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Real danger of fake news

Fake news. I can’t stomach it. I’ve spent my life chasing the truth and relaying as much as I can find. It’s a high calling, a harsh mistress, a doomed ideal. But if you bend your life to the quest and guard against your own bias and denial and fear — sometimes you get close.

Superintendent finally gets a clue

Welcome to the fight, superintendent. We were pleased — albeit bemused — to learn that Arizona Superintendent of Education Diane Douglas has finally decided that a shameful lack of funding remains the biggest problem facing our schools.

Payson's example

So, here’s the hard truth. Our future depends on the willingness of visionaries to put in the hard, grinding, often unrewarding labor it takes to make a community work.

Grateful beyond measure

I rise early on deadline day, shower hastily, scrape the ice from the windshield and rush down the hill on Airport Road, having forgotten to write anything for the editorial page last night before dashing off to teach my writing class.

Compromise could solve Electoral College problem

The framers of the U.S. Constitution created the Electoral College as a result of a compromise for the presidential election process.

Evans passes on the torch

The indefatigable Payson Mayor Kenny Evans is spending his final months in office trying to pass along the long list of tasks he took on in more than eight years as our mayor.

Hot times

So, here’s one late-breaking tidbit that didn’t fit into our story reporting that 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded — topping even 2015, which now ranks as the second-hottest year.

We’re in a war for our survival

In times of war, you do what you have to do. You focus. You sacrifice. You act.

Now it’s time to solve the problem

Here’s our fondest hope. The outlandish things Donald Trump sometimes said during the campaign were often just for show.

Tease photo

Tragic death of an officer

Editor’s note: We are reprinting here an editorial written by our sister publication, the White Mountain Independent following the death of Show Low Police Officer Darrin Reed.

Questions accumulate about apartment building explosion

Firefighters rushed into danger. Neighbors rushed to provide assistance. The propane explosion that destroyed an apartment building and injured nine people brought out the best in many people in the beloved community.

Dark money campaign seeks to buy off regulators

If you haven’t voted, take this one final scrap of information with you into the voting booth.

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Living in the beloved community

In a bitter, divisive election season, one brave woman brought a vital message to Payson.

Failure to reform medical system

What a dispiriting election. What a betrayal of democracy It’s hard to believe we deserve this. But then again, we’ve elected these people time and again.

Dark money strikes again

We spoke too soon. No sooner had we taken comfort from the apparent decision of APS to sit out the current election than the giant utility company decided to spend $1 million to elect three Republicans to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Clearly, they want commissioners who will grant them an 8 percent rate increase — and maybe snuff out solar in Arizona.