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Shop around

Shop around was a hit song for Smokie Robinson in the early ’60s, good advice. Here’s why.

Obama is an enemy of the U.S.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “Nothing ever happens in politics that isn’t planned. If it happens, it was planned.” I’ve been closely studying government manipulations of the people and events for 36 years now, and I have never, ever, seen the above statement fail to be true.

Police department questions

Seems Sgt. Garvin needs a refresher course in police training. And he’s a sergeant retraining a sergeant — not a good sign in police work.

Education by enforcement

Why does ADOT not just enforce the traffic laws that already exist? The speed limit is 55 mph and recommended to slow to 45 mph. The road is clearly marked and we do not need ADOT to change anything. We just need ADOT to enforce the law!

Appreciate effort of leaders

A short time ago, a plan was formulated to extend Forest Park Drive north into Timber Ridge, one of the new developments currently in the planning stage for Payson.

Gosar’s games

Well, well. At least one congressman admits to the reason for the mess in Washington.

Bicycle shops and bicycle riding in Payson

I was pleased to see the recent articles in the Roundup about bicycle riding in the Payson area, and the two new bike shops in town. I am not a bicycle rider any more, although this could change.

Where’s Barton’s logic about education?

It is hard to find any logic in Brenda Barton’s recent article on public education (Roundup, June 20 ).

Much for informed voters to consider

I agree with Mr. Hinkie’s (letter) on Friday, July 4, where he states that we have too many uninformed voters. As voters we need to make every effort to become informed and not just take what the media chooses to report. Consider what Mr. Hinkie states as you study whom to vote for. But he missed a few things that also need to be considered before deciding on which candidate to vote for.

An announcement would have helped

I enjoyed your take on our Fourth of July celebration.

Keep political events out of churches

I recently saw a flier announcing a political event (fundraiser) to be held at one of Payson’s churches.

Voter registration to close

The primary election is scheduled for Aug. 26.

Disappointed in system

Our family recently had the task of trying to defend an estate trust before Judge Cahill.

About Huppenthal

Although Superintendent Huppenthal’s comments are not without criticism, some of his writings the editor considers “bizarre” merit further thought and investigation.

Get press out of Congress

Are you like me, tired of Congress not getting anything done in a timely manner, or any manner at all?