What wonderful parks

Editor: Just a note of thanks and appreciation to our town’s park employees. Green Valley Park is the jewel of this town and our Parks Department employees make it sparkle year-round.

State control a disaster

Editor: Letting the state take control of federal lands would be a disaster. Note that the state wildland fire near Wickenburg killed 18 firefighters and destroyed numerous homes and businesses.

Characters Under the Mogollon Rim – John William Wentworth, Part 2

Attorney John Wentworth in Payson was attempting to woo Katherine Houston, the sister of the Houston brothers whose ranch headquarters was in Star Valley. However the brothers were strongly opposed to the match, not only because they didn’t want to lose their housekeeper, but because Wentworth was involved a court case with their family.  

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Curiosity spawns happy army of citizen scientists

I have been curious about nature for as long as I can remember. In my case, that usually involved investigating something that I noticed at a stream or lake.

Praying for progress on Four Forest Restoration Initiation thinning plan

How does the prayer go? “Dear Lord: Give me patience. “Now would be good.”

Don’t lock out high school students

Editor: If Gila Community College is concerned about enrollment, why did it schedule its summer semester to start two weeks before graduation at the high school? That locked the graduating seniors out of taking summer courses at the college. Carol Stanton

Story skillfully reported

Editor: I am writing to congratulate your paper on the July 26th story — “Prosecutors say shooting was self-defense” — by Alexis Bechman which appeared in that edition of the Payson Roundup.

Roundup to be commended

Editor: While attending the book fair Saturday, July 23 at GCC, I was given a complimentary copy of the Roundup.

Boosterism vs. journalism

Editor: All newspapers tread a fine line between boosterism and journalism. During the six years that it has reported on Payson’s efforts to bring an ASU campus to town, the Roundup has repeatedly crossed that line.

Reveal party labels

Editor: I, along with many others, believe everyone running for Payson mayor or town council should reveal their national party affiliation. Remember what happened when tea partiers got elected to our school board? I do. Deb Paulk

United States facing a health care emergency

The politicians squabble. The people suffer. We can’t think of a better example than the debilitating and dangerous partisan deadlock when it comes to health care reform.

Pine, Strawberry benefit from Tontozona fever

Solid proof exists that the excitement, economic benefits and hype of the Arizona State University football team’s stay at Camp Tontozona spills over into Pine and Strawberry.

Characters Under the Mogollon Rim – John William Wentworth, Part 1

John W. Wentworth would become a “mover and shaker” in Payson’s early days. He was born in Visalia, Calif. on Oct. 3, 1858 to John and Maria Wentworth.

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At long last – Creek receives monsoon rain

Christopher Creek is no longer the red-headed stepchild after receiving our first significant rainfall amount of the monsoon.

Hellsgate Fire District honors its board and firefighters

Somebody must have done a rain dance for Tonto Village. The thunder and lightning started and my hopes rose.