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The Jaws of Extinction

Petrified Forest lays reveals violent past to a warm-blooded pair of survivors

The wind blew. The planet spun. The light faded And all the while I stood pondering fate on a ridge above the crystallized corpse of a lost world on a ridge in the Petrified National Forest.

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Low-cost spay, neuter and vaccines coming April 13

The Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital (M.A.S.H.) is the first veterinary-owned low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Arizona. M.A.S.H. works toward reducing the number of unwanted pets by offering quality spay/neuter services at affordable prices for responsible pet owners.

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Pet Vaccinations 101: protecting pets from disease

As a pet owner, you hear a lot about vaccinations and how your four-legged friend has to have them. But what are pet vaccinations? And what vaccinations should your pet have?

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Things to consider for a successful pet adoption

Here at the Humane Society of Central Arizona, we love a happy ending. Adoption success stories are what it’s all about.

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Father and son tackle Humphrey’s Peak on snowshoes

Shared misery, view from the top proves tough bond

Morris Brown and his son are the kind of people who can reconnect in zero-degree temperatures, under weighty packs, over death-trap crevasses and high up on icy mountain peaks.

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Acolyte Ice

Easily distracted and chronically late writer discovers an alien world on a windshield

I groaned. Then I sighed. The Jeep was ice-bound.

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Ancient mysteries in modern light

Photographers savor a rare chance to explore Upper Ruins

Mystery. Light. History. Angles. Breathtaking views. All await discovery among the 700-year-old Upper Cliff Ruins of the Tonto National Monument. Normally, the national park requires reservations for tours up the rustic three-mile, round-trip trail — and that is only from November to April. Guests may take a guided tour, photo walk or full-moon hike to the top.

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Pets provide many developmental benefits to kids

Having a pet is usually a rite of childhood.

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Sometimes a happy ending just takes a little time

Fawn was huddled in her kennel, wrapped in blankets and a little sweater.

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Adventures in skiing

Outdoor Adventure Club gets kids on the slopes to challenge their skills

“Make a wedge with your skis and use your foot to tell your skis to turn,” said Ron, the Sunrise Ski Resort ski instructor.

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Arizona nestwatchers have saved 60 nesting bald eagles

Program celebrates 35 years standing watch over expanding population of Arizona eagles

Despite the loss of federal endangered species protection, Arizona’s unique nestwatch program has continued to safeguard a growing population of desert-nesting bald eagles.

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First impressions can be deceiving in shelter environment

“Adoptable dogs are through the door on the left.” Every time we say those words, it is only a matter of moments before a cacophony erupts — dogs barking, howling and jumping in their kennels.

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Please consider a Lonely Hearts member

Adoption fee just $25 for shelter pets who are often overlooked

Sometimes, here at the Humane Society of Central Arizona, we have dogs or cats who get overlooked. They remain at the shelter for months, always being passed over.

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Lost Worlds in the living dark

The lost sloth and the vast silence offer a glimpse of extinction and persistence in Kartchner Caverns

I drop back from my little group of amiable explorers, all the way back to where the state park minder watches me warily lest I extend my hand toward the damp, warm, misshapen tissues of stone, which hunker like goblins along the path.

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natur Notes

The metal detector beeped and something small, round, and quick scampered from under the white disc. Young Bridger dropped to his knees and scooted in pursuit of the crawly critter.