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Kudos to teachers speaking up for themselves

Kudos to Wayne Gorry for speaking out for our teachers.

Clubs and Organizations

Anyone interested in studying Unity teachings is invited to join the newly forming ministry in the process of affiliation with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Bohlmeyer candidacy a patriotic act

This letter is not about partisan politics. The 2010 elections are over. But it is about the importance of having two strong, well informed, and, hopefully, unselfish, focused candidates for every office so we, the electorate, have a choice in our democracy.

Clubs and Organizations

The Gospel Kids Club, for children 7 and older, begins Friday, Feb. 4 at the Uptown Café, 612 N. Beeline Highway, Payson.

Anti-education party gave us dismal ranking

For those too young to remember the cartoon character “Pogo,” he was famous for the oft quoted, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Will Payson ever support one of its own?

In the most recent race for State Senator of Legislative District 5 (LD5) our local candidate Elaine Bohlmeyer was paired against the incumbent, Sylvia Allen and was defeated rather easily, mostly through lack of support from the hometown voters.

Senate: Payson’s Bohlmeyer clobbered even in Rim Country

Republican Sen. Sylvia Allen trounced challenger and Democrat Elaine Bohlmeyer in Tuesday night’s election by a three-to-two margin both statewide and in Gila County.

Thanks to supporters

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who worked so hard on my campaign. It was heartwarming and humbling to know that so many folks that I highly respect had the respect for me to support my candidacy.

Election 2010-Early results favor GOP candidates

Republicans sweep statewide offices.

Bohlmeyer is the best candidate to represent us

In a letter to the editor last Friday, Lew Levenson puts down Elaine Bohlmeyer, Prescott Winslow and Bill Shumway as “nice people ... really likeable individuals” advocating “sensible solutions” and focusing on “statement of the goal rather than what it takes to achieve the goal.”

Bohlmeyer committed to improving education

Elections should result in what’s best for Arizona and that requires examining Arizona’s resources. It doesn’t seem a stretch to argue that Arizona’s children are among its most vital resources and consequently, each of us should consider actions that are in the best interest of this most precious resource.

Two readers share thoughts on Oct. 5 candidate forum

Here in Arizona boys are boys, and sometimes the girls are too. We do not mind electing women to public office, but we want to make sure they can open up a can of whoop-you-know-what and be able to use it as well.

Bohlmeyer vs. Allen

State senate candidates Elaine Bohlmeyer and incumbent Sen. Sylvia Allen faced off during Tuesday’s Clean Elections debate, expressing opposing views on everything from reinvigorating the economy to the state’s role in the immigration and health care debates.

Allen will honor right to life

According to the recent Arizona Catholic Conference Voter’s Guide, Arizona State Senate candidate Sylvia Allen supports: school vouchers; defining traditional marriage as between one man and one woman; making illegal immigration a state crime; and implementing a temporary guest worker program.

Support for candidates urged

“Elaine Bohlmeyer, Pres Winslow and Bill Shumway appeared to be sensible candidates,” said the editorial, a refreshing contrast to some of the negative political attacks.

Bohlmeyer will make us proud

Every election year we hear the same things. We want to get rid of pettiness, special interests and irresponsibility we believe we see in too many “office holders.”

Backing Elaine Bohlmeyer

In an election year, we hear pretty much the same thing wherever we go.

Unbelievable stink

During my efforts to get out the vote for Elaine Bohlmeyer Arizona State Senate; I am trying to talk to whoever I meet during my busy days. I don’t bother anyone who I know is already committed to the Republican Party.

Wonder of wonders: Sensible candidates

Every now and then, candidates — and citizens — actually give Democracy a good name. Last week offered one such moment when the three Democrats running for the State House District 5 showed up at a forum sponsored by the Citizens Awareness Committee in Payson.

Legislative candidates grilled on issues, but avoid attacks

Democrats seeking to represent Rim Country call for overhaul of state tax structure, criticize popular immigration measures

Three legislative candidates spoke in depth on the issues, never once insulted their opponents and left with the respect of people from the other party. Spooky.