Letters to the editor


Loves outdoors, not hunters

Editor: As a hiker and a shed hunter, I agree with the article’s title that it’s “a great time to be outdoors.”

Money shouldn't be the focus

Editor: I know today our world is changing so fast and Arizona being so transient has caused this to some degree.

Medicare covers emergency care

Editor: I am writing in regard to the article from Rim Country Health who wrote about the “Nine Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage.”

What about heroin?

Editor: It appears that Gila County, the state of Arizona, and the Town of Payson have many law enforcement personnel assigned to drug task forces. In addition, our regular police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and the newly labeled “state troopers” are putting in many hours looking for, and arresting citizens for, marijuana use and/or possession.

Thank you Petra Luh

Editor: On behalf of the Payson Lioness Club I wish to thank Petra Luh of Granny’s for hosting our recent membership drive meeting on Aug. 10, and for her gracious and much appreciated donation of a “Lioness Meeting Here” sign.

Flaw with Payson campus

Editor: In October 2015 David Young, director of ASU at Lake Havasu, reported the campus enrollment at nearly 150. His stated goal was to grow the campus in the next five to 10 years to 1,000 students. How’s he doing?

Harsh language merited

Editor: Back in 1993, I read in a national news magazine about President Bill Clinton’s appointments to various posts in his administration.

Another day care option

Editor: This is response to a recent article about local preschools in the Payson area. The article failed to include the preschool at the Nazarene Church on Tyler Parkway.

Focus on Old Town Payson

Editor: This letter is about Old Town Payson. When pioneers moved here in the 1880s, they mined, ranched and logged the huge trees.

Why oppose health care?

Editor: Once again, I have been wrongly accused of wanting the public to pay for my wife’s insurance by someone apparently unable to comprehend my simple message.

Stand up for workers

Editor: Since its earliest days the labor movement has sought to improve the quality of work life, create workplace democracy and participate in employer/employee decision-making.

Back to school food

Editor: With the new school year starting, parents’ to-do lists are now filled with shopping for school clothes, school supplies and school food. That’s right — school food!

Political truths

Editor: The election is over and the winning candidates gather their supporters for a post election speech. The winning candidate steps up to the podium, clears his/her throat and starts to address the crowd. His/her speech might go something like this:

Gosar represents the people

Editor: It’s now the political scary season! We were out of town for a week, and I am looking at six large, full-color cards lying about Paul Gosar’s record that were in my mailbox when I got home!

Ideas for Main Street

Editor: Developing the full length of Main Street would require buying a multitude of small business and lots and then finding owners to develop new businesses.