Letters to the editor


Customer always right

“The customer is always right.” Obviously the Arizona Corporation Commission has never heard of this concept and could care less about it.

Speak up at water meeting

This is an open letter to Payson Water Company (formerly Brooke Utilities) customers.

Hitler and Alinsky

There were two very good letters in a recent Payson Roundup.

Barton not a true voice for Rim Country majority

There are two types of so-called “representatives” in our Legislature and Congress. One attempts to work hard to address local issues by helping to resolve problems or initiate beneficial policies or programs. The other type is only interested in using their office to promote or advance personal philosophical agendas.

Response to Summerfelt

City of Flagstaff Wildland Fire Management Officer Paul Summerfelt’s letter (March 25) gets the facts wrong. In its Feb. 27 report, “Forest thinning tangles in dispute over tree size,” the Roundup clearly distinguished old-growth logging in the Jacob Ryan project on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with concerns about large tree logging in the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI).

Taste of Rim sets record

The final figures from our recent A Taste of Rim Country fundraiser are in, and, as we hoped, we set a record of nearly $13,000 in proceeds.

Police commended for effort

A couple of weekends ago we, along with about a dozen other residents of the Woodhill subdivision, had their vehicles burglarized and/or vandalized.

Only citizens should vote

Recently on the evening news, Arizona State Senator Steve Gallardo (D-13) railed against a recent federal court ruling affirming Arizona’s power to demand proof of citizenship of voters, saying that this would “suppress the vote of college students and the elderly.”

Thank you for a great story

We want to thank you for bringing Emil Alberti’s World War II story to the attention of the Roundup readers.

Websites that are useful

When we give to charities we want to know what the money is going for. Not for high executives’ salaries but for the purpose of the charity.

EPA is a rogue agency

The Environmental Protection Agency is the nation’s leading job killer, implementing and enforcing laws that impose impossible regulation burdens on American businesses.

Unrestrained dogs in vehicles is hazardous

We read constantly about the dangers of distracted driving, such as driving while texting or talking on the cell phone. Some states have passed laws prohibiting such practices.

The truth about stop signs

I sure would like to know if Payson got all these stop signs in town free or at the very least, cheap or, to borrow a phrase from them, an offer they couldn’t refuse!

Support in protest of water rates vital

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who worked to make our water rate-payers meeting in Gisela this past week so successful.

Thanks for getting Blattner Pit reopened

On behalf of the Kohl’s Tonto Creek Subdivision Homeowners Association (KRHOA), thank you so much to District 1 Gila County Supervisor Tommie Cline Martin for all your efforts to reopen the Blattner Pit in Preacher Canyon.