Our View


Out of touch

What did we ever do without cell phones and Internet?

Angie bravely battled dragons

We’re all really going to miss Angie Elam.

God bless us, every one

Gotta love Christmas — especially in Rim Country.

Just another political excuse

No doubt, putting more federal land on the tax rolls would benefit the economy — especially in rural communities like Rim Country.

The meaning of Christmas

An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.

Community again coming together

Once more, Rim Country proves it’s the best place to live in the world.

End suspense, start construction

The effort to build a university in Payson continues to generate hair-raising suspense — way more than we really need. But after a confusing brush with disaster, the backers seem ready to come back together.

Beloved community comes to the rescue

The beloved community comes through again.

We hate to see him go

We hate to see Larry Stephenson leave the Gila Community College Board at such a crucial moment — but his decade of service has earned our gratitude.

Our many blessings

We enjoy manifold blessings in Rim Country, more than the leaves on the cottonwoods.

Protect our community

Do you like having an adequately staffed police department? Having fire trucks to show up within three minutes of a burning house or heart attack call? Living in a community that has jobs for its residents?

The Promised Land

After what seems like 40 years in the wilderness, backers of the quest to build a university campus here in Payson have come finally within sight of the Promised Land.

Time to get political to save forest

We’ve got to get political if we’re going to save our homes and livelihoods. So hopefully voters, local officials and anyone who represents rural Arizona in the Legislature or Congress will pay close attention to the results of a study on the impact of forest thinning projects on water runoff.

Alliance: Time to slay this dragon

The seemingly quixotic quest to build a university campus in Payson trembles on the brink of fulfillment. Suddenly the creaky windmill has revealed itself a dragon after all — and the backers have put on shining armor. The plan so many dismissed as a fever dream seems but one headlong charge from reality.

Our neighbors need our help

The vulnerable residents of the Canal Senior Apartments continue to get slammed by bad news.