Our View


The same lifeboat

When you’re in a lifeboat out of sight of shore — best to make sure everyone paddles in roughly the same direction.

A place scaled to the human heart

Say what you will about our differences, we still are blessed to live in this beloved community. You need look no further than the stories on today’s front page.

University plan hinges on crucial decision on site

The long-frustrated dream of a university campus in Payson continues to inch forward, although we’re almost afraid to hope now that it’s so close.

We need leaders to fight for schools

You know we’ve gone down some terrible wrong path when we’re more willing to lock people up than to educate them.

Time for parents to go back to school

Parents and grandparents: Break out the calendar and sharpen your pencils — time to go back to school.

Deadly smoke rising

A towering plume of research shows that the smoke from megafires that afflict the West have injected so much soot and smoke into the atmosphere that they’re not only helping heat up the planet — they’re causing serious, perhaps fatal health problems.

Gila County still ripping off north

So, we’re sitting here scratching our heads — trying to think of some argument to keep the two Globe-based county supervisors from treating Gila County like their own little piggy bank.

Celebrate your neighbors at the county fair

This weekend, put aside your “to-do” list and get out to the Payson Event Center to celebrate the 60th Annual Northern Gila County Fair.

Protecting our watersheds

They get it. We’re almost sure.

Moving on in Pine

The Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District board last week did a little more spadework to bury a painful past.

A mutant giant cockroach of a citizen’s right

Sometimes, we feel trapped in a Kaffkaesque world — where one seemingly reasonable idea leads to another ever so slightly off kilter until the whole world seems crazy.

Dark money corrupts elections

The abject failure of election reform has cast a dark shadow against the statewide race in Arizona.

Schools must shout: Tidal wave coming!

So, let’s say you’re lounging around at the beach: Everyone’s chill, smelling of sunscreen. Sunny day, bro. Sunny day.

Critical thinking

Like a freak show traffic crash, it’s awfully hard to look away from the race for the Republican nomination as Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Failure of compassion

We’re very nearly speechless. At this week’s council meeting, Payson School Board member Shirley Dye launched into a befuddling tirade directed at struggling, low-income parents who take advantage of the federally funded school lunch program to make sure their kids get one or two healthy, well-rounded meals each day.