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Stop the Fox Farm travesty

This is an open letter to the Star Valley mayor and town council: I am writing to you today regarding the recent meeting that was held when Payson Mayor Kenny Evans and the Payson town attorney talked about annexing Forest Service land and the Fox Farm land for an industrial park.

ADOT clarifies its role

In response to the letter to the editor “Education by enforcement” that was (published in) the Payson Roundup on July 18, 2014, the Arizona Department of Transportation wanted to clarify the agency’s role regarding the enforcement of traffic laws in the state.

What does America value?

“We just can’t afford the president’s $3.7 billion request to handle the undocumented immigrant crisis these Central American children are causing,” Senator John McCain said.

Making Firewise work

On behalf of the Kohl’s Ranch Board of Directors we wish to publicly thank the more than 40 local area Payson businesses that supported our recent Firewise fundraising initiative.

Background as prosecutor puts odds against defendant

My concern with Mr. Wright is that with his experience mostly being that of a prosecutor and with the current Gila County prosecutor, that a defendant is not going to have a chance in his courtroom should he become a judge.

Letter writer arrogant

A recent letter implied the voters of this great state are fools. That is just too arrogant.

Gosar has changed

Listening to him speaking passionately and relentlessly for nearly two hours at the Tea Party meeting on July 3 has given me a new perspective on Gosar.

Mayor and council incumbents deserve re-election

I am amazed about how well our town has been managed through the “Great Recession.”

Great choice for job

Congratulations Bobby Davis! I can’t imagine a better person for the job.

Shop around

Shop around was a hit song for Smokie Robinson in the early ’60s, good advice. Here’s why.

Obama is an enemy of the U.S.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “Nothing ever happens in politics that isn’t planned. If it happens, it was planned.” I’ve been closely studying government manipulations of the people and events for 36 years now, and I have never, ever, seen the above statement fail to be true.

Police department questions

Seems Sgt. Garvin needs a refresher course in police training. And he’s a sergeant retraining a sergeant — not a good sign in police work.

Education by enforcement

Why does ADOT not just enforce the traffic laws that already exist? The speed limit is 55 mph and recommended to slow to 45 mph. The road is clearly marked and we do not need ADOT to change anything. We just need ADOT to enforce the law!

Appreciate effort of leaders

A short time ago, a plan was formulated to extend Forest Park Drive north into Timber Ridge, one of the new developments currently in the planning stage for Payson.

Gosar’s games

Well, well. At least one congressman admits to the reason for the mess in Washington.