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Application process open for GCC board vacancy

Gila County School Superin­tendent Linda O’Dell has announced the time line and process for appointment of a member to the Gila Community College (GCC) Governing Board to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of District 1 representative Thomas Loeffler last year.

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GCC class seeks Rim Country writers of short stories

A class on writing short stories starts up at Gila Community College next Tuesday at 6 p.m. in hopes of unearthing Rim Country writers with a yarn to tell.

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Superintendent hopefuls

The Payson Unified School District (PUSD) board will interview former Tonto Basin Superintendent/Prin­cipal Johnny Ketchem and an outside candidate, Greg Wy­man, for the interim superintendent position.

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They call her Miss Shari

School bus driver honored for 15 years behind the wheel

Miss Shari has such pride in her big yellow school bus that she once polished it from “stem to stern.”

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Still no board member for GCC

College can’t find candidates to fill crucial empty slot

Six months after Tom Loeffler resigned from his post, the Gila Community College board still lacks a full slate of board members.

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Bus bullies beware

Cameras installed on Payson school buses

It’s almost a rite of passage to have a childhood story of harassment on the school bus — but not anymore in Payson.

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Payson FFA competes at state midwinter competition

Payson FFA students made a good showing at the Dec. 6 Midwinter Competition at the Arizona State University campus.

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Superintendent search launched

Payson School Board wants to interview candidates in January

For the past few months, each time the Payson Unified School District board has faced a decision that involves spending money, it has balked — except when it came to searching for an interim superintendent.

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Roofers, sewers, physicists — kids need them all

If doing community service or volunteering falls anywhere on your New Year’s resolution list, head on over to Payson High School (PHS).

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Campus bomb buzz a bust

Extra cops were posted at Payson High School all last week after rumors of a bomb threat circulated among students.

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Break on bleacher bill

Price to replace rickety stands slashed in half

Clutching a daunting $119,000 bid to repair and replace condemned bleachers, the Payson Unified School District (PUSD) board on Dec. 16 took a breath and a sharp pencil and whittled the price down to $51,811.

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Teachers rally behind all-day kindergarten

School board again delays decision

As five of the seven kindergarten teachers from Payson Unified School District (PUSD) faced the school board, member Jim Quinlan quipped, “Are you going to lead us in a song?”

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Community college can’t get no respect

GCC misses out on money due to status

Once again, Gila Community College (GCC) attended an Arizona Association of District Governing Boards annual meeting, only to discover that as a provisional district it still can’t get no respect.

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FFA students win at mid winter competition

The new agriculture instructor at Payson High School, David Rutherford, has something to crow about — his students.

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Bill for bad bleachers: $126,000

School board agonizes about neglected projects

Pressured for time, the Payson Unified School District (PUSD) board begrudgingly voted four to one to pay $126,000 to replace the condemned bleachers at the high school in time for commencement.