Letters to the editor


America changes course

Well, it’s happening right before our eyes. We are witnessing the time when the American Dream changed course.

Myrtle’s 100th birthday

What a wonderful celebration with more than 100 people joining in to help celebrate.

Half a fence is useless

As a homeowner in Chaparral Pines, I have no objection to having a fence surrounding the property.

Educational funding

While Governor Ducey and the Republican dominated Legislature are to be applauded for finally coming around to the realization that starving our public schools of needed financial support isn’t good for our students, our economy, our reputation, or our entire state, there are some worrisome aspects to this “miracle or myth deal” that took place recently that needs to be examined.

Leftists vicious, obscene, angry

Two letter writers appearing in the Nov. 3 edition of the Roundup excoriated previous letter writer Andrew McKinney ...

Gun background checks illegal

I am very disappointed in Martha McSally.

Domestic violence coverage

Sincere thanks to Payson Roundup for shining a light on the terrible problem of domestic violence.

Time Out grateful to Payson school district

Time Out Shelter would like to give a big thank you to the school district and also to Chef Richard Erskine for giving me the opportunity to help educate our teens on possible Internet danger and teen dating violence.

Residents urged to write about effects of Internet/cell outages

The Rim Country has experienced three major Internet and cell service outages over the last year that has impacted public safety, health services, merchant services and small businesses, removed Internet connection for educational curriculum, as well as widespread inconvenience and frustration.

Flinging poisonous words

Andy McKinney, president of the Rim Country Republican Club, in a letter to the editor on Oct. 27 wrote ...

McKinney delivered low blow

This is to my Republican friends and neighbors.

Money or health, which is more important?

To weigh in on the PSWID backflow conversation ...

Editor insults critics

In a Sept. 15, 2015 My View column, Payson Roundup editor Pete Aleshire labeled any questioning of the funding as “gossip,” “conspiracy theories,” “insults and demeaning” and “demonizing” of those behind the project.

Additional thanks

We inadvertently left out some important businesses in our show program for “Addict,” recently presented at Payson High School.

Restore university funding

With the newfound revenue coming into the state, Arizona now has $750 million in its rainy day fund. This money was not expected when the legislators adopted the state budget earlier this year.