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Save Pine Fire

The Pine Strawberry Fire Department is pleading with voters to approve a 25 cent per $100 increase in the property tax to prevent a crippling decline in services.

What will we tell our sons?

I raised three sons. I have five grandchildren. For me, this seems deeply personal. So we put the story about the Payson High School assemblies on dating on the front page — and we focused as much on what the speaker failed to say as on what he did say.

High water mark for arrogance

Once upon a time, people elected state lawmakers to serve them — and the schools, counties and towns in which they live. But lately, our state lawmakers seem to think we voted them in to rule us — and ride roughshod over local government.

Churches lead the way in beloved community

Hard to believe in our own Rim Country neighborhoods, people sleep out in the open because they have no home. Some lost a job. Some have a mental illness and struggle to function. Some have addictions. Some just have bad luck.

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School’s talk on dating sends wrong message

Well intentioned. But dreadfully misguided. Payson High School sent the wrong message to teenagers during several school assemblies to talk about dating and relationships.

Who really deserves credit?

Half joy, half relief, a dash of sorrow.

Heartening sign of fire progress

The Payson Town Council took a welcome step this week by approving a $19,000 thinning project in Rumsey Park — hopefully paid for at least in part with state and federal grants.

Outrageous system

Where’s the outrage? It’s time for voters to rise up. It’s time for a grassroots revolt.

How do we encourage the best teachers?

Schools look a little like Lake Woebegone these days — where “all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average,” to quote Garrison Keillor.

Is it the feds fault?

Lawmakers like Sen. Sylvia Allen say Arizona will remain 48th in per-student funding as long as the federal government owns so much land in the state.

Base battles on the facts

Here’s one frail hope for the political season. Could we please focus on fact-based disagreements?

Alarming test results

The latest AzMERIT test results for Payson students offer a confusing mixture of hope and dismay.

We added to her anguish

Vera Eccles came by the office this week, very upset. She’d suffered a terrible trauma — and we made it worse.

Tell candidates you support public schools

A heartening three-quarters of Arizona voters say our public schools need more support. We hope every candidate for the Legislature pays close attention to the results of the poll, conducted by The Arizona Republic and the Morrison Institute at Arizona State University.

Sterile debate about a still flawed reform

Struggling families got some help from the Arizona Legislature this year, with the long overdue decision to accept federal money to extend medical coverage to an estimated 30,000 children.