Should the Forest Service have killed the bears in Rim County or captured them and released them elsewhere?

Captured and released elsewhere 264 votes


They did the right thing by killing them 169 votes


Undecided 12 votes


445 total votes


Dan Haapala 4 years, 6 months ago

Here is the conundrum. The greatest threat to wild animals is man. Not the hunters, they are the greatest help, it's the lovers of wild animals. The lovers of wild animals want to help so they leave out food, or water, or both. That teaches the wild animal that it doesn't have to search and scrounge for food. (people like that too). So the animal becomes dependent on the handout and when it's not there it gets mean. (We saw that on Wall Street this spring) When the wild animal gets mean it hurts humans because it no longer fears them. They are tougher than us, that's why we use guns. When they hurt humans they have to be killed because they have learned to hurt with immunity and therefore will continue hurting humans to get what they want. Therefore the wild animals have to be killed. We should consider a similar course for humans who act the same way.:).....:(


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