Letters to the editor

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Thank goodness for Gerardo

All of us at the Humane Society of Central Arizona are so lucky to have the support of this great community.

Cattail removal

I want to thank the parks and recreation department as well as the water department for the hard work and progress they have made in maintaining and improving our beautiful Green Valley Park lakes.

Democratic club invitation

We appreciate your coverage of Barbara Underwood and Greg Wyman who spoke at the meeting of the Democratic Club of Northern Gila County.

Good guys all over town

Several weeks ago, coming out of Kentucky Fried Chicken, I was shocked to find I was faced with a dead battery in my pickup truck.

Happy Banner is in Payson

Recently I fell in my yard and was taken by ambulance to Banner Payson Medical Center.

Blame where it belongs

I don’t know the superintendent of Payson Unified School District (PUSD) on either a personal or professional basis.

Payson’s noise ordinances are not being enforced

I’m glad Rick Hatch and his wife had an enjoyable time at the Pirates Hideaway.

Town should compromise on changes at park

Two weeks ago Ric Hinkie wrote about the destruction of wildlife in our town lake by the town’s decision to remove all of the cattails surrounding the lake and building a cement block wall to prevent runoff and erosion.

No justice for Ritzy

We are at the 90-day mark of Ritzy’s murder. Unfortunately, there are no leads at this time.

Ben Carson believes in America

I attended Ben Carson’s event in Phoenix on Aug. 18. With all the Republican candidates for president in 2016, I believe it is important to Rim Country residents to become informed voters.

Have pride in our teenagers

It was an honor to serve the Bike and Build group that came through Payson last week.

How to fix Social Security

It was interesting (and alarming) to read the recent article by Kevin Dick and your editorial. Social Security is celebrating its 80th birthday this year and no one can dispute that its benefits have transformed our country and kept our elderly and disabled from falling into the poverty and ruin that would have happened without it.

They’re against everything

I’ve just read yesterday’s paper and several things stood out.

EPA standards expensive

We now have more than 20 candidates running for president. Wouldn’t you think that one of them would bring up the fact that the EPA is getting ready to impose new ozone standards in the fall that will probably put most coal-powered plants out of business? Wouldn’t you think they could get beyond their social issues talking points and tell us their position on something that is coming that really could hurt us?

Mogollon Sporting Association elects new officers and directors

The Mogollon Sporting Association (MSA) recently elected new officers and directors for the current year, which will run from August 2015 through July 2016.