Letters to the editor


Star Valley gripes

Halloween made Scrooge look like some sort of patron saint. We live in Star Valley and really wish we didn’t.

County nurse a great asset to community

My husband and I moved to Payson a little more than five weeks ago from St. Paul, Minn. We are very happy with our decision, by the way.

Just more of the same

Since we seemingly have elected a male clone of Jan Brewer as our next governor, the question that begs for an answer is will things change for the better under Doug Ducey’s leadership?

PUSD says thanks to the community

This is an open letter to the Payson Unified School District community:

A ‘hold your nose’ election

After the dust from these mid-term elections settle, after the pundits have given their personal reasons why it went the way it did, and just who is to blame, we out here in “grassroots” America will continue on with our daily struggles to get the kids educated, pay our bills, and try to make something good of our lives.

Oasis Bookstore grateful

Everyone here at Oasis Christian Bookstore would like to publicly thank “Harvey and Rim Country Health” for their most generous donation toward updating our signage out front.

Ebola and America’s crisis of fear

Ebola isn’t a crisis in the United States. One person has died and two people were infected by his body fluids. The real crisis is the hysteria over Ebola that’s being fed by mainstream media seeking sensationalism and politicians.

Obama vs. shovel-ready jobs

Why does Obama refuse to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline? It won’t cost the taxpayers a dime as his other wacko projects have, and then there is the good old Sierra Club, in which has always financed Obama’s campaign to the hilt.

Where are the police when they’re needed?

Tuesday, Oct. 14 at El Mexicano Restaurant there was an incident of dining and dashing. Two guys came in and ordered and ate, then one guy left. The other guy was detained by a waitress. The waitress called the police department at 3:19 p.m. to report this.

Ramrod job?

After attending the Payson Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Oct. 13, I have come to the conclusion that we are probably getting an industrial complex at the Fox Farm whether the residents want it there or not.

Not buying local gas

I’m also going to buy as much gasoline in the Valley as possible.

Let’s shop around for another university

ASU has contributed little if anything substantial and is still just dangling their commitment in front of us to see what else they can get for free.

Police department’s new equipment appreciated

A couple of comments on Alexis Bechman’s article in the Friday, Oct. 3 Roundup titled “Police armor up,” and the Roundup’s editorial, “Protect or intimidate.”

I want our $24 billion back

Does anyone remember the $24 billion loss to our economy when the Republicans in Washington decided they had found a way to conquer President Obama?

You call this failure?

Our corporations are thriving. Our stock market is up. Oil prices are down as are gas prices (except in Payson).