Letters to the editor


Obama fails again

Obama fails again to convert the USA into a socialist/communist state just as his Muslim father tried to do in Kenya, Africa several years ago.

Why there are so many officers at a single incident

First off, there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop.

Another total fabrication

Senator wanna-be and current representative Paul Gosar wandered far from the truth in his letter to the Roundup last week.

Cuts make no sense for future economic growth

After reading a recent opinion letter from Duane Thompson, it opened my eyes to something I’d never given any thought: That we have three state universities which are supposed to be funded by the state and tuition should be as little as possible. After doing a little research, I found that we are only funding them by about one-quarter.

A simple test

Just over 2-1/4 centuries ago, the founders of this nation created a new form of governance and enshrined its tenets in our Constitution.

Numbers for wolf elk consumption in error

I read with interest your recent article titled “Range for Mexican gray wolves includes Rim Country.”

No more big government

Despite being responsible for the slowest recovery since the Great Depression, the president has made it clear that he intends to double down on his tax and spend policies that continue to grow Washington, D.C. while crippling our economy.

Why so many police officers?

Why does it take so many policemen to arrest or stop someone?

With much thanks to so many

The students, teachers and staff at Payson Elementary School would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to members of the Payson Elks Lodge No. 2154, Sy Harrison Masonic Lodge No. 70 F. & A., N-PCT program, Expedition Church, Mogollon Motorcycle Association – Safeway Inc., and numerous anonymous Rim Country residents for their contributions.

Thanks for a fun experience

I just wanted to personally thank Jeremy at Rue21.

Asking for help

Payson has always come to the help of their neighbors, so I am writing this in hopes to be able to buy a used portable oxygen concentrator.

Help with Clothe-A-Child appreciated

Sy Harrison Lodge #70 would like to express their gratitude to the businesses and citizens of Payson for their generosity during our Clothe-A-Child campaign last year.

America’s longest war

Some people say that America’s longest war has been the war in Afghanistan.

Cutting university funding shortsighted

Our new governor, Doug Ducey, has proposed his budget and he asks for a $75 million cut to our state universities’ budget.

A pox on both of the political extremes

I have nothing but disdain for the progressive/socialist ideology as I think it is anathema to everything this nation was built upon.