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Hope cracks stone of indifference

Hope can sometimes break through the hardest stone — just witness the pines that sprout from cracks in the cliff face.

New era begins

Community leaders greeted Banner Health’s takeover of the Payson Regional Medical Center with appropriate jubilation.

Board must put children first

Listen to the teachers.

Time to call 911

The Hellsgate Fire Department needs to call 911.

A valuable find; A crazy process

The potsherds, charcoal, stone tools and glass-sharp arrowhead have lain in the implacable dirt for centuries, scattered puzzle pieces.

Book lovers, authors celebrate the written word

Let the love of reading lead you to the Payson Book Festival tomorrow.

Back-to-school prep moves into high gear with classes starting Aug. 3

School resumes in the Rim Country in two weeks — Monday, Aug. 3. That is not a lot of time in which to make all the needed back-to-school preparations.

Payson schools facing tough competition

The Payson Unified School District had better get its whatnot together — and quickly.

Fire departments must work more closely together

Like it or not — we’re in this together.

Fire crisis smolders

The Hellsgate Fire Department faces another rough budget year. Only the renewal of a federal grant will prevent crippling layoffs in the ranks of the fire department that protects Star Valley, Tonto Village, Christopher Creek and other small communities.

Teachers need some new tools

Take a breath, everyone.

Veterans need less talk and more action

After so many false promises...

They need help

A host of Rim Country charities have banded together to recruit vital volunteers through a website that lists fresh opportunities every week.

Honor sacrifice

On June 25, we come to the anniversary of the deaths of six wildlands firefighters battling the Dude Fire in 1990.

It’s the vision thing

It’s the vision thing. Who said that?