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Payson Head Start Program helps parents prepare for the worst

Little Trayton Harrison looked anxiously up at his mother Cinnamon. Volunteer Chris Herzig cooed to him, “It’s OK, I just need to get your finger wet so we can get its print.”

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Payson's got Longhorn Pride for Friday's Homecoming celebrations

Brimming with hometown spirit, Payson got ready for Friday’s Homecoming game with a Thursday night bonfire and a joyful Friday Homecoming Parade.

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Students who aced AZMerit test

Payson Unified School District this week honored scores of high school students who aced the AZMerit test, the state’s new, rigorous standards test.

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Pine school board election seeks to calm chaos

Three incumbents unopposed, but three newcomers seek two seats

The Pine-Strawberry Elementary School District rocked with controversy in June when its Superintendent/Principal Cody Barlow resigned due to ‘bullying and nepotism’ by the school board.

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First Things First cleared

Early childhood program passes audit

Since the inception of First Things First, the percentage of kindergartners with untreated tooth decay has decreased by 8 percent, according to the early childhood organization’s recently published 2016 Annual Report.

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Fire chiefs review GCC training program

Gila Community College recently drew together fire chiefs from throughout the region to review the training program for firefighters offered by BCC and Eastern Arizona College.

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Dating debate grows over recent PHS presentation

By Friday, Oct. 7, reaction to the Roundup story (Dating talk flap: School assembly warns girls not to provoke ‘uncontrollable’ boys) on the Brad Henning relationship assembly had spread through the flames of social media reaching parents, students, graduates, former teachers and even other media outlets.

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Arizona ranks #3 for hunger

27 percent of kids 'food insecure'

Food advocacy groups said Apache County children had the least reliable access to healthy food in the nation in 2014, when 41.5 percent of children in the county were deemed to be “food insecure.”

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School candidate wants students better prepared

Payson native Shane Keith wants to give back

Shane Keith would like to give back to the town that has given him so much by serving on the Payson School Board.

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PHS assembly warns girls not to provoke "uncontrollable" boys

Dating talk flap

What does it say to Payson High School girls when 350 show up to a mandatory assembly on relationships during school hours, while only 25 PHS boys show up to a voluntary after-school session?

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Payson kids dive into water conservation session

Students delight in 10th Annual Water Festival

At the 10th Annual Water Festival on Sept. 27 at Green Valley Park, high school students who had gone to the festival when they were in fourth grade helped a new crop of fourth-grade students learn about the Payson watershed.

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Demographics dominate state school test scores

Family income, race account for most differences

It isn’t the teacher.

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Survey: Arizona abuses its teachers

State ranks 49th when it comes to a teaching career

Arizona ranks as one of the worst states to be a teacher, according to a national study based largely on Census Data by Wallet Hub.

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School board candidates gather

Four of the five Payson Unified School District school board candidates made their case for votes at the Sept. 20 Payson Tea Party meeting.

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State’s teacher shortage slides toward crisis

Payson filled its slots, but 2,000 jobs remain vacant

The Payson Unified School District managed to fill all its empty teaching positions this year.