Letters to the editor

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First letter to an editor

Editor: This is the first time I have ever written to a newspaper editor. I receive the Roundup by mail to my home in Phoenix

Don't blame the teachers

Editor: Payson High School actually has several excellent math teachers.

Unprepared hunters

Editor: I don’t have a problem with hunters, in fact, I’m one. I do have a problem with the Walmart hunters who show up and buy a lot of their gear the night they arrive, or look like a refugee fleeing the apocalypse with everything imaginable for convenience hanging off their truck and trailer.

Climate change objections

Editor: The greenhouse effect theory, i.e. upwelling/down welling/“back” radiation violates conservation of energy and thermodynamic laws. Yes, it really does! Not that it matters because the theory actually does not do anything, i.e. no net change in radiative balance at the ToA, per NASA 100 km.

Biggest joke in Payson

Question: What is the biggest joke in Payson?

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage

Editor: In response to Ms. Jeannette Sindik’s letter in the opinion section regarding the article “Nine Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans” submitted by Rim Country Health in the Payson Roundup dated Aug. 30, I would like to clarify a few comments.

Celebrate the Constitution September 17-23

Editor: The Daughters of the American Revolution, Mogollon Chapter, invite Rim residents to join them in commemorating United States Constitution Week, an annual event that runs from Sept. 17 through Sept. 23.

Arizona Public Service's 8 percent rate hike flunks the smell test

Editor: I have to worry whether the dark money spent in the Arizona Corporation Commission elections is now coming home to roost in support of a very large 8 percent increase in electricity costs, when neither inflation nor the cost of fuel could explain such a large jump in rates.

Thank you

Editor: Thank you to all the wonderful people of Payson who supported me in my campaign for town council.

Loves outdoors, not hunters

Editor: As a hiker and a shed hunter, I agree with the article’s title that it’s “a great time to be outdoors.”

Money shouldn't be the focus

Editor: I know today our world is changing so fast and Arizona being so transient has caused this to some degree.

Medicare covers emergency care

Editor: I am writing in regard to the article from Rim Country Health who wrote about the “Nine Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage.”

What about heroin?

Editor: It appears that Gila County, the state of Arizona, and the Town of Payson have many law enforcement personnel assigned to drug task forces. In addition, our regular police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and the newly labeled “state troopers” are putting in many hours looking for, and arresting citizens for, marijuana use and/or possession.

Thank you Petra Luh

Editor: On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to thank Petra Luh of Granny’s for hosting our recent membership drive meeting on Aug. 10, and for her gracious and much appreciated donation of a “Lioness Meeting Here” sign.

Flaw with Payson campus

Editor: In October 2015 David Young, director of ASU at Lake Havasu, reported the campus enrollment at nearly 150. His stated goal was to grow the campus in the next five to 10 years to 1,000 students. How’s he doing?