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Memorial recalls tragedy of 1970 Labor Day flood

Deluge spawned one of state’s worst disasters

The memories cast a heavy shadow across the memories of those who were there. Now, a band of Christopher Creek residents have resolved to shine a light on the shadow of that terrible tragedy — the 1970 Labor Day Flood.

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St. Patrick's in Rim Country

Back When

St. Patrick’s Feast Day is on March 17, marking the death of Ireland’s patron saint in A.D. 461.

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Food bank needs help to fill shelves before fall

Rattlin' the Rim

Just two years ago, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) officials huddled with Pine Strawberry Arts and Crafts Guild president Olga Sehnert and Community Educational and Cultural Association (CERCA) president Mel Palmer to review ADOT’s controversial decision to ban parking on both sides of Beeline during summer festivals.

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Visit old Payson through pictures

The images of Payson, mostly from the 1950s, have a certain familiar feel to them

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Monsoon revives Payson's Rim Country

Storms batter Phoenix but tame Rim Country wildfires

The monsoon has gotten back on track, just in time to dampen a host of wildfires burning across Northern Arizona.

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Harvest your garden’s bounty now, enjoy later

Rim Country gardens are going great guns these days, so most gardeners are harvesting hand over fist.

At The Movies-2 Guns

Movie lives up to its billing

2 Guns is billed as an action/comedy and it delivers on both counts.

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Visiting the big trees

Ever since I can remember I have had a special place in my heart for the very big trees.

Setting the stage for disaster: Labor Day 1970

The remnants of Tropical Storm Norma crashed into Arizona 43 years ago this coming Labor Day weekend.

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In the Kitchen

Zucchini, everywhere

Zucchini loves the Rim Country. People say it grows almost like a weed once you give it a little bit of attention.

Around Rim Country

Concert pianist Andrew O’Brien will be heard in recital at 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 23 at Payson’s Gila Community College Room 301.

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Good 2 Go

Peggy Martin, CNN, will present another Cookin’ For Health class at the Payson Public Library at 1 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 24.

Shingles rash gone, pain lingers on

I suffer from premature auricular contractions. I have seen a couple of doctors about it, but none seems to consider them worth discussing. I was told I didn’t need to do anything. I wasn’t given any medicines. Does this deserve more attention?

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At The Movies-The Wolverine

Cool, exciting, complicated

When the cynical old movie reviewer says “Oh, boy!” at the end of a film, perhaps we have something extraordinary.

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Rim Country Places

Chapter 24: Mount Ord

The lofty Mazatzal Mountains presented the formidable barrier to the Tonto Basin, and had to be breached if the army and pioneers were ever to settle the Rim Country.