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Welcome to the circus

Welcome to the circus, Johnny. We kinda wish you weren’t here — but we certainly wish you well.

True tale of two water companies

What a contrast: Consider the tale of two water companies — One in Star Valley, the other a privately owned company serving small, unincorporated communities scattered across Rim Country.

Pine-Strawberry’s crucial crossroad

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble: Seems like the motto at the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District these days.

That’s just weird

It’s just kind of weird how much certain state lawmakers seem to mind preschool — or really anything that helps little kids.

Vital position goes begging

Seems like no one wants to serve on the Gila Community College board. That’s amazing, considering it’s one of the most important governing board jobs open at the moment.

Redoubles in the dark

So why did Judge Peter Cahill give Michael Basner a minimum sentence? And why do we keep putting these painful, complicated, confusing cases on the front page?

Who put the tutus on the monkeys?

This sounds like one of those tricky logic questions on some Common Core curriculum standardized test.

Systematic neglect

State officials from the governor on down professed themselves shocked several months ago when several Child Protective Services officials called attention to the 6,500 cases of reported abuse and neglect classified as simply “not investigated” in the past few years.

Merry Christmas, dear readers

Tomorrow, we celebrate a radical notion.

And angels sing

The onslaught of school Christmas concerts has left us feeling half drunk on joy over their angelic voices — but also sobered by the responsibility for their uncertain futures.

School board takes a breath

That’s it: Everyone take a breath. Good. Good. Hold it. Take another. OK. Everybody calm? Let’s think this through.

When is it all right to beat a woman?

So when is OK to beat someone? Let’s say you’re a man and a woman’s making you miserable. Could you maybe break her nose if she sprays you with a water bottle?

The Kingdom of Heaven

Angel Alatriz doesn’t have much. Well, actually — he’s got a loving family and a huge heart — so he’s got everything important. But he doesn’t have much stuff. So you’d think that he’d be looking forward to Christmas — finally gonna get some stuff.

Kids need help

The dedicated coaches and advisors who sustain the extracurricular programs on which our schools depend have issued an urgent appeal for help.

The evidence piles up

The evidence continues to pile up — just like the tree thickets and dead wood in the forest.