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An argument in a nut house

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas makes a great case for doing away with her toothless and obscure office entirely.

You came through

You did it again.

Shun prejudice

We have published part two of a four-part series concerning the pros and cons of a charter school, American Leadership Academy, coming to Payson.

Police, fire pension reform essential

In a rare show of skillful, bipartisan compromise, the Arizona Senate last week approved a complicated and potentially controversial plan to reform the state’s underfunded pension system for police officers and firefighters.

Gym floor mercury poses painful puzzle

The discovery of minute amounts of mercury off-gassing from the rubberized floors in the Pine school gym and cafeteria represent one of those nerve-wracking intersections of science and public policy.

Job training classes vital

We’re delighted that Senator Sylvia Allen and Rep. Bob Thorpe have signed on as co-sponsors for a bill that will restore foolishly cut vocational education funding.

Disaster averted

When the call came in, the two Christopher-Kohl’s firefighters rushed to their truck and charged out into the freezing night.

No means no means no

The terrible, dismaying, tragic Payson rape case now heading into the tangles of the legal system illustrates just how far we still have to go to give women the freedom, security and respect they deserve.

Heartening sign of cooperation


World’s best readers

No doubt about it — we’ve got the best readers in the world.

What’s worse than scary?

Downright scary.

Payson takes action to ease fire danger

We’re ready to burst into flames of happiness.

Most important wish for 2016

Here’s our wish for the new year: A Firewise building code in Payson — and some stirrings of responsibility by the Gila County Board of Supervisors.