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Feed the hungry

Once more, the beloved community must come to the aid of those who hunger and thirst.

A precious resource

The Blue Ridge Reservoir remains Rim Country’s secret weapon when it comes to economic development and tourism. It’s not just our own little reservoir — it’s one of the most reliable sources of water in the state.

Vital lessons for school district

The search for an armed robbery suspect this week gave the Payson Schools a chance to take a pop quiz on emergency notification and procedures.

Things can change

Oh, skeptics take note: Things can change for the better.

State lawmakers can act after all

Wow. So the Arizona Legislature can address important problems quickly after all. It took about two days for lawmakers to impose a new graduation requirement on the K-12 school system they’ve been systematically looting for the past four years.

Reforms a case of political malpractice?

So, let’s say you’ve got a bunion on a leg that’s developed gangrene. The doctor frowns seriously, says you’ve got a problem with your leg, deftly removes the bunion and sends you home with an affable smile.

Into the breach, again

“Once more into the breach again, dear friends, once more,” cried Henry V in Shakespeare’s prose.

Fire department gets creative

What does a fire department do?

Signs of progress

Freshly minted 2015 has already brought welcome progress in the vital effort to use a revitalized timber industry to thin Arizona’s unhealthy, fire-prone forests.

There be dragons

Gov. Doug Ducey set forth his priorities at his inauguration this week, as he mounted the charge of his rhetoric and prepared to gallop into the dragon’s lair of problems that have accumulated.

Drop the lawsuit

The lawmakers representing Rim Country seem determined to continue with their foolish, destructive, short-sighted attempt to cut off medical care for perhaps 300,000 low-income people.

Tough questions

Where’s Solomon when you need him?

Make a joyful noise

Rim Country knows how to keep Christmas in its heart. You need look no further than the front page story on the effort to raise money to feed the hungry, the tale of the masked Samaritan who gave away $100 bills at the entrance to Walmart ...

Unexpected kindnesses

It has been said many times before in this spot — the Rim Country is blessed with more generous individuals and organizations — as well as businesses and governmental entities — than can be counted.

Out of touch

What did we ever do without cell phones and Internet?