Should the curriculum at Payson High School be fitted to the students so they pass even if the material isn't gauged to college preparatory standards?

Yes 2 votes


No 10 votes


Undecided 1 vote


13 total votes


Pat Randall 4 years, 4 months ago

Why dumb down the classes for the ones who don't want to be in school and don't intend to go to college? Get rid of the AIMS test and teach school like it should be taught. If they fail a class they have to take it over. To much is being done with computers, calculators and any thing else you can press buttons on. Give them books to read and study and test to prepare them for higher learning or just getting a job.

Calculators required in the first grade? No wonder kids can't count, make change and some don't even know the difference in value of a nickle, dime or quarter. This happened at a drive thru window to us last week. After the cash register told the attendent how much change to give he didn't know which coins to use. Now that is sad.


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