Our View


The first step

Revive Main Street.

Heartless and cruel

Senate President Andy Biggs’ decision to not even allow a vote on a plan to provide health care for at least 30,000 low-income children seems mindless and cruel.

Hope restored


Different reasons, same conclusions

Whamo. Biff. Bam.

Don’t let university crowd out planning

Payson has been frozen in the headlights of the university plan for the last couple of years, yearning for its fruition, frustrated by its delays.

Save our groundwater

Oh, and Gov. Ducey, while we have your attention.

Governor makes case for Prop. 123

Gov. Doug Ducey made a powerful case for Proposition 123 in his appearances in Payson on Monday.

Wretched bungling of election

Mercifully, Gila County elections officials ran a smooth, clean, responsible election. Moreover, Gila County residents demonstrated their civic responsibility with the third highest turnout in the state.

Fire season now looming

Firefighters throughout Rim Country are already bracing for a dangerous fire season — with the El Niño conditions delivering a merely normal amount of snow and rain this winter.

Classroom spending

Gov. Doug Ducey and others insist schools have enough money — they’re just spending it in the wrong places.

Still chasing the unicorn

Gosh. Seems like Gov. Doug Ducey doesn’t read our editorials. Or worse: Reads them and ignores them.

Forest crisis

Someone or another once said: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Polarization won’t lead to bipartisan

We heartily agree with Rep. Paul Gosar on his position — but we strongly disagree with rhetoric.

Befuddling indifference

Now, nobody hates kids.

Lawmakers undercut accountability

OK, let’s see if we have this straight.