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Paula L. Hodgdon

Paul L. Hodgdon died Sept. 7, 2008.
Paul “Slim” Hodgdon worked for Honeywell/AirResearch for 31 years.
Mr. Hodgdon is survived by his wife, Rosa Hodgdon; his daughters, Sandy Skinner and Cindy Barton; his sons-in-law, Richard Skinner and Clark Barton; his grandchildren, Amy Skinner, Adrian Skinner, Krischa Pilcher, Raegan Barton, Nick Barton; grandson-in-law, Ron Pilcher; and his great-grandchildren, Tyler Munguia, Ashton Cobasky, Landon and Preston Pilcher.
Memorial services will be held at 6 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 5 at Ponderosa Baptist Church, 1800 N. Beeline Highway. Memorials can be made to Ponderosa Baptist Church for Bibles.