Letters to the editor


Save the Northern Gila County Fair

A handful of Payson/Pine/Star Valley residents met for a second time on Feb. 10 to discuss the very real possibility that Payson may not be the home of the Northern Gila County Fair scheduled for Sept. 11-15 of 2015.

Deep appreciation for neighbors, firefighters

About 6 p.m. recently we started our normal fireplace evening fire. Moments later, our neighbor alerted us that flames were coming from my chimney.

Barton, Thorpe throw poor under the bus

The new year had barely begun before politicians resumed their damaging, political games led by our own Teapublican state representatives Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe.

Utility company rip-off

I received my electric bill the other day and was struck by the number of categories of charges I pay for along with my electricity.

Economic recovery

It is interesting that for some, “recovery” for jobs and for our economy is defined as stock market growth, low gas prices and more jobs with little or no knowledge of “the rest of the story.”

Millionaires in Congress

While the country celebrated the Super Bowl extravaganza on Feb. 1, I renewed my concern about the number of multi-millionaires currently serving in Congress.

Wonderfully caring nurses

I wish to thank Rim Country Health Care for all their help when I was sick.

‘Facts’ instead of ‘spin’

Once again, you have a letter writer who spins the Obama regime’s talking points and attacks Congressman Gosar, who is among the very few actually representing the will of the people in Cesspool, D.C.

Hashknife Support Team says thanks

Hashknife Pony Express would like to thank all of the Payson area people who were on the side of the road cheering us as we galloped by and those who waited at the local post offices for our arrival. Your support and donations help this historical event continue each year.

Time Out Thrift shop moving

This is to thank the great people of Payson. Over the years they have supported the Time Out Thrift Shop by donating and purchasing items. In doing so, they have helped so many people, probably without even being aware of how much it means to us

Stop Resolution Copper exchange

I am a tribal member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe and it’s ironic how the Oak Flat Land Exchange bill was enacted into law (Dec. 2014) through a “rider” on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Bipartisan energy policy bill

On Jan. 23, Arizona Representatives Paul Gosar and Ann Kirkpatrick held a joint town hall meeting in Florence to emphasize the importance of bipartisan cooperation to solve the important issues facing our country. We applaud their efforts.

Story about deputy was a smear piece and little else

I am very distressed upon seeing a tiresome repeat of the ugly lawman-shoots-dog story in the form of a front-page story in your newspaper. In addition to the clear anti-deputy bias, the story begins far too late to be completely truthful.

Celebration of life

We wish to express a sincere thank you to all the people who attended Deborah Sue (Morris) Haught’s celebration of life; as well as everyone who sent cards, flowers, food and other support.

Appreciate fire department

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but now I feel I must. I unfortunately, was a victim of a fire, which consumed the condo above me, mine, and several adjoining units a couple of days after Christmas.