Letters to the editor


Proud of veterans’ sacrifice and service

Outstanding articles, both on Larry Norton and Jack Day.

You might be a Yahoo

I have been pondering writing this letter for quite some time and a recent conversation pushed me over the edge.

Clinton not cleared

A letter writer claims “no matter how many investigators have thoroughly looked into the Benghazi tragedy and completely cleared Hillary Clinton …” The rest of the sentence is irrelevant, for that portion is the premise of the argument and if the premise is false then the whole argument is false.

Super Superstar supper

This past Saturday we went to the local Elks Lodge to see what was billed as “Men’s SUPERSTARS!” show.

Rotary Club continues to help with area food drive

In the fall of 2009, under the leadership of Roger Kreimeyer, the Payson Area Food Drive was organized. The Rim Country Rotary Club Foundation volunteered to be the nonprofit organization to handle the funds for this drive.

With some people, there’s always a ‘Yes, but ...’

An often-shown commercial on TV recently displays a person attempting to outline many advantages for a certain TV provider.

Repeating the same lies

Conservative men are the first ones to shout, “I’m not a scientist” when faced with climate change facts. But when it comes to women’s health issues, they’re all gynecologists!

88 deaths a day

A friend of mine and I were discussing guns and gun control and to my surprise he stated that the reason he possesses guns is that he did not trust the government and he felt he needed guns to defend himself from the government.

Fighting the drug problem

First of all, I would like to thank the Roundup for printing my letter in honor of my grandson this week, and for the article that was written. I have received several comments on the article and want to make it clear that I am solely responsible for the information that was provided.

Senate need not consent

As might have been predicted, a major ruckus has developed over the untimely death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and how quickly he must be replaced.

Dentists helping out kids

Payson is rich in the endless generosity and care of its youth.

Question of character

We need  leaders with character, however ...

Thanks for sponsoring event

Thank you so much, Payson Roundup ...

Is this the Third Reich?

There is no response necessary to being called a victim of my own kangaroo court!

Caring community

Last Sunday I experienced a tumble off my bicycle at the Green Valley Park.