Letters to the editor


A Christmas wish

Yesterday a friend posted on a Payson Facebook page, “Let’s all do random acts of kindness tomorrow.” I believe the post was inspired by someone who paid and had $300 worth of pellets delivered from Home Depot anonymously to an elderly Paysonite.

Regular public school can compete

A recent letter writer asked why can’t the school district compete with a charter school. After spending 40 years in public education, I think I have the answer.

Voters support education

“Education top issue for voters” is the headline in Friday’s Roundup.

Sen. Allen is clueless

On Dec. 7, I attended a meeting of the Women’s Democratic Party group here in Payson. The group’s speakers that day were Senator Sylvia Allen and Dr. Raymond Spatti. Senator Allen and Dr. Spatti were there to present their positions on a number of issues facing our country today.

Charter schools a blessing in disguise

I was dismayed and somewhat amused by the full-page “Chicken Little” ad in the Dec. 8 edition of the Payson Roundup titled “A Wake Up Call to the People of Rim Country.”

Shocked to learn about charter school

This is an open letter to the Rim Country Educational Alliance and the council members from Payson and Star Valley, which formed the Alliance and appointed the board members.

If it’s too lopsided, leave

Arizona is lopsided and skip the turkey response. Seems you can’t keep all the people happy all the time. People have choices in America.

No pageant this year

On behalf of the creators of “The Spirit of Christmas,” we wanted to inform our community and faithful attendees that there will be no performances this year.

Morally reprehensible

Columnist Ellen Goodman wrote that “In litigious America, guilt is no longer defined as something you feel, but rather, something that must be proved.” It seems as if that observation is now somewhat dated as we find those who are guilty take more offense at being caught than in being apologetic for their activities.

Merry Christ Mass, finger flippers

Once again the intrepid advocates of free speech were out on the Beeline exercising our rights.

Oh, the horror of it

The Chaparral Pines HOA is unilaterally spending nearly $1 million of the residents’ money on a fence to keep elk out of the 500-home Payson community, despite the wishes of many, and without having polled the residents’ opinions.

The elk were here first

Regarding the letter written by Robert N. Bateson on 12/8/15, which was basically a complaint about elk in the Chaparral Pines area.

Reflections on Trump

In presidential races I always vote Democrat (except for Reagan). The next election would normally be the same for me except if Trump is the nominee.

Benefit concert a treat

“A Buddy Holly Christmas” — if you were not at the Payson High School Auditorium on Nov. 28 you missed a special musical event sponsored by Dueker Ranch, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Star Valley.

She feels betrayed

I am unable to attend any meetings this week to express my opinions on the Rim Country Educational Alliance, but I wanted to let my feelings be known to every citizen of this town.