Star Valley


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Star Valley struggles with hydrants

A firestorm of controversy hit the Star Valley Town Council meeting last week over discussion of repair work needed on fire hydrants and a pump.

Water issues boiling in Star Valley

Water is making things boil between the Star Valley Town Council and the Hellsgate Fire District.

Hydrant costs worry SV

Star Valley is balking at an estimated $2,000-a-year cost of maintaining fire hydrants in The Knolls that the Hellsgate Fire District relies upon to provide fire protection for the community.

Whew! SV’s $200,000 survey finished

At the last possible moment, the Town of Star Valley attracted enough participation in a special survey to secure a $200,000 grant from the Arizona Department of Housing.

Council makes move to beautify Star Valley

The Star Valley Town Council is inviting residents and all interested parties to volunteer for a new beautification committee.

Lag in surveys could cost Star Valley $200,000 federal grant

Star Valley residents served by the Milky Way Well could face higher water bills if the town does not get enough of them to participate in a survey due by Jan. 31.

Star Valley fears loss of $200,000 grant

A monumental mistake by an organization designed to help small towns navigate state and federal red tape might cost Star Valley a $200,000 award from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Star Valley’s financial bliss:

Town running behind on spending, but ahead on revenues

Colors, pie charts, graphs and more show the status of Star Valley finances.

Star Valley council conservative with funds

The Star Valley Town Council will continue to stash its cash. “Probably the most important issue a council can decide is what to spend its money on and how much money it should have,” Town Manager Tim Grier told the council.

Payson strikes deal with Star Valley to provide inspections

What’s well trained, under-utilized and can save Payson and Star Valley money at the same time? Sounds like a trick question — but there’s a simple answer: A building inspector.

SV not likely to repay ‘Rainy Day’ loan

The months-long debate among members of the Star Valley Town Council over its Rainy Day Fund may finally reach a conclusion at its next meeting.

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SV photo radar extended for a year

Star Valley will continue its photo radar enforcement program for another year. The council first signed a five-year contract to run the program with RedFlex back in 2007, with the option to extend the agreement for a year. At its July 17 meeting, the Star Valley council exercised that option.

Star Valley council mulls spending limit

As new operators of the water system in Star Valley, the members of the town council are learning about wells, monitoring systems and the cost of repairs. At its July 3 meeting, the council heard a report from Town Manager Tim Grier and town water operator Robert Rippy. Grier led off by telling the council he had a concern about the $5,000 limit on his spending authority when it came to emergency water issues. The concern arose when the pump at the Milky Way site well went out over the weekend.

Toddler dies: ‘A grandparent’s worst nightmare’

A toddler died early Friday morning when officials say he rolled off a bed at his grandparents’ Star Valley home and got lodged between the mattress and footboard. Paramedics tried briefly to revive Brendan, but believe he had passed hours before his grandmother discovered him, said Hellsgate Fire Chief Gary Hatch. Brendan was reportedly visiting his grandparents for two weeks at their Star Valley home. Brendan, from the Valley, reportedly took turns visiting his grandparents, who are in their 40s, with his two other siblings.

Barbecue claims SV home

An alert neighbor probably saved lives when for the third time in a month an untended patio grill sparked a house fire in Star Valley. The deck on a hilltop two-story home ignited early Friday morning when a propane grill was left on high inadvertently for several hours. Frantic efforts by the homeowner and neighbor Jim Carlen to douse the flames with garden hoses likely kept it from spreading to the attic and destroying the house on East Pine Canyon Road, said Hellsgate Fire Chief Gary Hatch. “Between the two of them, they saved the home,” he said.