Letters to the editor


Turn down the heat

Today was a lovely day for a walk around Green Valley Park in Payson.

Future of education

Welcome to the State of Arizona, home of the most unintelligent children in the United States.

Why good teachers leave

In the March 17 issue of the Payson Roundup there was a list (though not complete) of school personnel who recently left Payson Unified School District.

Payson library failing public

Today I made time to drive to the library to gather the tax forms needed to file.

The logic of Congress

People say that Congress should face the facts about climate change. But why “must” Congress acknowledge climate change is real?

Picking up the tab

On behalf of my class at Rim Country Middle School, I would like to thank the person(s) who so generously paid for our lunch at Denny’s on Feb. 20.

Excellence costs money

When and why did tax increase become the two most desired words in the English language to our state politicians?

Blessed to have you

Had meant to compliment photographer DJ Craig sooner on the magnificent spread of pictures and article that appeared in our paper recently.

Split up Gila County

If the inequity in Gila County policies and spending between north and south continues, maybe it’s time to seriously consider a split from Globe and Southern Gila County.

Smoke detectors could have saved them

Over the weekend we learned of the loss of seven children in a house fire in Brooklyn, N.Y. Their ages ranged from 5 to 15 years old.

Thanks to the Healthy Foodie

This is for Michele Nelson, the Roundup’s “Healthy Foodie” columnist. Thanks for taking the long view for all the children and their children who will need not only good food, but good soil, water and air, as free of poisons as we can keep them.

Gun law attack on state sovereignty

Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe has introduced legislation to establish a state compact with other states prohibiting legislation imposing restrictions on the transfer of firearms stricter than existing federal restrictions.

Veterinarian supports team

On behalf of the Tonto Rim Search & Rescue’s Dog Teams, I wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Alan Hallman’s generous support.

Road falling apart

Over the past couple of years I have been in contact with the Arizona Department of Transportation to make the Ralls Drive / Highway 87 intersection in Strawberry safer for all who use it. Several things have already been done, and more improvements are in the works.

Congress must acknowledge climate change is real

Climate change is about a sustainable future for us all.