Letters to the editor


Lopsided arguments on marijuana

Editor: Today I received the 2016 General Election Publicity Pamphlet. In this “unbiased” document, printed by tax dollars, there are eight arguments for legalization of marijuana and forty arguments against the proposed bill, Prop. 205. The usual Attorney’s General, Law Enforcement suits, and “former” school officials have come out as opposed. What is interesting, and new, is the list of 17 detrimental side effects  presented by two self-proclaimed “scientific and medical experts” from Sedona.

Wonderful place

Editor: I had a very positive experience with the professionals that are responsible for running and managing the activities and projects that make Payson what it is for both visitors and residents. My husband and I have been residents of Happy Jack and Pine for five years.

Fighting hunger

Editor: The Community Presbyterian Church would like to thank the people from the community garden for their generosity. They have shared their harvest with the food bank operated by the church.

Don't teach dating

Editor; Your article on Payson High School inviting a speaker to talk about dating began with the words “well intentioned.” There was nothing “well” about what this speaker said. Is this whom we are selecting to speak to our children? Who is responsible for this? For starters, where does this school get off trying to teach about dating? That responsibility belongs to the parents and God’s word. All this speaker did was invite more trouble.

The Bible as a textbook

Editor: The proposal to introduce the Bible into the curriculum of public schools seems archaic and impracticable for several reasons. First, which translation is to be used? There are several; of varying degrees of fidelity to the original Hebrew and Greek documents, which are not entirely uniform among themselves.

Thanks for the support

Editor: The Mogollon Sporting Association would like to extend our grateful thanks to everyone who contributed to the first annual Jack Koon Memorial Golf Tournament. Thanks to our generous community, over $7,000 will be equally divided between youth projects and wildlife conservation efforts within Rim Country. Many thanks to each of the golf teams, and community businesses who contributed to the overall success.

Someone's tearing down signs

Editor: Do you wonder why there are more Trump signs in Payson than Hillary Clinton signs? Well, for several weeks now the Hillary signs have been disappearing. I have put up several signs, as have other friends, for various candidates around town. Most stay put, but the Hillary signs are gone!

Some thoughts on our future

Editor: It’s a fact that if Mrs. Clinton is elected the country’s chance to have a Supreme Court that values the Constitution and genuine liberty and self government for which millions have died is gone. Not for four years or eight, but forever.

Lack of respect for God’s gifts

Editor: This information has not been published or reported extensively, I hope you have the courage to publish the other side of this story.

Shocked by school presentation

Editor: I was shocked to read the article by Michele Nelson in regard to the presentation by Brad Henning.

Proud of our paper

Editor: So proud of our little country town paper! The Roundup won the coveted awards of general excellence for reporting and news writing, departments and copy editing, use of photography and community service, as well as second place awards for its editorial page and special sections.

Don’t jog on roadway

Editor: I was saddened to read of the death of a jogger in Tonto Basin. The article did not say, on which side of the road he was jogging. I hope the newspaper and schools will make a concerted effort to advise people (especially children) that they should walk on the left side of the road, facing approaching traffic as is mandated by the Arizona Drivers’ License Manual: 28-796.

Deplorable headline

Editor: Regarding your article titled “Survey: Arizona abuses its teachers,” I find it impossible to believe that any kind of professional and independent survey would jump to that completely biased conclusion.

Doesn’t want Bible as textbook

Editor: Thank you so much for your fine coverage of the comments of those running for school board at the PUSD #10 presented at the Payson Tea Party meeting on Sept. 20.

Human contribution to warming is infinitesimal

Editor: It is interesting how the extensive list of scientific organizations supporting “global warming in recent decades can be attributed to human activities,” published by the editor in the letters to the editor Friday, Sept. 30, is the same list as the scientific organizations depending on government grants to fund their research.