Do you think there will ever be a four-year university in Payson?

Yes 7 votes


No way 8 votes


I hope so! 18 votes


Maybe 2 votes


35 total votes


Ted Paulk 3 years ago

Not as long as the Forest Service has unlimited power over the land sell. Our politicians should step in and stop this agonizing display of power wielded by a few men in green uniforms and their bosses in New Mexico.


Pat Randall 3 years ago

Mr. Paulk, The boss of the Forest Service is in Washington under the Dept. of Agriculture. The land where the ranger station is was promised a long time ago for a town park. This thing about ASU is a big scam for some secret investors. Or all the people that were going to donate money would come out of the woods and say who they are. My opinion.


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