Letters to the editor


Merchants say thanks

Editor: The Swiss Village Merchants would like to recognize the fabulous businesses, organizations and families who lovingly decorated Charity Christmas trees, which were a part of the 37th annual Lighting of the Swiss Village.

Why that guest column?

Editor: Guest comment rant from Peacevoice called “TrumPutin” seemed out of place for Rim Country. Same old “sour grapes” directed at Mr. Trump and now potential Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The narrative was about losers and CHAOS due to a new administration, but it was a lost cause.

The Koch Brothers are generous

Editor: While I realize that the Payson Roundup is, like the vast majority of media outlets today to varying degrees, left of center, the political cartoon on the opinion page of the 27 Dec 16 edition really left me shaking my head.

Henry deserves recognition

Editor: Rich Henry has been an integral part of the development of the airport, especially from 1977 to 1992.

Wildfires not increasing

Editor: A recent letter suggested that we stop arguing about global warming and just accept the “consensus.” Why, even the Pentagon agrees!

Shame on you, Roundup

Editor: I am not sure why this article was published. If it was to completely shred any inkling of hope for this poor woman, you probably have done just that.

Prop. 206 has unintended consequences

Editor: CPES, Inc. was founded in 1980 and is one of Arizona’s largest statewide providers of Developmental Disability and Behavioral Health Services.

Not so surprising

Editor: Election Nightmares: This does not surprise me. What does surprise me is this is occurring at the kindergarten level — ouch! Age 5.

University negotiations

Editor: Thank you for the article on the university progress in the last issue. Those of us who drive by University Way every day think about the project daily, and are anxious for updates.

Let’s give our president-elect some credit

Editor: Our president-elect has been attacked in the media for his disparaging remarks about women, his negative comments toward Muslims and a Gold Star Family, his erroneous claims that thousands cheered the destruction of our World Trade Center in New York City, and his utter disdain and scorn for anyone that dares to disagree with him on almost any subject.

Fighting fake news

Editor: I would like to applaud Pete Aleshire from the Payson Roundup for his stance against fake news. Unfortunately, the clear majority of his counterparts in the media do not have the same integrity.

Does letter writer even know these kids?

Editor: Regarding “Teens waste taxpayers’ ...” It is stated “they should demonstrate maturity and some level of understanding of principles of life and liberty ...” Too often conservatives espouse the parts of our Declaration, they choose, ignoring equality and freedom. The Declaration clearly states equality.

Fixing Congress

system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

It's huge!

Editor: President-elect Donald Trump’s  briefings: Russia — Terrific! CIA — Losers! Cabinet choices — Winners! Aleppo — Messy! China — Very, very large! Taiwan — Nice! Mexico — Bad hombres! Media — Dishonest people! U.S. citizens and the popular vote — Crybabies! Louis Crabtree

Christmas spirit

Editor: The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Payson. Today, I met a lady friend at Pizza Factory for lunch and a very nice gentleman stepped up to the cashier and said he was paying for our lunch. I told him what a nice thing (that was) to do and how much we appreciated his generosity. Claire Wall