Do you think students should be held accountable for their grades or should parents be allowed to pressure the administration to pass them?

They should be held accountable for their school work 169 votes


The school district administration should make the final choice whether they deserve to pass or not 5 votes


Let the instructor be the final decision maker in the classroom 36 votes


Undecided 2 votes


Why should I care so much about educating our young? 3 votes


215 total votes


Pat Randall 4 years, 6 months ago

Parents should make sure the kids are doing thier homework. Stay out of the grading. If the kids don't do homework and pass tests, fail them. They shouldn't be passed on to make the teachers and adminstation look good. Could it be a lot of them are getting the wrong grades in order to play sports?


roysandoval 4 years, 6 months ago

Sorry all, but the law gives authority to the teacher to make the determination. The administration actually has no say in the students grade. Unless of course, they place undue pressure on a teacher.


Judi Lance 4 years, 6 months ago

As a parent, I don't believe it should be the total responsibility of the parent or the student. The teacher needs to be more communicative and they should be qualified enough to be able to see a problem in the making and communicate that to the parent and the student. Catch it before it's too late. For PHS to have a 27% failure rate is unacceptable. ALLOW the children to learn - don't just give up on them! I believe if the school worked together with the parents and student instead of just "shuffling them in and shuffling them out", we'd have a much better society.


Tim Fruth 4 years, 6 months ago

Very thoughtful comment by Judi Lance. She is correct. Part of the problem is teachers are reluctant to communicate with parents. That is universal. Also, the old factory model of education, 6 classes a day, students lined up in rows, really detracts from good sound educational practice. For example, in a six period day, teachers typically teach 5 classes. An English teacher may average 30 in each of the classes and have 150 students they are responsible for keeping track of it. Close to impossible to develop the needed relationship with parents concerning their student. If Payson High School instituted a block schedule where each semester, staff is responsible for no more than 100 students with a 90 minute prep, then the opportunity and the expectation should be teachers will contact parents of struggling students. Not foolproof but helpful for communication with parents. The traditional schedule is, as Judi says, a shuffle in and shuffle out with little or no relationship building occurring. This lack of relationship adds to a miserable failure rate.


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