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Sale gets go-ahead

Archaeologists clear way for university site

The Forest Service can go ahead and sell a 253-acre parcel for a university, but Payson should avoid building on three archaeological sites, concluded a preliminary study.

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Payson enrollment still on the rise

Growth in upper grades suggests students returning

The Payson Unified School District got more good news this week as this semester’s enrollment figures grew.

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Voters pepper school officials with questions, concerns

Payson voters grilled Payson Unified School District officials last week on everything from the constant fundraising to support core programs to the lack of sufficient advanced placement classes.

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Christmas early for needy kids

Masonic Lodge donates four shopping carts of shoes

Ah ... the annual shopping trip for back-to-school shoes — for 107 kids.

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Making school lunches cool

Joe Trayer would like Payson High School students to stay on campus for lunch.

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Teacher wins top award

The Association for Career Technical Education has named Payson High School business teacher Joe Parone the 2015 Arizona Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher of the Year.

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Community college wants accreditation

Despite the Arizona Legislature’s votes to gut community college funding, the Gila Community College board has placed accreditation on the front burner.

Auction will benefit kids

This year’s Third Annual Payson Community Kids (PCK) Chair-ish Festival of Furniture and Other Fine Things has expanded significantly beyond chairs, stools and benches. In addition to opening the creative entries to other types of furniture such as side tables, picnic tables, and a new full-size couch, the public can bid on a whimsical child-size playhouse, original art by local and nationally renowned painters, quilts, and even a cupcake decorating class.

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GCC’s cosmetology program boasts three graduates

The first three students to complete all the requirements to qualify for a cosmetology license will graduate by the end of summer.

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Talk focuses on school emergency plan

On Monday, Aug. 17 Payson Unified School District’s emergency preparedness coordinator Susan Campbell will talk at the Payson Public Library about emergency response planning and answer questions about preparations for critical incidents that can happen any time, any place, to anyone.

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Board questions state mandates

The Payson School Board on Monday had a lot of questions about a rash of new policies imposed on the schools this year by state lawmakers.

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Learning all they really need to know

In “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten,” poet Robert Fulghum reels off a list of simple, yet critical, skills learned in kindergarten.

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Payson’s enrollment on the rise

“Our numbers appear to be up ... we’ll know more in a week,” said Payson Unified School District Superintendent Greg Wyman at the board meeting on Aug. 10 regarding districtwide enrollment.

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Community college classes will resume

The fall 2015 semester classes at Gila Community College start Monday, Aug. 17.