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Frederick II K. Stevens

Frederick K. Stevens II passed away May 13, 2011.
He is survived by his soul mate, Candy; son, Fred III; daughter, Michelle; siblings, Jackie, Bob, Dave and Carol; grandchildren, Andrew, Matthew and Seth; nieces and nephews, Jacalyn, Chris, Shea, Jessie, Ryan, Kristen, Matthew and John; great-nieces and nephews, Landon, Samantha, Jazzlyn and Ryan, Jr.; cousins, Barbara and Mary; and his many dear friends.
Mr. Stevens was a very talented and meticulous brick mason for 41 years. He also had a fiery passion to create drawings, carvings, furniture, handcrafted leather and beads that were incredibly detailed and beautiful. He loved to cook and volunteer his time to help others. He had a wonderful sense of humor.
He loved, horses, hiking and taking pictures. He found peace and tranquility in the outdoors where he had one on one time with the Lord that gave him a loving heart and a sense of calm.
Mr. Stevens also loved the ocean and has chosen to go out to sea as his final resting place.