Our View


Test the lawmakers

So, suddenly, no more AIMS test.

Hope for the university plan

Shhhhh. Don’t jinx it.

The key to reform

On the subject of educational reform ... please take note of the story concerning a wonderfully creative effort in a Payson High School history class to help students understand how miscalculation and emotion produced the great tragedy of the 20th century — World War I.

Political sausage

“Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.” Mark Twain

Farsighted policies

With each passing year, the great wisdom of the Rim Country leaders who won rights to the C.C. Cragin Reservoir grows more clear.

Rep. Barton’s odd argument

Rep. Brenda Barton does have a point.

A sickening silence about university plan

A sickening silence has settled over the effort to bring a four-year university campus to Payson.

The existential threat

Lots of problems make headlines.

Don’t slam the door on citizens

We’re shocked and dismayed that one of Sen. Sylvia Allen’s first actions upon her return to the Arizona Legislature is to introduce a bill that could dramatically curtail citizens’ efforts to hold government accountable.

Get the shots. Get them now.

The shocking return of measles as a killer scourge demonstrates the cost of our vulnerability to junk science and professional alarmists.

The still, small voice vs. the crowd’s roar

A simple classroom exercise, unexpectedly revealed a profound truth.

Classroom spending

Payson Unified Schools Superintendent Greg Wyman makes solid points in his critique of Gov. Doug Ducey’s budget proposal.

When heartlong songs fall silent

Sixteen doughty, Rim Country bird lovers braved frigid temperatures recently to participate in the nationwide Christmas Bird Count.

Measles returns

We nearly had it beaten.

Community college faces fresh woes

First the good news: The Gila Community College board seems to have finally set aside years of bickering and inaction to help students instead of protect their own turf.