Our View


Rescuing struggling fire districts

The folks who answer the cry for help in the middle of the night need some help.

An auditorium filled with joy

We’ve been gorging on Christmas concerts this week, marveling at the joyful noise our children make up there on stage.

What does it take to save the world?

In this season as we celebrate the birth of a child who changed the world, we must also pause to consider the terrible wounds so many children must bear — wounds on the outside, wounds on the inside.

Alliance must weigh impact on schools

Whoa, Trigger.

Foolish in the sunlight

The Earth’s climate shifts: No doubt about it.

Let us all give thanks

We’re grateful.

Saturday heroes

Lord knows, we love Saturdays.

A political puppet show

No one showed up. Very interesting.

Fear and hope; Death and love

Death. Mayhem. Bitter debate. The slaughter of innocents.

Support universities

Good work.

Only the firefighters are doing their jobs

State, local and federal officials continue to bungle the crucial task of restoring the forests on public land to a healthy state — and protecting forested communities from wildfires.

Charter school: Hope and fear must contend

Fear and trembling.

Settlement stems from leadership

We’re delighted that all of Rim Country’s representatives in the state Legislature supported the settlement of the festering school inflation-funding lawsuit.

At least put on the Band-Aid

Maybe it’ll all be over by the time you read this.