Empowering youth and restoring our nation’s beauty

As proud Americans, will we honor our Armed Forces, veterans and communities by participating in the “America the Beautiful and BagReadyJobs” effort?

Governor duplicitous

“Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas ran mostly on a platform calling for the repeal of Common Core standards.” (“Common Core survives in Arizona,” Roundup, April 7.)

Wait time

Viewing a clip on News 12 today about the average “wait time” for U.S. veterans in need of urgent care is 30 days.

Free exercise of religion

This is in response to an earlier letter to the editor, rejoicing that the veto of SB 1062 has “spared Arizona from being the national laughing stock.”

Dark money corruption

The system stinks.

County comes through

We’re delighted that the Gila County Supervisors unanimously decided to once again waive the dump disposal fee for perhaps 1,000 tons of brush and wood cleared from fire-menaced lots in Pine and Strawberry.

Barton plays for herself

When a sports team’s featured player only plays for themselves and does nothing for the team, it usually means that player is replaced.

Water department policy

I have a real issue with the Payson Water Department.

Legislature needs to butt out of citizens’ private lives

The governor has just signed a law that represents yet another example of government interference in the private lives of its citizens. However, this time it is our own Arizona state government.

Opinion about guns

My letter about (Senator) Sylvia Allen has resulted in some critical remarks indicating my lack of understanding of the “separation of church and state” or the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Help Rotary help others

I have the honor being the president of the Payson Rotary Club (aka – the afternoon club), and being involved in many local projects that our club has been providing for over 50 years.

Need help with PHS Grad Night celebration

On behalf of the Payson High School Grad Night Committee, I would like to thank Sawmill Theatres in Payson for supporting our Grad Night fundraising efforts by showing the movie “Cinderella” at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 28 for the public at a discounted rate.

Misguided priorities

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan demonstrated her commitment to an open administration and contact with the voters by stopping by the Payson Tea Party meeting last week and spending more than an hour talking and answering questions.

County must step up

The residents of Pine and Strawberry are pleading with the Gila County supervisors for a little help to save their communities.

Scales is in someone’s pocket

Someone has Judge Gary “Delay” Scales in their hip pocket. Time for Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate Judge Scales’ competence of being a judge.