Family thankful

The family of Ted Miller sends its thanks to all who were so generous with remembrances.

Constitution limits law-making by feds

Once again the Arizona State Senate Rules Committee kills a constitutional bill because “it would probably violate the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution, which gives federal laws priority over conflicting state laws” (“Local lawmakers would make sheriffs ultimate authority,” Payson Roundup, March 7.)

Impact fees

I found your March 4 article on impact fees interesting. Leaving aside the issue of just how equitable it is to charge impact fees only on new development ...

Offering bad bill for later cleanup bad legislation

Rep. Brenda Barton is chair of the committee that voted to advance HB 2587 to change Arizona law regarding cruelty to animals. She seems startled at the public uproar over her actions.

Star Valley park

I must agree with Mayor McDaniel.

Fool us once

You know what they say: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice — well, don’t look too hard in the mirror. Or words to that effect.

Spare us the lecture

Now, we love to bash the federal government as much as anyone.

Hijacked bills would punish whistleblowers seeking to expose animal cruelty

Legislation originally meant to help pets in hoarding situations has been hijacked by the state’s agribusiness industry.

Did he really say that?

Referring to the council refusing to adopt the Firewise codes — Please tell me you misquoted some of the councilors’ remarks

Rules have no cost-benefit analysis

While it is true that many of the fire code rules are the result of significant tragic experience, but many of them aren’t.

Stubborn facts

A nice, reasonable disagreement. Maybe some bitter debate — firmly grounded in facts. Too much to ask?

Candidate neglect

We couldn’t help but notice the unsettling juxtaposition of two stories on today’s front page.

Payson councilor responds to fire code editorial

Perhaps you should read the proposed international code and Firewise codes more closely.

‘Miscellaneous expense’ of water provider preposterous

I have been a homeowner and resident of Mead’s Ranch since it was first subdivided in 1961.

GCC tuition up, down

Six months after Gila Community College (GCC) lowered its tuition, Dean Cullen is now requesting an increase.