Letters to the editor


Grateful Riff-Raffs

The Riff-Raff Club of Pine/Strawberry would like to thank all the businesses, community and club members for donations of prizes and helping make our annual Rifle Raffle a success.

Distasteful, nauseating, vomitous message

Thank goodness this year’s election is just around the corner and the profusion of more-negative-than-ever campaign advertising will come to an end.

Change or the same?

We have been ill-served by the legislators we send down to Phoenix from Northern Gila County.

Candidate supports schools

I recently attended a Tea Party meeting and was quite surprised that I was in complete agreement with much of what I heard.

Elk killed for horns, left to rot

There was a beautiful bull elk and a herd of cows and their young that wandered the area between Northwoods and Houston Mesa Road. This was a sight may people enjoyed.

Beware of scams, banks

People of Payson beware of fraudulent money orders. I was presented with a United States Postal Service money order.

Vote for Younker

Deciding on who to vote for in the school board election is actually very simple.

Override imperative

There are a number of powerful arguments supporting the school override. I would like to suggest one additional argument that hasn’t been considered.

Vote pro-education candidates

I have been following the many letters being sent to the Roundup, along with the online comments from Paysonites who are opposed to voting in favor of the budget override.

Letter writer’s bias

Two professional, very active caring women, Shirley Dye and Darlene Younker have been much maligned in letters to the editor.

Younker is best choice for Payson School Board

If Ms. Prock and Ms. DeSchaaf are elected to the school board, they won’t be governing any time soon, if ever.

Vote for O’Halleran, Morrison

Why have legislators Brenda Barton, Bob Thorpe and Sylvia Allen failed to promote issues that affect the lives of people in Payson ...

Help democracy flourish

Thomas Jefferson said the only way we can have a democracy is to have an educated public. To have an educated public we have to support our public school system.

Fed up with attack ads

I wonder how many other people are fed up with political attack ads on TV.

Vote for Younker

Recently, the Roundup featured an article about three candidates for the school board. The responses by some candidates when asked about Common Core they responded that they were in favor of standardized tests.