Our View


Restore payments

We’re delighted to learn that Rep. Paul Gosar has taken the lead in Congress in a bipartisan attempt to restore urgently needed federal payments to rural counties hobbled by the impact of the federal governments vast holdings in the west.

Another crazy federal rule

It’s gotten past crazy.

Bringing back a native

We’re delighted to welcome back a native.

Kill this reckless bill

The Arizona Legislature continues to flail and froth when it comes to educational reform.

Gila County must protect the public

We hope Gila County finally stands ready to protect the public — and at least mitigate the lopsided spending patterns that have ripped off Rim Country for years.

Best students need help

We’re delighted that Superintendent Greg Wyman has a plan to provide more advanced classes for our best and brightest students.

Merger good news for all

The pending deal between the Mogollon Health Alliance and Banner Health Systems looks like the dose of medicine Rim Country has needed ever since the Great Recession.

Alliance’s fresh start

The Payson Town Council’s decision to not renew the term of Rim Country Educational Alliance Chair Mary Kastner’s term offers a chance for a fresh start on a vital project hampered by needless divisions in recent months.

Don’t abandon the dream

Payson High School student Cody Rislund spent hours poring over the photographs of the surface of Mars, seeking clues, struggling to understand, willing to challenge himself.

Set aside shame, seek the solutions

The surprising turnout spoke of both courage and desperation.

Budget balanced, but at what cost?

The Arizona Legislature rushed this weekend through the most honest and financially responsible budget in years — stripped of the bookkeeping gimmicks that got lawmakers through the recession.

The beast stalks us

Tragically, heroin stalks our community.

Please, please, I’m begging you

I figured I’d better put my byline on this one.

Wildfire reform vital

Arizona U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake have once again introduced a vital effort to reform the dangerously wrongheaded way the federal government manages its wildfire fighting budget.

Double speak from Arizona’s governor

The vital discussion about the future of our schools has descended into an insulting political puppet show.