Letters to the editor


Meat industry is scary

Editor: I (had) no fear of all the goblins, the witches, or even the evil clowns lurking on Halloween. What really scares me are the latest reports about the meat industry.

Effects of Agent Orange

Editor: Re: Tuesday, Sept. 20 guest commentary by Kevin Hamilton – “Well-kept secrets.” He is correct. There are many, many secrets kept by the VA, one of them affects me.

Go with experience

Editor: Captain Sully was able to land US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River because he was a seasoned and educated pilot with years of experience under his belt which allowed him to make exceptional, life-saving decisions.

How do kids succeed?

Editor: It is truly wonderful that some people have such incredible success in school, in their careers, with their families, in life. It would also be wonderful if only everyone had that same kind of success in all those areas.

Don't wait for equality

Editor: Approximately 103 years ago, over 10,000 women and men marched down Fifth Avenue in New York demanding women’s right to vote. That right was finally achieved.

More signs for the trash

Editor: I find it, with a great deal of humor; that some will complain that the signs they put up on private property are taken down. I, and only I, have consent to have signs on my property. For those of you that have nine times put signs on my property I would like to thank you for the extra wire I get to keep from said signs. But please stop, my trash can is getting full. Dan Millermon

Dentists help veterans

Editor: Fall is here, and Payson dentists are gearing up for their fourth annual Veterans Day event to be held, Thursday and Friday, Nov. 10 and 11. Last year, Payson dentists, in conjunction with Denture Specialists, provided $42,441 in free services to our local veterans.

Traitors in the party

Editor: Soon our nation will select a new president and as I consider the campaigning I ask myself, “Where do we go from here?”

Leaning towards communism

Editor: I know that neither candidate for president  is a prize. However, Hillary is leaning more towards communism all the time, and most people just don’t see it. She is a pathetic liar, especially to the people of this country.

Campaign of misinformation

Editor: The latest misinformation being posted by opponents of Prop. 205 is that it would make it legal to drive while under the influence of marijuana.

No on Proposition 205

Editor: Before we decide on the merits of allowing small amounts of marijuana to be legally sold in Arizona, it might be wise to review others’ past history.

Support the Payson Senior Center

Editor: My husband and I have had the privilege of living part time in Payson for the last 10 years. Recently this past spring I was able to relocate here full time.

Election poem

TYPES OF PEOPLE There are people motivated by hate and fear. There are others motivated by love and hope. Those who profess to be Christians, Should remember which they are When they vote. Bob Hershberger

It's time for a change

tion has turned into a boxing match to the point that the candidates have blocked all chances of giving us any plans to address the serious issues we are facing today. So you need to do your own due diligence. Research your candidate!

Why no mention of 3rd party candidates?

Editor: Once again the Roundup has demonstrated why concerned citizens in Payson and indeed all around the country are in record numbers, losing even more faith in the established media.