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Peggy Jean Freeman

1925 - 2013

Peggy Freeman passed away on Nov. 29, 2013 at the Hospice house with family by her side at the time of her crossing over. She was 88 years old.
She was born on Aug. 25, 1925 in Oklahoma. Peggy lived a full life and kept things practical due to being brought up during the Depression. She met the love her life toward the end of WWII. Richard Freeman was on leave and met Peggy and they continued to keep in touch while Richard was in Okinawa to finish out his tour of duty. Shortly thereafter, they were married and began their life together in Denver, Colo. Peggy and Richard had three boys during their time in Colorado: Dennis, Thomas and James. Richard and Dennis have both passed, and hopefully there to meet her when she arrived to her final destination.
Peggy was a stay-at-home mom for the time she and the family were in Colorado. She took a trip with her girlfriends to the state of Arizona and the next thing the family knew they were packing up and heading to Arizona in 1958. Richard was working for Mountain Bell Telephone Co. and continued to after the move to Arizona. Peggy got involved with the Washington School District working as a cook at Maryland Grade School until an unfortunate accident separated her from a few of her fingers. She then began working for Maricopa County Library working on the bookmobile taking books out to the outlying areas of the county. Peggy also established the Library in Forest Lakes just above Payson while she and Richard lived in their cabin.
Peggy still had the traveling bug and she and Richard took several trips to Mexico and got hooked on cruise ships which took them to several parts of the world such as Europe, Australia, South Pacific, just to name a few. Peggy and Richard’s marriage spanned a period of 58 years until Richard’s passing in August of 2004.
Peggy leaves behind two sons, 10 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews and half-sisters and brothers. Her final home was Payson, Ariz. which she truly loved.
I do hope that when she gets to her final destination that someone shows her where the nearest bridge game is taking place and that she has a comfortable chair for “tea time” so she can continue to solve the world’s problems … at least in her own way.
Peggy is now united with her soulmate for all eternity; God be with them. So if you find yourself walking through the pines of the Mogollon Rim and you hear a tune wafting through the pine bows of “Side by Side,” feel free to join in a verse or two; Richard, Peggy and Dennis won’t mind at all. Services will be held at a later date. Please make any and all donations to Hospice of Payson.