A little late, but no less sincere

This is an open letter to the Safeway manager and wonderful employees at the store.

Who’s a ‘right-wing extremist’?

“DHS Intelligence Report Warns of Domestic Right-Wing Terror Threat,” warns CNN.

The key to reform

On the subject of educational reform ... please take note of the story concerning a wonderfully creative effort in a Payson High School history class to help students understand how miscalculation and emotion produced the great tragedy of the 20th century — World War I.

Political sausage

“Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.” Mark Twain

Chamber website should have stayed local

If the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce is so concerned with failing small businesses, why then would they go out-of-state to have their own website redone without even requesting a proposal from one of their own chamber members?

Thank you to our new fair volunteers

Thank you to all of the people who called or showed up at the Feb. 17 Northern Gila County Fair board meeting to volunteer.

Town yard by park needs more work

How wonderful that the front page news of our Friday, Feb. 13 paper told how promptly our town officials got together and cleaned up the “town yard” located at 500 South Green Valley Parkway after complaints received from people strolling along the upper loop of the park who could view the “unorganized junk yard” and the Payson Roundup sending town officials several pictures of the mess and seeking town officials help to clean it up.

I love this town

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who kept their eyes and ears on alert looking for my lost puppy, Z.

We get what we elect

The antics of the recently elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas should come as no surprise.

Farsighted policies

With each passing year, the great wisdom of the Rim Country leaders who won rights to the C.C. Cragin Reservoir grows more clear.

Rep. Barton’s odd argument

Rep. Brenda Barton does have a point.

Lawsuit deals with violating Arizona Constitution

One would think that the good folks in Payson would tire of Raymond Spatti and the complete lack of honesty in his letters to the editor, either that or his complete ignorance.

Needless military spending

The Honorable Sen. McCain deserves our respect as person and as a war hero. He certainly earned our praise for his endurance while being imprisoned during the Vietnam War.

Government should not hinder job creation

Too often our own government just plain obstructs the efforts of the people to get ahead in life.

Save the Northern Gila County Fair

A handful of Payson/Pine/Star Valley residents met for a second time on Feb. 10 to discuss the very real possibility that Payson may not be the home of the Northern Gila County Fair scheduled for Sept. 11-15 of 2015.