Letters to the editor


Lack of respect, not lack of money, forcing teachers out

On July 21, the Payson School Board voted to send a continuation of the 10 percent property tax override to the November 2014 ballot, just as they did in 2004, 2008 and 2010.

First priority is to each other

I have to tell you, I am one of those people who are sick, sick, sick of listening to the good people of our two-party system call each other traitors, un-American, and call for revolution.

APS strikes again

What is their position now? First it was that they needed homeowners to install solar so they could meet the government mandate for use of renewable energy.

Where is money coming from?

I have heard numbers from $1,000 to $10,000 and even $12,000 being paid to these coyotes to bring the throngs of young people to our borders from Central America. Has anyone ever looked into where that money is coming from?

Terrific job

You people are doing a terrific job with the Payson Roundup.

Curiously interesting

This letter is in reference to the Friday, Aug. 1 Roundup article, “Bunch of rubber stamps?”.

Change is good

Have you ever heard of the saying “change is good!”? Have you ever sat with a group of people and hear that they are tired of hearing “When the college comes ...”

Pros and cons of projects

Building a business park that has potential explosive danger away from other businesses and residences makes sense to me. I will caveat, at the expense of the builder. The city should not be on the hook for any road construction, water, sewer and electrical expenses of the new infrastructure.

Su Connell gets my vote

In 2010 Payson Town Council candidate Su Connell made a promise to protect Payson’s citizens and provide the best possible police, fire and water services.

Coverage of judge race

I appreciate the Roundup’s election coverage and in particular the attention it has devoted to the Superior Court judge race, which is very important, but can be overlooked amidst the other, more attention-grabbing contests.

About Wright’s experience

I must take umbrage with a letter published recently concerning Tim Wright’s legal experience and his qualifications to be the next Gila County Superior Court judge.

A leader with vision

Vision (n): The ability or instance of great perception, especially of the future events; the stated aims and objectives of a business or other organization.

Dirty politics

Negative political signs are beginning to appear around town.

Candidates should share vision

I have been following the articles about the candidates running for city council and mayor for the town of Payson.

More for education, less for DPS

In response to the many Roundup articles addressing the lack of support for Payson schools and kids: I would hope this letter is like the commercial where the person says, “Everybody knows that.”