Letters to the editor


Angels amongst us

We have many angels in Rim Country. 2015 is our fourth year sponsoring an Angel Tree — predominantly tags for seniors in need, with a smaller number for children at the Time Out Shelter.

Politicians peddling untruths

In regards to the article where climate change denier Sen. Sylvia Allen continues to blame plants for air pollution, I must say she is half-right, coal-fired generator plants are causing pollution.

Don’t blame religion

We can’t look away any more from the fear and hate in this world.

Thank coal and fossil fuels

Global warming, climate change, whatever you call it this week, is nothing but a joke to most people. Just another feel-good tax by liberals who want more control.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist

A letter writer complains that Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar is “trying to protect the profits of his constituents, the coal industry” (presumably, according to the author, by denying the alleged impact that burning fossil fuels has on the environment).

Anyone else dumbfounded?

Is anyone else as dumbfounded as I that the county attorney would put the full force of his office into destroying the life of lifetime resident ...

Bill of Rights

On Dec. 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution was ratified.

Arguments against elk fence

At the November 2015 Chaparral Pines Homeowners Association board meeting it was stated our dues will be increasing $40 per year, to $1,560 per year per homeowner.

Help students succeed

On behalf of Dean Pam Butterfield and the Board of Directors for the Friends of Rim Country GCC, Inc., we are pleased to announce the continued awarding of one for $300 and four for $500 scholarships for the spring semester beginning this January of 2016 to deserving students in financial need.

It’s all about money

If you want to know the truth about anything, don’t ask a politician. This is especially true about Paul Gosar and his denial about the impact that burning of fossil fuels has on the environment.

Why not give parents a choice?

Here’s my take on the issue of a charter school opening here in Payson and competing with our public schools.

Hoorah for Payson police officers

This note is a big hoorah to our local men and women that are on or support our police department.

Generosity appreciated

Thank you to all participating organizations in the 2015 Non-Profits Coming Together (NPCT) Christmas Program.

A Christmas wish

Yesterday a friend posted on a Payson Facebook page, “Let’s all do random acts of kindness tomorrow.” I believe the post was inspired by someone who paid and had $300 worth of pellets delivered from Home Depot anonymously to an elderly Paysonite.

Regular public school can compete

A recent letter writer asked why can’t the school district compete with a charter school. After spending 40 years in public education, I think I have the answer.