Do you agree with Govenor Brewer about accepting federal subsidies for Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System(AHCCCS)?

No 2 votes


Yes 3 votes


Undecided 0 votes


5 total votes


Dan Haapala 3 years, 9 months ago

On most issues I have agreed with the Governor but not this one. The argument that if we don't take the money some else will is the entrapment the Feds have been using for years. First, this money won't be coming to the State Government, it will go to Insurance companies to subsidize their mandatory programs. Second, the addition of more people in need of health insurance (did I see 300,000?) supposedly covered by this money that will expire in two years, will remain and then be a burden on the State budget. I believe the Governor has honestly been listening to the wrong people. Their argument seems flawless but the indeptedness that will ensue is the same one the Fed is dealing poorly with now. We have to learn to say no and live within our means. The State's not responsible for making all of its citizens happy, it's responsibilitiy is providing an opportunity to pursue happiness. It is really up to the individual what they "choose" to do. As far has health is concerned. Don't do unhealthy things. If you do unhealthy things and become unhealthy, that's not my fault nor my responsibility it's yours, deal with it.


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