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Set aside shame, seek the solutions

The surprising turnout spoke of both courage and desperation.

Budget balanced, but at what cost?

The Arizona Legislature rushed this weekend through the most honest and financially responsible budget in years — stripped of the bookkeeping gimmicks that got lawmakers through the recession.

The beast stalks us

Tragically, heroin stalks our community.

Please, please, I’m begging you

I figured I’d better put my byline on this one.

Wildfire reform vital

Arizona U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake have once again introduced a vital effort to reform the dangerously wrongheaded way the federal government manages its wildfire fighting budget.

Double speak from Arizona’s governor

The vital discussion about the future of our schools has descended into an insulting political puppet show.

Should Payson eliminate its design review?

Times, they do change.

Test the lawmakers

So, suddenly, no more AIMS test.

Hope for the university plan

Shhhhh. Don’t jinx it.

The key to reform

On the subject of educational reform ... please take note of the story concerning a wonderfully creative effort in a Payson High School history class to help students understand how miscalculation and emotion produced the great tragedy of the 20th century — World War I.

Political sausage

“Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.” Mark Twain

Farsighted policies

With each passing year, the great wisdom of the Rim Country leaders who won rights to the C.C. Cragin Reservoir grows more clear.

Rep. Barton’s odd argument

Rep. Brenda Barton does have a point.

A sickening silence about university plan

A sickening silence has settled over the effort to bring a four-year university campus to Payson.

The existential threat

Lots of problems make headlines.