Our View


He ever sought justice

We were grieved to learn of the planned retirement of Gila County Superior Court Judge Peter Cahill.

Joyful weekend in Rim Country

We’d be skipping through the irises of spring if we had time. But we’re too busy trying to figure out which delightful thing to do with ourselves this weekend.

Not so free speech

We were delighted when Sen. Sylvia Allen’s SB 1172 died quietly without a full vote in the closing days of the frantic legislative session.

Why we love Rim Country

So, we were reminded in today’s issue of one more reason we love Rim Country so.

Attack on education betrays party

The once-staunch Republican Party has lost its moorings — at least in Arizona.

Dark money corruption

The system stinks.

County comes through

We’re delighted that the Gila County Supervisors unanimously decided to once again waive the dump disposal fee for perhaps 1,000 tons of brush and wood cleared from fire-menaced lots in Pine and Strawberry.

Misguided priorities

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan demonstrated her commitment to an open administration and contact with the voters by stopping by the Payson Tea Party meeting last week and spending more than an hour talking and answering questions.

County must step up

The residents of Pine and Strawberry are pleading with the Gila County supervisors for a little help to save their communities.

Payson secures the pipeline and its future

Payson made history this week, finally locking in a $34 million loan from the Water Infrastructure Authority of Arizona (WIFA).

Lashed to the White Whale

Hold your breath, boys, we’re lashed to the great White Whale and who knows when he’s going to dive deep.

Answer the call

Women and children who fled violent homes with nothing need someone to pick up food from the community food bank.

Restore payments

We’re delighted to learn that Rep. Paul Gosar has taken the lead in Congress in a bipartisan attempt to restore urgently needed federal payments to rural counties hobbled by the impact of the federal governments vast holdings in the west.

Another crazy federal rule

It’s gotten past crazy.

Bringing back a native

We’re delighted to welcome back a native.