Letters to the editor


Secular progressives have hijacked Democratic Party

In response to your question about censorship, I say let the fur fly even if it is provocative and rude.

Principles and responsibilities of liberty should be taught

After PUSD Superintendent Greg Wyman described the differences between a traditional public school and a charter school, former school board member Rory Huff brought up the point that the American Leadership Academy touts itself as “real American.”

Sponsors help kids

Mogollon Sporting Association is a 501(c)(3) with all funds raised to support wildlife and youth in our community.

Need a healer not a heel

I was just a lad when United States Senator Joseph R. McCarthy from Wisconsin bullied American citizens, his colleagues in the Senate, and anyone that dared to disagree with him.

Arizona faces health challenge

Simply put, Arizona’s national health ranking isn’t very good. Whether you subscribe to the measures used by the Commonwealth Fund — in which Arizona ranks 33rd nationally — or America’s Health Ranking (30th), it’s clear we have a lot of work to do.

Learning experience for all

We were very excited for our son to start at ALA for seventh grade.

Main Street suggestions

Main Street should be revitalized, but travelers to the White Mountains rarely see the lake and park amenity or the golf course.

Searching for webcam

Mark and I are “future Paysonites” planning to retire in a few more years.

Let’s get the facts straight

I read the letter to the editor from Bob Hugeri in the Tuesday, Jan. 12 edition of the Payson Roundup and shuddered to think a person could be so out-of-touch with reality.

Secret Santas help kids

Thank you to those Payson area organizations and Secret Santas who again opened their hearts as well as their wallets to help our students to have a special holiday season.

Notices have really helped

Thank you for getting our notice, Ukulele Fun, in the Roundup. This is an amazing activity for all ages and all abilities.

Meat industry – 9, Consumers – 0

The “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” released recently by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services mark the ninth time in a row that the meat industry has successfully suppressed scientific findings recommending reduced meat consumption.

Wrong date in letter

Good thing I do not work for the Roundup or they would have to fire me.

Some information in paper misleading

We have been coming to the Rim Country for about 25 years, but just recently have moved here. After reading your paper somewhat regularly for the last couple months, I have noticed some very misleading — bordering on dishonest — reporting in the Roundup.

Obama and gun control

President Obama recently gave his much-vaunted speech on what he intends to do, unilaterally, on gun control, since the United States Constitution and the United States Congress don’t measure up to his agenda.