Letters to the editor


Building a university will cause problems

I was heartened to see the number of (comments) in Tuesday’s Roundup opposed to the proposed college.

Payson playing favorites

In response to the question posed by the town council recited in the Payson Roundup, Sept. 22, “if the Payson Town Council waives fees for one business, will it set a bad precedent?”

Gosar provokes ridicule

Adding to the string of foolish, publicity-grabbing buffoonery our local governmental representatives seem to relish, Dr. Paul Gosar, dentist in the Dark Ages, has brought national ridicule on our area once again.

Best one-liner ever

Your editorial on Payson fire codes included the best one-liner ever!

Family of Brian Marshall greatly appreciate support

The Bill Marshall family would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our family and friends for the tremendous support both financially and emotionally in the loss of Brian Marshall, my son.

Nuclear war guaranteed

Maybe Congressman Gosar has not been in the military, but he has read all of the Iran “deal” that the Obama regime has allowed to be released

Roundabout volunteers

Living outside of town, I have the opportunity to drive past the roundabout in front of Home Depot many times during the week.

Control those do-gooders

Payson city wants to strengthen its regulations concerning the only community garden in town?

Loves her doctor

While I was mentally preparing myself for the pain I’d been told accompanies a cortisone shot, Dr. Pineres told me she was finished.

Majority supports Iran deal

According to my research, the honorable Rep. Paul Gosar apparently has not been exposed to military service or he would not so strongly oppose the Iran agreement.

Never been harmed by a monument

I’ve never been harmed by a monument, but I know the harm a uranium mine can do.

More state land’s the solution

Funding for vocational classes at Payson High School has been cut by the state Legislature?

Mining companies versus national monuments

There have been two guest commentaries in the Payson Roundup lately; one by Rep. Bob Thorpe and one by Sen. Sylvia Allen exhorting the citizens to come out against designating more national monuments around Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Will Payson be Sun City in the mountains?

The end of the small farms bought out by the big corporations was probably the biggest factor in the demise of the small towns.

Pine vision meeting slated

The Pine Strawberry Future Visioning Committee invites anyone interested to attend a town hall meeting in the Pine Cultural Hall on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 4 p.m.