Prop. 123 is less money for schools; raises property taxes

I wish I could support Proposition 123. I wish it was in the best interest of our schools, teachers and taxpayers. I wish it lived up to the claim of being “more money for schools without raising taxes.” Unfortunately it is none of these things.

Grand Canyon under siege from uranium mining industry

Ha ŧay g’am, Wi:Nyi Gacha, Ongtupqa, Tsékooh Hatsoh, Chimik’yana’kya deya’a. (“Grand Canyon” in Havasupai, Hualapai, Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni languages.)

Haunted by the death of a child

Calandra haunts us.

Vote yes on Prop. 123 at May 17 special election

I am calling on Arizonans to please vote YES on Prop. 123 on May 17. Early ballots are starting to be mailed out and I am very concerned at the opposition that has risen with misinformation.

Watch out for speed trap

I’m probably gonna regret this but: If you have friends or family traveling the Beeline, please advise them of the speed trap between milepost 235 and 240, just south of Rye.

What actually happened ...

This is actually what happened. The Democrats wanted the dark money and they saw a way to get it.

Please vote YES on Prop. 123

Odds are, you’ve got your ballot.

Monster awakes

El Niño proved a false hope.

America needs more than symbolic gestures in the South China Sea

Admiral Harry Harris, the commander of U.S. Pacific Command, was recently asked in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about China’s strategic goals. “China seeks hegemony in East Asia. Simple as that,” he responded.

Loves the new app

I am so happy to have the mobile app for Payson.com available. I travel for my job and this app will keep me updated when I’m away.

More gratitude from Lionesses for Spring Tea & Fashion Show

On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to add further thanks, and some additions and corrections to the list of those who contributed to the success of the Spring Tea & Fashion Show event on April 2.

Bikers rolling

We’re excited that Payson officials have so quickly moved to support a volunteer effort to boost Rim Country’s economy by creating a network of trails for mountain bikers and others.

Wow: What a century

Wow. What a century. Kind of eye opening — even for us.

Sad to see the article

It was sad to see the Roundup do an article about women salivating over mostly naked men at the Mazatzal Casino recently.

Girl Scout volunteers rock

I would like to acknowledge the passion, dedication and commitment of Payson and Pine Girl Scout volunteers!