Do you think the school district should sell Frontier Elementary School?

Yes 4 votes


No 9 votes


Undecided 0 votes


13 total votes


Dan Haapala 3 years, 10 months ago

Just a couple of questions. I haven't been paying enough attention to the issue. Why do they want to sell if they do? How much to they want? Do they care who buys it? What if the buyers are competive charter schools? What if parents got together and bought it for a Home School education Center?

What if......We get the country back, the economy improves, jobs come back to Payson young adults, the population grows, more schools are needed and they cost 10 times what they do now?

Can the District lease the property and maintain ownership? Sorry this was more than a couple of questions but maybe stir some more votes on the subject?


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