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Schools must shout: Tidal wave coming!

So, let’s say you’re lounging around at the beach: Everyone’s chill, smelling of sunscreen. Sunny day, bro. Sunny day.

Critical thinking

Like a freak show traffic crash, it’s awfully hard to look away from the race for the Republican nomination as Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Failure of compassion

We’re very nearly speechless. At this week’s council meeting, Payson School Board member Shirley Dye launched into a befuddling tirade directed at struggling, low-income parents who take advantage of the federally funded school lunch program to make sure their kids get one or two healthy, well-rounded meals each day.

Tackling wildfires

Finally. Someone’s actually talking about the issues that matter to Rim Country. U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake dropped by last week to chat with leading officials from all over Rim Country. He could have talked about any number of national and international crises. Fortunately, he talked about wildfires.

Candidates: Think before you speak

We’re happy to see some of the Payson Town Council candidates have taken a deep breath and modified their rhetoric when it comes to the request by the owner of Fox Farm to annex to Payson to build a light industrial park.

Dark money corruption

The worst thing that’s happened to politics in memory remains the flood of “dark money” that has swept away years of efforts to make politicians more accountable and politics more transparent.

Star Valley’s decision

Boy, things have sure changed.

No need to panic

The emptying of the Blue Ridge Reservoir so early in the summer offers a sobering reminder of this region’s urgent need for water.

The death of a good man

We were shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic death of state Sen. Chester Crandell.

It’s already too late

The moment the Titanic hit that iceberg — it was too late. But we continue to steam at flank speed through dangerous waters, listening to the band blare on the aft deck.

District strives to challenge students

The Payson Unified School District has made a vital effort to make sure it continues to offer challenging courses for its most ambitious students. That’s a welcome demonstration of the district’s own high standards and commitment to the needs of its students, in the shadow of the crucial effort to convince voters in November to approve an extension of the current budget override.

University site second thoughts

So in a monster movie, what happens after the smug guy smirks, “Well, we’re safe now.” It’s totally predictable: The monster lunges out of the black shadows and swallows him whole.

Another warning

The flash flood that roared off the steep hillside above Houston Mesa Road on Sunday once more underscored the grim lessons in ecology that we’ve so persistently ignored.

Lead from behind

The Payson Town Council continues to treat the urgent need to protect this community from wildfire with an inexplicable indifference.

Reconsider merger

Bad news for the Christopher-Kohl’s Fire District board.