Letters to the editor


We will miss DJ Craig

We are saddened to learn that DJ Craig will not be writing his weekly musical columns for the Payson Roundup.

The 4th is over, it’s time for action

Yes, the 4th of July is over and we move on to the next one, however, it is appropriate to ponder these thoughts as a timely reminder after the celebrating is over.

America is great

The celebration of Independence Day gave us an opportunity to reflect on why America is great. From the Founding Fathers who risked their lives when they signed the Declaration of Independence to today’s soldier fighting for us in Afghanistan, citizens make our country great when they volunteer.

Dr. Lowe provides excellent care for Payson’s veterans

In the June 23 Roundup, I noticed in the editorial entitled “Veterans need less talk and more action,” it was reported that there is no VA doctor in Payson. Well there is. His name is Dr. Mike B. Lowe. He has been for at least three years that I know of.

Trump for president!

Despite the reaffirmation of the dreaded Obamacare by the Supreme Court;

We need a highway bypass

The failure to do anything to control the dangerous traffic on the highway going through Payson endangers residents and the economy.

Common Core Standards are inferior and age-inappropriate

Those who have pushed back the curtain on Common Core (renamed Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards by former Gov. Jan Brewer) know they are inferior.

Remember their sacrifice

When we see our current legislators taking so much for granted and selling us out so they can be re-elected we need to remember what the brave men who made the move to make us free sacrificed to do so.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

The recent Supreme Court decision to uphold Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission is indeed good news for our state.

Intelligent political choices

We could have elected either Scott Smith or Fred DuVal as our governor, we could have and should have elected Dr. David Garcia as our superintendent of public instruction, and we could have elected individuals to the Corporation Commission that weren’t beholden to the regulated utility companies, but we the voters selected our current crop of less than average state office holders.

Gosar up to his old tricks

Our representative Republican Paul Gosar is back to his old tricks, searching every nook and cranny to see what he can find to deceptively pin on President Obama.

Wonderful family event

Recently the Brunson and Walker families celebrated the 80th birthday of longtime Gila County resident Joyce Brunson.

Many thanks

The G.E.S.T. (Gila Employment Special Training) Day Program has been held in one of the classrooms in the Payson First Assembly church for the last few years.

Fireworks cause pollution

I am not able to attend meetings of the city council so must hope members read the Roundup and will consider the following.

Lets break records

Let us attain a new record with contributions to the Blood Drive to be held July 27.