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One fish, two fish, shy fish, bold fish

Fishing season sneaks up on a disheveled writer and his deadlines

So I’m standing in the driveway getting ready to go back to work and cover yet another night meeting when something strange and wondrous insinuates itself into the weary corner of my eye down on the East Verde River, ponded up behind the crossing.

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Pet Adoption: Black cats and dogs need love too

When people go to the Humane Society or animal shelter looking to adopt a pet, they are more than likely going to leave with one that is a lighter color or one with interesting markings.

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Low-cost health care for your pet

The Humane Society of Central Arizona and PAWS in the Park have teamed up to bring the M.A.S.H. mobile vet to Payson on Saturday, April 13.

Outdoor recreation drives state economy

Outdoor Industry Association releases economic data for all 50 states

Outdoor recreation in Arizona generates $10.6 billion annually, which generates about 104,000 Arizona jobs.

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Hiking the Vineyard trail

After carpooling from Payson, we park our vehicles in a lot near the entrance to the Roosevelt Bridge.

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Microchip increases odds of reunion with lost pet

Has your dog ever gone missing? Your indoor cat disappear for a few days?

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The Jaws of Extinction

Petrified Forest lays reveals violent past to a warm-blooded pair of survivors

The wind blew. The planet spun. The light faded And all the while I stood pondering fate on a ridge above the crystallized corpse of a lost world on a ridge in the Petrified National Forest.

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Low-cost spay, neuter and vaccines coming April 13

The Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital (M.A.S.H.) is the first veterinary-owned low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Arizona. M.A.S.H. works toward reducing the number of unwanted pets by offering quality spay/neuter services at affordable prices for responsible pet owners.

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Pet Vaccinations 101: protecting pets from disease

As a pet owner, you hear a lot about vaccinations and how your four-legged friend has to have them. But what are pet vaccinations? And what vaccinations should your pet have?

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Things to consider for a successful pet adoption

Here at the Humane Society of Central Arizona, we love a happy ending. Adoption success stories are what it’s all about.

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Father and son tackle Humphrey’s Peak on snowshoes

Shared misery, view from the top proves tough bond

Morris Brown and his son are the kind of people who can reconnect in zero-degree temperatures, under weighty packs, over death-trap crevasses and high up on icy mountain peaks.

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Acolyte Ice

Easily distracted and chronically late writer discovers an alien world on a windshield

I groaned. Then I sighed. The Jeep was ice-bound.

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Pets provide many developmental benefits to kids

Having a pet is usually a rite of childhood.

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Sometimes a happy ending just takes a little time

Fawn was huddled in her kennel, wrapped in blankets and a little sweater.

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Adventures in skiing

Outdoor Adventure Club gets kids on the slopes to challenge their skills

“Make a wedge with your skis and use your foot to tell your skis to turn,” said Ron, the Sunrise Ski Resort ski instructor.