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Watch out for speed trap

I’m probably gonna regret this but: If you have friends or family traveling the Beeline, please advise them of the speed trap between milepost 235 and 240, just south of Rye.

What actually happened ...

This is actually what happened. The Democrats wanted the dark money and they saw a way to get it.

Loves the new app

I am so happy to have the mobile app for Payson.com available. I travel for my job and this app will keep me updated when I’m away.

More gratitude from Lionesses for Spring Tea & Fashion Show

On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to add further thanks, and some additions and corrections to the list of those who contributed to the success of the Spring Tea & Fashion Show event on April 2.

Sad to see the article

It was sad to see the Roundup do an article about women salivating over mostly naked men at the Mazatzal Casino recently.

Girl Scout volunteers rock

I would like to acknowledge the passion, dedication and commitment of Payson and Pine Girl Scout volunteers!

Wake up Arizonans – your federal public lands are threatened

Are you aware that our state Legislature is currently evaluating the transfer of our precious federal public lands (i.e., national forests, BLM lands, etc.) to the state?

Reader comments about Nikki Bagley

It sure looks to me as if she is exactly what the “framers” had in mind (except maybe her gender, of course) when they created our republic, a citizen-servant who steps up and puts oneself on the line.

Appreciate wonderful community support

On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to thank the following persons who assisted and supported our recent Enchanted April Tea & Fashion Show event on Saturday, April 2, at the  Payson Methodist Church.

Nothing to do in Payson?

We have owned a business in Payson for 14 years and live in the Valley. We have high hopes for Payson and would eventually like to live there when we retire.

Fire Angels’ pancake breakfast, garage sale this Saturday

The Rim Country Fire Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated “To provide assistance in improving the quality of life for the children of Rim Country and to support the Rim Country Fire Departments and their personnel in time of need” would like to say thank you to all the people of Rim Country who donated to our first ever toy drive this past Christmas season.

Gosar’s not listening to public

Rep. Paul Gosar is upping his sorry mission to bring more uranium mines to our Grand Canyon in order to further the Koch brothers’ agenda to oppose creating more national monuments.

Posse grateful for help

On behalf of the Gila County Posse, I wanted to publicly thank Safeway manager Dan Dillon for his understanding and generosity, by allowing the Gila County Sheriff’s Posse members to set up our recruitment table in front of his store.

Grand Canyon + uranium mine = crazy

Two subjects that should never be mentioned in the same paragraph; much less the same sentence: Uranium Mine and the Grand Canyon.

What a strange idea

I don’t know where Peter Aleshire is getting his information for the “The Greasy Pole” column headlined “Guns, background checks, dark money — they got it all,” subject heading “Guns at town hall,” or whether the sentence is an intentional lie ...