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At The Movies-The Wolverine

Cool, exciting, complicated

When the cynical old movie reviewer says “Oh, boy!” at the end of a film, perhaps we have something extraordinary.

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At The Movies-Red 2

Retired spy reunion is a fun fantasy with plenty of action

“RED 2,” the aptly named sequel to “RED,” is about retired spies from the CIA and Britain’s MI-6.

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At The Movies-White House Down

At best, a way to waste time and get out of the heat

Channing Tatum starred in the thus far two episodes of “G.I. Joe.” Both films were very expensive to produce, but managed to be commercially successful.

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At The Movies-Epic

Film falls short of name

“Epic,” in spite of the $100 million spent on it, isn’t epic. It is colorful, full of characters that are, to a limited extent, engaging and it is big.

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At The Movies-The Great Gatsby

This version of The Great Gatsby is the rarest of all movie birds, a heartbreaking human drama that has achieved a mass audience.

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At The Movies - Quartet

An absolutely fine film; see it when you can

Four Saw Blades! See it! That may be my shortest movie review ever. This film is absolutely fine. “Quartet” is billed as a comedy, and thanks largely to Billy Connolly as Wilf, a cheerful, lecherous opera singer, it does have moments of laugh out loud humor.

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Satisfying science fiction

Oblivion does two things well enough to make a very enjoyable alien invasion movie. It has truly beautiful special effects, not the blazing ray guns and exploding space ships that we might want, but lovely landscapes of a stricken earth – it was filmed in stricken Iceland – and a really cool pod craft, which is sort of a future equivalent of an attack helicopter.

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At The Movies-Dead Man Down

A really good film nobody’s watching

Fairly often I think a film lacks ... lets’ say anything very interesting, but the public dumps its hard earned money at the ticket window by the bucket. “Dead Man Down” is the exact opposite.

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At The Movies-Olympus has fallen

A superior action film

The action heroes of yesteryear have had their innings already in 2013, now a younger hero has arrived.

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At The Movies-The Icredible Burt Wonderstone

A funny film, you will enjoy

This is the first comedy in a while that I could watch without cringing at the extreme off-color jokes or pointless nudity or horrible language or some offensive combination of all of the above.

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At The Movies-Warm Bodies

An excursion into a rare area

Warm Bodies is a full bore $30 million production with some snappy writing, professional direction and acting that is certainly good enough for the genre. It is also a love story/Zombie flick.

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At the Movies - A Good Day to Die Hard

Latest installment is a big-budget disappointment

A couple of years ago someone wanted to know who would step into the shoes of action hero actors Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger now that they are getting to a certain age.

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At The Movies-Identity Thief

A very funny comedy

Comedy is king with “Identity Thief” leading the pack in a big way this weekend with the Zombie flick “Warm Bodies” in its second week coming in a distant second.

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At The Movies-Broken City

Crime drama keeps us watching

“Broken City” is a tight, intriguing crime drama set in the seedy, sinful city with two names, New York, New York.

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At The Movies-Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Just relax and watch the pictures go by

OK, if you liked “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” you should like “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” even more.

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At The Movies - Silver Linings Playbook

For movie lovers that want something more meaningful

What a huge difference between a movie nominated for best picture like “Silver Linings Playbook” and the average movie.

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At The Movies-Zero Dark Thirty

A riveting, powerful film

“Zero Dark Thirty” is a grim depiction of the war that Al Qaeda declared against the United States in 1998 and continues to this day.

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At the Movies - Lincoln

An amazing film

This might well be the only five saw blade movie of the year; certainly it is the best film to see the big screen between January and November. 

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At The Movies - Flight

A strongly acted drama

There has been a lot of chatter about “Flight.” I sort of expected something like “The High and the Mighty,” the ’50s hero airline pilot film.

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At The Movies

Here Comes the Boom and Fun Size

Kevin James is quite charming and affecting in what would otherwise be a sub-par comedy.

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At the Movies - Looper

Great film earns 4 saw blades

Four saw blades for this innovative, imaginative, important and ultimately wise film.

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At the Movies - Argo

A worthwhile movie

Ben Affleck has truly grown into the promise of his spectacular Hollywood debut in the 1997 hit Goodwill Hunting for which he shared an Oscar for writing with his pal Matt Damon.

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At the Movies

Hope Springs - This extra fine film gets four saw blades

I am a total sucker for a romantic comedy and much less so for a romantic drama.

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At the Movies

Trouble with the Curve -No pop or zing, but fine all the same

As sports movies go, this is not bad, but it is not a patch on Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby.”

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At the Movies

Premium Rush - Cool, well done chase film

This is the hippest film of the year of all the ones that I have seen.

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At the Movies

The Words - Entertaining and memorable

This low budget wonder is easily one of the most entertaining and memorable films of the year.

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At the Movies

The Odd Life of Timothy Green - Little Disney movie is charming, if a little schmaltzy

This odd trip into magical realism is a sort of Russian folk tale meets Disney.


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