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We just need more guns

Schools are faltering, for lack of funding.

Fool us once

You know what they say: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice — well, don’t look too hard in the mirror. Or words to that effect.

Spare us the lecture

Now, we love to bash the federal government as much as anyone.

Stubborn facts

A nice, reasonable disagreement. Maybe some bitter debate — firmly grounded in facts. Too much to ask?

Candidate neglect

We couldn’t help but notice the unsettling juxtaposition of two stories on today’s front page.

They’ve got to be joking

We’re hoping the Payson Town Council study session on adopting a wildland-urban interface fire code was some kind of very elaborate joke.

Fire departments grow more costly

The state Supreme Court just added another powerful incentive to carefully consider a merger or joint powers agreement for Rim Country’s valiant, but scattered fire departments.

A bully is a bully

We hear it from the Arizona Legislature every time Congress passes a law: Give power to the level of government closest to the people — not a far-away bureaucracy. Makes a heck of a bumper sticker: Don’t tread on me.

The circus returns: Send in the clowns

Lock your doors: The circus is back in town. And here’s the worst part: They’re passing laws. Alas: the Legislature continues to juggle hedgehogs and sell tickets to the freak show, while out here in the real world students struggle.

A bold, brave proposal

Hellsgate Battalion Chief Dave Bathke this week made a compelling case for an operational merger of the small, struggling Rim Country fire departments.

Fire department merger bold idea

Easy enough to tell folks you ought to get a raise, have more authority, run the world. So, maybe you’d discount it if someone earnestly assured you they could solve your problems if you just give them more power and autonomy.

Residents in P-S leading the way

The residents of Pine and Strawberry have once more demonstrated what it takes to make a community. Far-sighted citizens have worked fiercely for years to thin the brush and tree thickets that threaten the two communities.

College a vital partner

The Gila Community College governing board took a historic step this week by finally moving forward to seek accreditation.

Government takeover a political cheap shot

So, let’s get this straight: A state lawmaker wants government to take over a private business so the state can use tax money to provide inferior service at the expense of private job creators.

Exercise in citizenship

Gotta love Tom Bremer — and all the folks like him who make this such a remarkable country.