Letters to the editor


Raffle supports rescuers

Each year when I buy my Tonto Rim Search and Rescue raffle ticket for a prize I don’t need or want, I wonder why these kind and generous people are selling them.

Law dictates radio service

In the eyes of the business world and of the FCC, “Low Power FM secondary service stations” such as our 99.7 FM KPJM-LP and 96.3 FM KRIM-LP are a different class than “full power primary service commercial stations” such as Payson’s 1420 AM/103.3 FM KMOG and 99.3 FM KEMP located in Oxbow Estates.

Downfall of SCAF

The Pine/Strawberry SCAF is now a poor excuse for a non-profit community support organization.

Thank you, Payson

I wanted to write a quick note and thank the 100+ volunteers, staff and sponsors that helped put on the very successful 3rd Annual Mogollon Monster Mudder and the 7th Annual Mountain High Games this year.

Thoughts on ISIS

What in heaven’s name is happening? We all must realize the threat here is radical Muslim extremism. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

Where are the fish?

What gives with the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s “new policy” on the number of fish released in Payson’s local streams?

CERT volunteers protect public

For the past six years, volunteers in the CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) have left their families and have donated their 4th of July to the Payson Fireworks program.

Hard to find work in Payson

I am appalled at the way the residents of Payson are being treated in the workplace. Last year I applied several times at the schools and never received a call. I applied at the college and the hospital several times and I keep a log of over 10 websites where I apply for jobs.

A letter of gratitude

After the passing of my wife, Jackie Tainsh, a letter of gratitude.

Timeless values

These are perilous times. We are witnessing the disintegration of the American family and the elimination of God from our schools and society as a whole.

Don’t close public lands

Why is the first, last and only response of the feds to any issue related to the lands that they have responsibility for is to evict the owners from their land?

Pretend a truth

Imagine you own a large valuable property out west, your insurance for the future and something to bequeath to your children.

Residents need to Firewise their property

It was enlightening and encouraging to read the Payson Fire Department is moving ahead to assess and inform people of the importance of Firewising their properties.

Patriotism a trademark of our community

At the risk of sounding like I am pandering for public office, etc., I wish to say the following:

Thank you Payson Fire Department

On Saturday evening, July 4th, I was experiencing some heart problems. Due to the traffic conditions at Green Valley Park for the fireworks, we ended up stopping at the fire station on Main Street.