Letters to the editor


Owners need to leash dogs

I (am writing) about dogs-at-large, otherwise known as strays.

Rethink your endorsement

I applaud your ability to be receptive to additional information.

Why she supports Prop. 123

While Prop. 123 may not be the ideal option, it may very well be the only option the schools have to get the money owed to them.

Live together ... or perish as fools

I recently watched a screening of our president holding a town hall meeting at the University of Illinois Law School wherein he said that the highest office of our land was to be a citizen.

Arizona’s out of whack

We balance our checkbooks, we have the tires on our vehicles balanced, we balance our washing machines when they go out of kilter, and we try to balance our work lives with our family lives so each receives their fair share of attention.

Here’s how you can help

First of all I would like to thank you for the very long, detailed article in the April 29th edition entitled “The system fails, a child dies.”

Nothing but potholes now

Twelve years ago when we explored Payson as a possible place to retire from the stress of larger cities, pollution and crowded streets, we were very impressed.

Safeway cool in crisis

On Friday, April 1, 2016, I went shopping at our Payson Safeway. When I walked in, I noticed there were many people waiting at the checkout area.

Errors in story

Roundup readers should know the Department of Child Safety is making huge strides to serve Arizona by keeping children safe, and working to provide loving homes.

Watch out for speed trap

I’m probably gonna regret this but: If you have friends or family traveling the Beeline, please advise them of the speed trap between milepost 235 and 240, just south of Rye.

What actually happened ...

This is actually what happened. The Democrats wanted the dark money and they saw a way to get it.

Loves the new app

I am so happy to have the mobile app for Payson.com available. I travel for my job and this app will keep me updated when I’m away.

More gratitude from Lionesses for Spring Tea & Fashion Show

On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to add further thanks, and some additions and corrections to the list of those who contributed to the success of the Spring Tea & Fashion Show event on April 2.

Sad to see the article

It was sad to see the Roundup do an article about women salivating over mostly naked men at the Mazatzal Casino recently.

Girl Scout volunteers rock

I would like to acknowledge the passion, dedication and commitment of Payson and Pine Girl Scout volunteers!