Our View


Schools’ woes start with Legislature

Spare the rod — spoil the child.

The monster knows our name — but we are still not ready

Fire season comes a month early.

State budget neglects kids

We certainly don’t envy Gov. Brewer and the legislative leadership making like Solomon and cutting up the baby, with so many urgent needs competing for limited state revenues.

We’re really happy, but need to vent

We’re still hostage to the Forest Service — but at least they’ve finally delivered a ransom note that sounds promising.

Angels abound

We have angels among us — no doubt about it. And it’s a good thing too — given the plight of our children.

Pine leads the way

The residents of Pine and Strawberry continue to lead the way when it comes to protecting their community from wildfires.

Making your home safe from wildfire

Despite an infusion from moisture in this week’s little storm, all of northern Arizona remains more vulnerable than normal to wildfire this year. There have already been two small forest fires near Flagstaff. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a brief threat of a fire near Whispering Pines.

Calling on citizen generosity again

The generosity of Rim Country residents is more and more amazing each year.

No excuse

The terrible complexity of domestic violence created a wrenching scene this week in a Gila County Superior courtroom.

Another form of abuse

While we’re on the topic of child abuse and domestic violence — what’s with the state Legislature?

New wind blowing?

When you’re becalmed in your dingy, far from shore, running out of water — even a breath of wind can inspire a surge of hope.

Neglecting our schools

The Payson School Board continues to struggle with the consequences of the state legislature’s abandonment of the public school system.

Politics done right

Now, we know “politician” is one of those 10-letter words that have a four-letter feel. But then again, watching a skilled politician operate with an eye to the public good can also prove very close to inspiring.

A foolish hope

Here’s what we wish — although we know it’s foolish.

Do not block wildfire reforms

Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain are principled conservatives — with distinguished records when it comes to the uphill battle to bring order and discipline to federal budgeting.