Letters to the editor


Thanks to all who supported KRIM grand opening

We would like to thank everybody in Rim Country for the wonderful show of support at our July 10th grand opening celebration and chamber ribbon-cutting at our new location in Western Village at 1104 S. Beeline Hwy.

The impact of drugs

Thank you so much for your dogged determination to make us all aware of the evil around us; an evil that we would rather ignore unless and until it impacts us up close and personal. How sickeningly painful are the pictures you’ve painted.

Prison spending plan wrong

Gov. Ducey’s plan to spend over $50 million over the next two years to fund 2,000 more beds in the prison system is not well advised. What ought first to be considered is a reform of the corrections system so that it actually accomplishes benefits beyond putting people in prisons where they can acquire an “advanced degree” in criminality.

The Pope and climate change

Our Pope should pay more attention to our religion instead of being sold by Obama and his great fraud of about climate change.

First book festival a success

Payson can be proud of its first major book festival held July 25, 2015. About a year ago, a handful of local writers embraced the dream of a book festival and followed Emily Dickinson’s advice to “dwell in possibilities.” The people of Payson turned that dream into a reality.

Payson losing good jobs

In Tuesday’s letters to the editor, Ken Boone addressed the front-page story regarding the sad decision made by the ammunition manufacturing company to back out of the plans to build an industrial park on East Granite Dells.

Banning dogs from park

Let’s ban all dogs from the park because some dog owners don’t pick up after them?

Humane Society volunteers

I would like to thank the volunteers for the Humane Society of Central Arizona.

An open letter to candidates

Dear candidates for public office:

Goodbye democracy

Our Founding Fathers established three branches of our government in an effort to insure a check and balance system so no branch could become more powerful than the other two.

Town needs to be Firewise

The first responsibility of our elected officials is to “protect its citizens.”

Book festival fabulous

The Payson Book Festival was wonderful! Congratulations and thanks to the planning committee and sponsors!

Book festival success

Andy McKinney did a great job in his article, “Read all about it” covering the Payson Book Festival.

SCAF defended

In response to “the letter to the editor” in last Tuesday’s paper regarding the “downfall of SCAF” sent in by Ben Arnald.

Little League blowup disheartening

The Little League mission: “Through proper guidance and exemplary leadership, the program assists children in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being.