Our View


Outages finally sound an alarm

Three strikes — you’re out.

Celebrate university project progress

On Saturday at 11, the long-suffering backers of the Payson university campus will celebrate a signal victory.

The secret to being the Best Newspaper

The man who deserved the award didn’t get his name on the plaque.

The Forest Service is sitting in a bar ...

Two guys are sitting in a bar near closing time.

Fire codes vital

So, turns out regulations work.

They’re all our kids right now

The band trumpets and thrums.

Rim Country squanders another year

Maybe you think we’re safe.

The editor responds

I get it.

Neglecting schools hurts the economy

Here’s the deal: You can’t have a crappy educational system and a healthy economy. You can’t convince corporations offering good, high-paying jobs to move to a state where their executives don’t want to send their kids to local schools. You can’t improve productivity without an educated workforce.

Payson schools consider some hard truths

Payson schools are getting a sobering dose of tough love.

Smells like legalized corruption

Sometimes, corruption’s perfectly legal.

Kids know the great teachers

Payson has some great teachers.

Where do they get people like that?

Easy enough to get discouraged.

Lawmaker’s lawsuit is simply reckless

Reckless. Simply reckless. Lawmakers on the losing end of the vote to add 300,000 people to the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System continue to try to overturn the vote in court. The 36 lawmakers who have filed suit include Rim Country’s representatives in the House — Bob Thorpe (R-Flagstaff) and Brenda Barton (R-Payson).

Payson schools off to a good start

Payson parents got some great news this week.