What do you think is needed to curb the failure rate at the high school level in Arizona?

Catch the problem at a younger age 3 votes


Educate the people of Arizona as to the extreme importance of quality education 0 votes


Pump more money into educating all grade levels 1 vote


Teach the three basics of education; reading, writing, and arithmetic, sooner and more intensivly 3 votes


We don't have a failure rate problem 4 votes


11 total votes


Dan Haapala 4 years ago

If you ask a Kindergarten student why they are in school, what do you suppose the answer would be? We can spend ton's of money and time pumping information into little minds...and we do....but if we don't teach THEM why, they won't get it. I'm not an educator as such, but what I've learned from life is this: Give me a reason to learn and I'll learn. Tell me that the more I learn the better I'll be, I'll get better.

What is the premis of Kindergarten? Information programming? social adjustment? Preparations for what's to come? At age 5 you, the educator, are given a clean slate upon which to write the childs future. What are you writing on the slate?


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