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Children have it rough

Some kids have it rough.

He learned nothing: But did Payson?

What a foolish, wasted, sodden mess. Payson recently approved a terrible, $50,000 settlement with a 27-year-old man whose reckless, drunken, irresponsible behavior should have made such an outcome unthinkable.

Progress at last

All right, maybe asking the long-suffering, inevitably skeptical public to “design the sign” for a university campus is a bit of a gimmick to rekindle public support.

A great bubble of rising hope

If you need a dose of hope, swing by the Payson High School graduation ceremonies tonight.

Rains give us the gift of time

Rim Country has gained a precious reprieve from the onset of yet another fire season, thanks to the warming of surface waters of the Eastern Pacific.

Paying attention

Ever notice that once you start looking for red cars, you see them everywhere you go?

Prayer and forest politics

A slew of state lawmakers and other officials spent yesterday on a helicopter tour of the C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir — and its endangered watershed.

Marvelous May

May is busy. There are no two ways about it. And May is marvelous — at least in Rim Country.

Shameful inaction

We wait. We watch the skies. We dread what awaits.

Finally, it all seems possible

Suddenly, it all seems possible once again.

The terrible lesson of Nicholas Whittington

The killer strikes again.

Rim Country on the cusp

This year we celebrate another year of vital progress in restoring Rim Country’s boundless future.

Silly sign ordinance

Heroin has risen like a vampire from the grave.

Forest Service gets it right

Admittedly, the wheels grind exceeding slow — but this time the Forest Service got it right.

Fresh blood or just thin skin?

We’ve been scratching our heads, trying to figure out the latest brouhaha about the planning commission. Seems that the terms of Chairman Jeff Loyd, Vice Chairman John Swenson and commissioner Scott Helmer all expired in December.