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Rodeo Parade was great

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Rodeo Parade.

Campaign contribution reform needed

I have said for years the only way to have true and effective campaign finance reform is not to limit the contributions, but to limit the spending.

Why all the questions?

Why do we have to answer questions to continue reading the online paper?

Changing campus site wrong on many levels

According to the “Moment of truth” article in Friday’s paper, the citizens of the town of Payson are suddenly at the mercy of the Rim Country Educational Alliance (SLE) and ASU for the location of a potential campus in Payson.

We need ASU

In regards to the Rim Country Educational Alliance and ASU being so close to selecting a site and actually starting to build a satellite ASU campus in Payson — hooray to Steve Drury and the Alliance. They have worked long and hard to to keep this project going.

Shock collars

Thank you, Ed Blair, for your attempt to educate the town council. I cannot believe they voted yes on something about which they are apparently uneducated

Walker would be fair-minded Superior Court judge

With three candidates running for Superior Court judge, I wanted to tell what I know about Chuck Walker, and this is not anything against the other two candidates, Mr. Wright and Mr. Burk.

Mean-spirited action against children

A remarkable contrast appeared in the Aug. 15 Roundup.

Wanting to deny food to children deplorable

The vote taken by one of the Payson School Board members in denying our less fortunate school children food is certainly deplorable.

Beyond stupid

The idea that the Payson School District should opt out of the school lunch program is beyond stupid. It is short-sighted and uninformed as to the purpose of the program.

Fox Farm controversy

Much has already been written and said against a new industry utilizing the area known as the “Fox Farm.” Personally, I believe an industrial campus could be done in good taste allowing access to pristine areas and at the same time providing employment for multiple Payson area families.

Vote for Home Rule and incumbents

It is extremely important that all Democrats, Independents and Republicans vote for Home Rule in the primary election. This will ensure that Payson will have the resources needed to: a) maintain our street, sewer and water systems; b) fund quality police and fire departments; c) provide needed services for children, elderly and poor, and; d) maintain our exceptional parks and recreation programs.

A great service group

To the Payson public — I would like to take this time to let you know of the wonderful service that is available for all of Payson plus the outlying area.

Ask for American operators

All of us at one time have been connected to an operator in a foreign country. They speak very little English and they are impossible to understand.

Remember more ruins in Payson North

I greatly enjoyed your article on the history of humans in the Rim Country. But as I read the caption to your photo stating that, “The Shoofly Ruins represent perhaps the only fully stone mortared dwellings in the region,” I realized that an important piece of Payson’s archeological history seems to have been forgotten over the years.