Do you agree with the School board's assessment of a 'Satisfactory' rating

Yes 29 votes


No 153 votes


Undecided 8 votes


190 total votes


John Lemon 6 years, 2 months ago

This Board is living in a world of fantasy. They appear to create their own reality and then take actions to reinforce that view. The manner in which they fired several administrators was gross, crude, "unprofessional", and hurtful. The lack of credible reasons for the firings is another topic. Objective data be damned! The public be damned! The Board was motivated by personal vendetta and unsubstantiated opinion hidden behind the phrase "budget cuts". Now they hustle to cover themselves by telling the public how wonderful things are. Perhaps the new administrators are working hard and doing well; it does not change what the Board did. We need to have a Board that does what is morally correct. What they did was despicable!


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