsored, supported, and participated in this event. I am very pleased and proud to announce that $850 was raised and will be forwarded to Leader Dogs for the Blind. Barb Stratton, president, Payson Lioness Club


Editor: Is it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that the liberals and the main stream media went ballistic when Donald Trump was allegedly not going to comply with the results of the election? They claimed there has never been a time in our nation’s history where the results were not accepted! Now that the has won, it is the same liberal left that is rioting in the streets, destroying public property, with the sole intent of trying to overthrow the results of the election! There is a word for this. Hypocrites. Norm Liesener

Now it’s time to solve the problem

Here’s our fondest hope. The outlandish things Donald Trump sometimes said during the campaign were often just for show.

What will it take, more accidents?

Editor: What will it take, more denying the obvious and more accidents before the Arizona Department of Transportation (or whomever) finally realizes the speed limit along Highway 260 between Payson and Star Valley is entirely too fast at 55 mph?

Republic the Founders created is now saved

Editor: The republic that the Founders created is now saved. The Republican Party is about to excise a cancer of collusion and corruption from Washington, D.C.

Liberals: Breathe deep, relax

Editor: To the more liberal among us, let me help you out. I am a typical presidential under vote. This year I was not.

Eliminate the Electoral College

Editor: At the outset of this letter, I wish to identify myself as a registered independent with no affiliation to either major political party.

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For me, teaching science was the best job on the planet

Your Turn

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to be a scientist, but didn’t go to college out of high school because a counselor said a science degree was impossible for me.

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Conference leads to realization that worship is rehab for sinners

Firm Foundations

Most often when one thinks of worship, one may have memories of large choirs with various octave ranges in voice singing in harmony ... particularly and oftentimes during the Christmas and Easter season.

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Get ready for annual turkey shoot

Rattlin' the Rim

The communities of Pine and Strawberry are home to some of the finest marksmen, hunters and shooters in Arizona.

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Lots of congratulations to go around

I’m writing this column on Election Day and I have already voted by early ballot, so I don’t have to go to Christopher Creek to vote.

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Rim holidays – Veterans Day (Part Three)

Back When

In 1898 the Rim Country was about to create a large new group of veterans who would go to war on behalf of our government. It was the Spanish-American War, the first to recruit soldiers after settlement.

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Tragic death of an officer

Editor’s note: We are reprinting here an editorial written by our sister publication, the White Mountain Independent following the death of Show Low Police Officer Darrin Reed.

Questions accumulate about apartment building explosion

Firefighters rushed into danger. Neighbors rushed to provide assistance. The propane explosion that destroyed an apartment building and injured nine people brought out the best in many people in the beloved community.