Letters to the editor


U.S. taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay to educate undocumented children

As with most of us, I got my info from the Internet. The parents of the children put them in this situation by breaking into our country, the children are blameless.

Debate on military spending

Editor’s note: The following letters were posted on the Roundup’s blog in response to a recent letter to the editor questioning the size of the U.S. military budget.

Every child deserves an education

First, Mr. Owens, I must ask where you got this number of over a billion dollars solely for “illegal” children. Please provide some sort of citation.

Another hate-filled letter

Once again a hate-filled letter denigrating the poorer element of our society has appeared in the Roundup.

Important issues not being covered by the Roundup

Is there a reason why the Roundup has failed to report on the issue of less than affluent communities in Southern Gila County applying to be picked as Promise Zones (Similar to GWB’s Enterprise Zones) by HUD of the federal government?

Blind allegiance dangerous

After reading a letter to the editor, I discovered one more person on the planet that believes Hillary doesn’t lie. I think that brings the total to four.

‘Military budgets are welfare for rich’

Like a recent letter writer I too agree that the world has become an increasingly dangerous place and we need a strong military to keep terrorists away. What I don’t agree with is how we pay for the military.

Why did they let injured player keep pitching?

I begin this letter by first admitting I only know what I read in the paper.

Re: Unpopular subdivisions

Your front page article about two “unpopular subdivisions” being approved by Payson Town Council tells me you don’t have a lot of local news to report.

Don’t educate illegal alien children

When people talk about getting tax dollars for education, they always leave out one important part.

Thanks for all the help

The Animal Welfare Thrift Shop would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers and supporters who helped make our Third Annual Frugal Formal a great success.

Payson still not a Firewise community

I would like to thank you for your efforts to keep us informed on the progress of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative locally and of the state of health of our local forests.

Reliance on state revenues concerning

I remember hearing the Star Valley town manager on the KMOG talk show a few months back.

A different take on cattail removal at the park

I’d like to respond to Ric Hinkie’s recent letter to the Roundup, opposing the removal of cattails and other reeds along the shoreline of Green Valley Park’s main lake.

Congratulations to students

Gila County School Superintendent Linda O’Dell would like to congratulate the many students of Gila County who recently participated in the Gila County Regional Science Fair on Thursday, March 3 in Payson.