Letters to the editor


If you lose the debate

Editor: It is clear from Dale Oestmann’s short letter to the editor on Sept. 30, that he, like Donald Trump, is aware of the debater’s axiom: If you lose the debate — obfuscate. Robert Hershberger

Where's the quality control?

Editor: During the last few weeks, a contractor for the city of Payson applied an asphalt slurry coating on East Underwood Lane and on most of the adjacent side streets. The lack of quality control and safety was remarkable.

Bring back logging

Editor: Dear Tonto National Forest Service leaders, It has now been two weeks since the “Managed” Fulton Fire began choking the folks in Northern Gila County. We can’t see the Rim or the Mazatzals along with difficulty in breathing.

Rim Country helping Rim Country is real

Editor: Once again, Rim Country proved it pulls together to help each other. New Beginnings would like to say a big thank you to Swiss Village Social for choosing New Beginnings for their nonprofit organization of choice for September.

About opinions

Editor: This scribe and is wife enjoy reading newspaper editorial pages because those opinions often provide new and unique perspectives.

Is there life before death?

Editor: It seems like there is always some special observance around the corner. There is even a World Day for Farmed Animals. It’s observed, fittingly, on Oct. 2 (Gandhi’s birthday). It’s intended to memorialize the tens of billions of animals abused and killed for food around the world.

Sign of the times

In 1986 when my wife, Lisa, and I first set eyes on the small town of Strawberry, there was a restaurant on Ralls Drive called “The Black Bear.” At one point they had a 23-foot-tall business sign at the cattle guard near Highway 87.

I have no idea either

I had to laugh when the august editor of the Roundup regarding a letter to the editor regarding climate change by Nick Schroeder said, “Heck, I was a science writer for 10 years and I still have no idea what Mr. Schroeder just said.”

Say what?

Just a few questions for Mr. Schroeder about his climate change objections: What about the fact that concentrated sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid solutions are much denser than water and pH has a logarithmic function?

What debate?

I just watched the most despicable 90-minute infomercial for Hillary Clinton ever!

First letter to an editor

Editor: This is the first time I have ever written to a newspaper editor. I receive the Roundup by mail to my home in Phoenix

Don't blame the teachers

Editor: Payson High School actually has several excellent math teachers.

Unprepared hunters

Editor: I don’t have a problem with hunters, in fact, I’m one. I do have a problem with the Walmart hunters who show up and buy a lot of their gear the night they arrive, or look like a refugee fleeing the apocalypse with everything imaginable for convenience hanging off their truck and trailer.

Climate change objections

Editor: The greenhouse effect theory, i.e. upwelling/down welling/“back” radiation violates conservation of energy and thermodynamic laws. Yes, it really does! Not that it matters because the theory actually does not do anything, i.e. no net change in radiative balance at the ToA, per NASA 100 km.

Biggest joke in Payson

Question: What is the biggest joke in Payson?