Our View


Forests at risk

Thank goodness for Arizona Forward.

Baby steps

Baby steps. Baby steps. Let us be grateful for baby steps.

At long last

The sale’s complete. The sale’s complete.

Pine water board shows flexibility

At the moment, Einstein’s bit of wisdom would seem to apply admirably to The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District.

Offer more AP classes

A rock and a hard place: That neatly describes the plight of most school districts these days – including our own beloved Payson Unified School District. Hampered by the foolish lack of support for education on the part of the state legislature, the district faces many no-win choices.

The test we must not fail

We’ve got a bad feeling about this, Poncho.

Costly contract, with a gaudy gold parachute

We’re confident LaRon Garrett will make a great Payson town manager.

Terrifying revelations in age of sex texting

The Payson Police Department has stumbled into a series of investigations into teenage sex texting that should give every parent nightmares.

Your neighbors need your help

Once more unto the breach, dear friends.

This time give thanks for smoke

No doubt about it: Smoke’s irritating.

System abuses our teachers

Lawmakers have all kinds of bright ideas about education reform — civics tests, charter schools, private school scholarships, the AIMS test (oops, no wait the AZMerit test), low sugar school lunches, mandating lower administrative costs, new math, old math, school grades, suspending school grades.

A grievous loss

We’ve lost one of the people who had created the beloved community here in Rim Country.

Outages finally sound an alarm

Three strikes — you’re out.

Celebrate university project progress

On Saturday at 11, the long-suffering backers of the Payson university campus will celebrate a signal victory.

The secret to being the Best Newspaper

The man who deserved the award didn’t get his name on the plaque.