Our View


Prayer and forest politics

A slew of state lawmakers and other officials spent yesterday on a helicopter tour of the C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir — and its endangered watershed.

Marvelous May

May is busy. There are no two ways about it. And May is marvelous — at least in Rim Country.

Shameful inaction

We wait. We watch the skies. We dread what awaits.

Finally, it all seems possible

Suddenly, it all seems possible once again.

The terrible lesson of Nicholas Whittington

The killer strikes again.

Rim Country on the cusp

This year we celebrate another year of vital progress in restoring Rim Country’s boundless future.

Silly sign ordinance

Heroin has risen like a vampire from the grave.

Forest Service gets it right

Admittedly, the wheels grind exceeding slow — but this time the Forest Service got it right.

Fresh blood or just thin skin?

We’ve been scratching our heads, trying to figure out the latest brouhaha about the planning commission. Seems that the terms of Chairman Jeff Loyd, Vice Chairman John Swenson and commissioner Scott Helmer all expired in December.

He ever sought justice

We were grieved to learn of the planned retirement of Gila County Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill.

Joyful weekend in Rim Country

We’d be skipping through the irises of spring if we had time. But we’re too busy trying to figure out which delightful thing to do with ourselves this weekend.

Not so free speech

We were delighted when Sen. Sylvia Allen’s SB 1172 died quietly without a full vote in the closing days of the frantic legislative session.

Why we love Rim Country

So, we were reminded in today’s issue of one more reason we love Rim Country so.

Attack on education betrays party

The once-staunch Republican Party has lost its moorings — at least in Arizona.

Dark money corruption

The system stinks.