Letters to the editor


Merger of Rim Country fire departments has holes

As usual the editor is all for more and bigger government, more rules, more cost. This subject is no different. So much of the fire department merger editorial is without substance.

Animal cruelty bill a joke

State Rep. Brenda Barton recently pushed HB 2587 through her committee to minimize penalties for animal cruelty perpetrators and maximize criminalization of whistleblowers.

Beware of speed traps

Just a note of warning to all to beware of Arizona speed traps, specifically, Star Valley, just east of Payson. Star Valley uses traffic cameras set at the bottom of steep hills entering town with a sudden speed reduction from 55 MPH to 45 MPH with little warning.

Gosar and staff responsive

Unlike the story told by a disgruntled voter, I wrote Congressman Gosar to express my concerns about the threat to our electrical grid from a magnetic pulse delivered by a high altitude nuclear explosion from a communist country like North Korea or future nuclear threats from Iran, or even from our own sun.

Get rid of Gosar

I couldn’t agree with Lawrence Hoffenberg more! I too have written letters to Dr. Gosar and have had to sometimes wait a long time for a response.

Best of vote appreciated

Thank you to all those who voted for the La Boutique Gift Shop in the Best of Rim Country. Though we did not win, we felt like winners thanks to you.

Elks ‘superstars’ event was wonderful

Saturday night the Payson Elks hosted a wonderful dinner, show and dancing.

Shop locally

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “shop locally” numerous times, but what exactly does it mean to you?

Gosar and staff unresponsive

I am writing to urge your readers to vote against Paul Gosar for re-election in the 4th Congressional District.

Unity of Payson founded by three

In your paper of Tuesday, Feb. 25, an article about Unity of Payson stated, in two separate places, that Lynnette Brouwer is the founder of Unity of Payson church. This is incorrect.

Define ‘doom’

A letter writer accuses the Tea Party of unnecessarily “warning of impending doom” caused by the administration of President Obama (Roundup, Feb. 18). He claims he is free because he can attend any one of more than 30 different churches and worship as he pleases. That’s true, so long as the church does not preach adherence to the U.S. Con­stitution, upon pain of losing its tax-exempt status.

Loss of regular light bulbs costly

If you like your light bulbs, you can’t keep them. (This promise was honest).

Pot is a gateway to disaster

Recently I wrote (a letter) about convicts that were trying to get back into society, and I gave them a job.

The true killers are alcohol and tobacco

I must admit that I am confused after reading the rebuttal letter about the dangers of pot.

Important constitutionally conservative movement

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, the Arizona State House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Committee met for the third day in a row for further discussion, debate and finally a vote on HCR2027 Calling for A Convention of States for the Pur­pose of Proposing Amendments to the U.S. Constitution; and HB2305 Joining a Compact of States to Propose a Balanced Budget Amend­ment under Article V of the United States Constitution.